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Waxing Crescent

What if your calling was to kill the one you loved?

Disclaimer: I own nothing and am not making money, at all.

5. Make Your Choice

Rating 2/5   Word Count 465   Review this Chapter

Bella sat up with a start only to find Edward gracefully climbing through Dawn’s window.

“Edward? I—what are you doing?”

“Bella.” He took a step closer to her. “What have I done?”

“It looks like you just broke and entered Dawn’s house.”

Edward frowned and shook his head. “No. I meant, what have I done to upset you so much?”

She couldn’t meet his eyes as she said, “Nothing.”

“Then why have you been ignoring me? Bella, I asked you if you’d like to come to my house tonight, and you said Charlie wanted you to stay home. So I went to your house, only to find you gone.”

“And you…you stalked me here?”

He looked offended. “I followed your scent.”

“You stalked me,” she accused, her eyes narrowed.

“Bella, please.” Edward shut his eyes in what seemed to be a silent prayer for patience. Then his brow furrowed as he looked closely at her. “What happened to you?”

Bella pulled the covers up to her chin, but the damage was done. “N-nothing, don’t worry about it—”

“Who did this, Bella?” Edward looked angry. “Tell me. Please, tell me who did this to you.”

“Edward, listen, please—”

The vampire spun around as the door opened.

Buffy stood in the doorway. She was holding a crossbow, and it was pointed at Edward’s heart.

“We’ve got an open door policy in this house,” she informed him dryly.

“I’m sorry, Mrs., ah—”

“It’s Miss,” Buffy snapped. “And don’t try and talk your way out of it.”

“Buffy…this is…uh, this is Edward. My…”

Buffy’s eyes narrowed. “The boyfriend. The bloodsucking, come-into-our-house without-an-invite one.”

Edward’s eyes widened in surprise. Buffy ignored him and spoke to Bella. “Does he know?”

“Know what?” Edward asked as Bella shook her head.

Bella was tired, and she had no time to beat around the bush with him all night. “Edward, I’m a vampire Slayer.”

For a moment he looked at. Then he threw back his head and began to laugh. It was an enchanting and musical sound, but Bella was too insulted to appreciate it.

When her undead boyfriend realized no one was about to yell ‘April Fool’s,’ his face grew serious again.

“A vampire Slayer?”

Buffy sat the crossbow down on the bed and put her hands on her hips. “Yeah.”

“And what do you do, as…a vampire Slayer?” His expression was amused, curious, and afraid all at once.

Buffy smiled. “This.” And she punched him in the jaw.

Edward stumbled back with a growl, and then looked up. And his face was changed as Victoria’s had been; his brow was ridged and his teeth were fanged.

His eyes were red; Bella shrieked.