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A Different Beginning

Have you ever said 'what if' in your life? Well, I know I have. In New Moon, what if Jasper had gotten to Bella?


1. Attack

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Chapter 1

Shoot,” I murmured when the paper sliced my finger, I pulled it out to examine the damage. A single drop of blood oozed from the tiny cut.

It all happened very quickly then.

I saw everyone in the room stiffen, frozen in their place, not breathing. But, one person did move, lightning fast.

Jasper growled ferociously and rammed himself into me, sending me flying backwards and onto the white carpet. He landed on top of me, pinning me down. I looked up at him, but instead of his golden eyes that I saw just five minutes ago, I saw black empty pits, filled with hunger, need, and want. For my blood. Edward and Emmett were trying to pull him back, but to no avail. Edward was growling furiously the whole time that this was going on.

My eyes were wide. This was not how I wanted to be changed.

Jasper leaned down, pulling away from Edward and Emmett’s arms for the briefest second and plunged his razor sharp teeth into my neck.

I screamed out as the familiar fire started up in my neck. I screamed out as Jasper was pulled back from my neck, his teeth were still intact and it ripped a wider hole in my neck releasing more blood from my body.

I closed my eyes, concentrating on trying to avoid the pain. I felt cold arms under me, lift me up, and the person was walking away and then up stairs.

I opened my eyes to see them clouded over with tears, and through my blurry vision I saw Carlisle carrying me up the stairs, away from the mess and the shouting.

“Go to sleep, Bella.” Carlisle said softly as he took me in Edward’s room and laid me down on his couch. He left for the briefest of moments and came back with his medical bag. He put a piece of gauze over the gash which Jasper’s teeth had caused. Carlisle smiled gently at me. But something about the smile was forced.

Carlisle exited the room as I cried out in pain again. I closed my eyes, wanting to get away from the pain, but the pain kept me awake, not letting me drift off into unconsciousness.

A little while later, I saw Edward enter the room softly, and shut the door behind him, clicking the lock softly into place. He turned around and saw that I was still awake, cringing from the pain that had taken over every space that was in me, not leaving an empty spot without pain.

Edward closed his eyes softly and walked over to the couch and got in behind me. He put his arm softly around my waist.

“Is Jasper okay?” I asked, screaming out as another bought of pain raged through my body.

But Edward didn’t say anything. He just started humming my lullaby softly in my ear.

Nothing helped though, throughout the next three days. He was continuously there, his cold arm around me, trying to help stifle the pain.

Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, and even Rosalie came in from time to time to check up on how the process was going. Alice and Jasper never came in. Probably due to the fact that neither of them were there.

On the third and final day, my heart started to speed up faster than it usually does and the worst pain filled my body. I screamed out suddenly, scaring Edward and Esme who was in the room at the time.

Then, all of a sudden, the pain stopped. All of it. The fire was gone and I was not numbed from the pain any longer.

I was a vampire.