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Waxing Crescent

What if your calling was to kill the one you loved?

Disclaimer: I own nothing and am not making money, at all.

4. Vampires, Demons, And The Forces Of Darkness

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The scent of pizza hung in the air and the latest music videos played in the background as Dawn painstakingly filed all of Bella’s ruined nails into small half moons.

“So, you and Edward looked a little avoid-y at lunch today.”

Dawn couldn’t have picked a worse subject to bring up. “Yeah…well…how I am supposed to tell him?”

“About what?”

“The whole thing where it’s my apparent destiny to cause him to crumble into dust!”

Dawn rolled her eyes as she began applying a dark blue polish to Bella’s nails. “Come on…if you’re as madly in love as everyone says, he’ll get over it.”

Bella sighed. Dawn had instantly become even more sought after and popular than Bella had been on her first day, partly because of Dawn’s carefree nature, and partly because she had a million stories to tell, having lived in Italy and being raised by her sister for the last several years.

“Anyway,” Dawn continued, “You’re getting really buff—seriously, I can see muscles!” she insisted at Bella’s look of disbelief. “And you’ve only been training a week.”

“And you’ve only been at school for a week and Mike, Tyler, and Jordan have all already asked you out.”

“Way to change the subject. You’re just lucky it’s one I’m very experienced in.”

Bella raised her eyebrows. “Something you haven’t told me?”

“Well, Jordan came up to me in gym before the bell rang, and he was like, ‘have you been to your locker?’ and I was like, ‘not since first period’ and then he was like, ‘oh, well, you might wanna check it out’ so I did, and he had put—”

Whatever Jordan had put in Dawn’s locker, Bella didn’t have time to find out as Spike burst through the door.

“Dawnie, Bella, go upstairs, lock the door and get some weapons—”

The sound of either a demon or Buffy being slammed into the tree in their front lawn was audible from the living room.

“Bugger—hurry, get up there, go—”

“Spike!” Buffy sounded stressed.

Bella tried to catch a glimpse of whatever demon it was. “I could help—”

“We could help,” corrected Dawn.

“No! I—”

“Spike, hurry would be good!”

“You two, weapons, lock the door—dammit—I’m coming, Buffy!” He ran out, slamming the door behind him.

Sighing, Dawn trudged up the stairs, and Bella followed. “This always happens! They don’t think I can manage to not die? Whatever…I know what I’m doing. I can fight! I can help! And so can you! You’re totally a Slayer! But no, it’s ‘go hide, where they can sneak up on you when you’re off your guard’!”

Dawn continued to rant as she locked the door behind them and opened a chest in her drawer full of crossbows, stakes, holy water, and a sword.

Bella and Dawn huddled around the window, watching Buffy and Spike take on two demons each. They fought well together, in a rhythm. Once both demons were dead, Dawn tossed the stake she was holding away and unlocked the door.

With a last glance at Buffy and Spike sharing a steamy kiss, Bella followed.


“So, you’ll be back when?”

“Before noon tomorrow,” Bella said, shouldering her duffel.

“You and Dawn are pretty good friends,” Charlie remarked, a little too casually. “Have you been seeing much of..?

His question hung in the air.

“Well…you know…he’s been…busy…with, uh…homework, and Dawn and I have been hanging out a lot and stuff…”

Charlie looked pleased. “Have fun.”

Casting a glance at her father over her shoulder, she softly said, “I will.”


Bella slowly peeled off her jacket, followed by her shoes, shirt, jeans, bra, and panties.

Every inch of her ached. There’d been a large gang of five vamps, and Buffy took out three. The first one Bella dusted had been easy, which made her overconfident.

Bruises graced her arms and legs; cuts covered her face and hands. She took the longest shower of her life, then put on her pajamas and went downstairs.

Dawn and Buffy were dressed in bedtime attire as well, though Spike wore his uniform black denim pants and a dark red shirt.

At first, she’d felt uncomfortable around the vampire, but she’d quickly come to find he was more human than any of the Cullens, and he was actually sweet despite his tough exterior.

Bella took a seat on the couch next to Dawn (Spike and Buffy were seated together in an oversized chair) and grabbed a hand full of popcorn. On the TV, a young couple was making out. Bella was about to ask if they were about to get theirs heads cut off or not, thus determining the movie’s genre, but Dawn spoke first.

“Bella, are you okay? You look really tired.”

“Big fight,” she mumbled.

“You know, I won’t be offended if you wanna go to bed.”

Buffy looked over at her. “I think Dawn’s right, Bella. Some sleep might be a good thing for you to consider.”

Bella nodded. “Right…” She stood and clumsily walked back upstairs.

She fell asleep a moment after hitting Dawn’s bed.

And not five minutes later, she was awakened by the sound of a window opening.