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Waxing Crescent

What if your calling was to kill the one you loved?

Disclaimer: I own nothing and am not making money, at all.

3. Ready To Be Strong

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They walked through the forest in almost complete silence. Bella held on to the small hope that perhaps they wouldn’t find Victoria and there would be no confrontation.

Suddenly, Buffy came to a complete stop. Bella had never seen someone become so still.

Bella felt the movement before she heard or saw it. Victoria was coming at her, almost a blur with speed, but then Buffy was there, and the vampire tumbled backward.

The blonde’s fist were raised and clenched. Victoria, eyes full of shock, pulled herself up and attacked again, which Buffy blocked with a kick.

Grabbing her by the front of her shirt, Buffy said, “It’s not me you want…it’s her, isn’t it?”

With a growl, Victoria was out of Buffy’s grasp and headed once more toward Bella, who was knocked to the ground with a single punch immediately.

“Help!” she screamed.

“Fight!” yelled Buffy at the same time. “Fight her!”

Still on the ground, Bella lashed out with a kick. It caught Victoria’s shins and caused her to stumble back for a moment, then charge again with even more anger than before.

Bella screamed and rolled out of harm’s way for a moment, then tried to stand, only to be punched back down by Victoria. It was terribly, horribly painful, and she felt disoriented and dizzy.

“Help! Oh God, help me, Buffy!” She was able to block on of the vampire’s punches and kick her in the stomach, slowing her down for a moment.

The older Slayer was standing next to her. “I can’t help you. Only you can save yourself. Fight!”

In desperation, Bella kicked and punched as hard as she could, not caring where her blows landed. It seemed to be keeping Victoria away, though the vampire didn’t look to be damaged.


She turned, and Buffy threw her a wooden stake. Bella looked down at it, wondering how it could possibly harm a vampire, a time in which Victoria took the opportunity to attack. She pushed Bella to the ground, landing on top of her, and suddenly, her face changed to something ridged and monstrous.

Without even thinking about it, Bella pushed the stake through Victoria’s unbeating heart, and a second later, the vampire burst into dust.

Buffy came over and helped her up. Bella stared at the pile of dust that was all that was left of the vampire who had terrorized her.

“So…” Buffy began.

“I want to learn.”


“How to kill these things like you can. I want to fight vampires, if I can. I want to be a vampire Slayer. Can you show me?”

Buffy smiled. “Here begins the lesson.”