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A Different Beginning

Have you ever said 'what if' in your life? Well, I know I have. In New Moon, what if Jasper had gotten to Bella?


3. On The Prowl

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Chapter Three: On the Prowl

I sat in the car, watching the trees and fields go by at an alarming rapid rate. ‘Why is he acting like this?’ I thought to myself. ‘Why aren’t Jasper and Alice here?’ But then, I realized why Jasper and Alice weren’t here. They left because of me.

“What are you thinking about?” I heard Edward ask me to the direction of my left.

I looked over at him and responded, “Nothing, trying to figure out if I’m going to be repulsed by blood or I’m gonna give in to my inner woodsman and pounce on a raccoon.” I lied as I laughed as I did think about.

Edward’s face suddenly got stern. “Bella, don’t.” He warned. I growled for my first time and I heard a chuckled next to me.

The car went off on a dirt road somewhere and it jostled as the car went in the pot holes and over the rocks. Edward pulled over to the side of the rode, alongside the woods that bordered the road. “Now,” He said, before opening his door, “when we get out of the car, you need to give into what your instincts are telling you. Follow the smell of the blood and don’t resist the temptation.” He said. “Are you ready?”

I breathed deeply. “Yes, I’m ready.”

We exited the car and I met him by a huge oak that bordered the forest. Edward stood behind me and put his hands softly on my shoulders. “Close your eyes and breathe in deeply.” He whispered into my ear.

I shut my eyes as ordered and breathed in deeply. All of a sudden, a bunch of smells hit me, sweet and terrible smells. But no, I couldn’t give in and kill the innocent animals.

Yes you can, Bella. The voice in my head whispered.

“Give in to your instincts.” Edward said, agreeing with the inaudible voice that only I could here.

No. I couldn’t. I couldn’t kill these blameless animals that didn’t do anything. I couldn’t hurt them, infect their blood with my venom, I couldn’t do that, it would just be so wrong.

Yes you can, Bella. You’re thirsty. Go have a sip of a woodchuck or just a measly taste of a deer. No harm done. The monster in my head growled, more intensely than it had the first time.

“Go, Bella. Give in.” He said, I could hear the sharp edge in his voice. I knew he was thirsty as well. His eyes had been pitch black when we left the house.

Kill it. That was all the voice had to say before I was off into the dense woods, following the sweet scent of a mysterious animal. When I was a human, I hated the queasy feeling of Edward running, but know I felt like I could fly. My feet were moving so fast over the ground it felt like they weren’t even touching the overly green greenery below my feet.

The scent of the unknown creature was getting closer and my senses were going haywire. I finally saw a beautiful silver wolf grazing with his pack up ahead. Quietly, I snuck around the trees, not breathing. I felt Edward behind me, passing me as I stopped behind a tree, observing them for the quickest of seconds, and then I leapt at the beautiful animal and he didn’t even realize what had happened until my sharp incisors were lodged into his neck and drinking his blood. The warm, sweet, tart liquid flowed over my tongue and down my throat, warming me up and my cold body craved for more

I moved on to the next animal which stood growling at me I crouched, a mirror image of the beautiful chocolate colored animal in front of me. I bared my teeth at it and leapt so fast, it didn’t have time to growl as I ripped into its neck.

Finishing with that wolf, I had a sort of full sensation in the deep pit of my useless stomach. I stood up and looked down at my dirt and blood stained clothes. Edward was standing a few feet away, his clothes a little less bloodied than mine were, but still dirty enough.

“So…” I started. “You once said that you were like a mountain lion and Emmett was like a bear. What am I?” I purred as I walked over to him and laid my hand softly on his chest.

“Hmm…” He said, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me into him. “The gracefulness and the quickness in how you run, the quiet demeanor in which you hunt and the quick way you attack, not waiting for the animal to attack, I’d have to say you are like a wolf.” He whispered the last word into my ear.

I shivered. “I like the sound of that. Wolf blood is very appealing; very sweet and appetizing.” I said as he kissed the hollow behind my ear.

“Hmm…”Edward said, tracing a line of kisses down my jaw line and my chin, kissing the corner of my mouth, teasing me.

I groaned and backed away from him. “I see that hunting can put Mr. Cullen in a very good mood.” I laughed as he approached me.

“You have no idea.” He growled and tried to grab me but I dodged quickly out of his way. He growled low and menacing.

“Not now, Edward. We have to burry the bodies or don’t you do that?” I asked.

“No, we do.” He said.

“Okay then, let’s save the play for later.” I suggested and grabbed the two wolves that I had fed off of and brought them into the woods where there was a deep ravine and the wolves were laid to rest in the water.

Edward and I ran back to the car, him close on my tail. We arrived back at the silver Volvo and before I could get in, I felt his cold hand at my waist and turn me around and pushed me into the silver vehicle.

I stared up at him in surprise. “Edward?”

“Hmm….not a word right now.” He said and started to kiss me everywhere, save my lips.

“You really are in a ‘good’ mood after you’ve hunted.” I giggled.

Edward’s palm ended up over my mouth to be quiet and then he began kissing downwards, pushing my shirt aside to get to my collar bone. All of a sudden I remembered that we were in the middle of nowhere and I was covered in blood and dirt, and so was he.

“Edward, I want to go back to your house and shower. I’m all dirty and I want to get clean.” I groaned, trying to push him off of my shoulder with no success.

“No.” He simply stated and continued with his little quest. This was no way that he used to act and I’m not sure if he knew that right now.

“Edward, please, I want to go get clean.” I said, pulling his eyes up to meet my strangely colored ones.

“Fine, but if I take you back, can I take a shower with you?” He asked, an wicked smile spread across his perfect face.

“If you don’t take me home now, I’ll run home and when I get there, I’ll tell Esme that you left me in the woods to fend for myself.” I said, smiling as wickedly as I could back at him.

“She’d never believe that.” He stated, his eyes holding humor and daring in them.

“No, she’d never believe you if you said you didn’t leave me here, me on the other hand. She loves me!” I said.

Edward growled and told me to get in the car and I happily obliged. When we got back to the house, I dashed out of the car before the engine was even off. “I shower first!” I yelled and ran in the house, knowing that he would be behind me in a mere millisecond.

I got into his marble covered bathroom before he got in his room and I slammed the black door in his face. He groaned from outside the door as I stripped and got in the shower.

Letting the warm water relax my overly tight muscles, I closed my eyes, reveling in the warmth. I got out, toweled off with a big, white fluffy towel and when I reached to grab my clothes off of the sink, all I hit was cold marble.

“Forget something?” I head Edward outside the door.

“No!” I said. I heard him laughing as I said this.

“Here are your clothes.” He said, opened the, what was supposed to be locked door and through my clothes that someone had gotten from Charlie’s house. I picked up clothes off of the floor and pulled on my undergarments on and then slipped on my dark washed jeans and a black sweater.

And that’s when I remembered something. I had completely forgotten with hunting.

Charlie. But more importantly was where Jasper and Alice were.