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Would they care?

This is poetry. nothing rhymes in this poem. I thought about it when i was feeling low, depressed and extremely tired! Yeah, you all know what i am talking about! the HPV jag! So once again it is a Leah poem (Well, because i write her best!) There is a vague mention of him... yeah. So enjoy, it is quite short and an easy read. Two minutes!!!


1. Chapter 1

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ok, so the picture to see, when reading this little snip:

Leah sitting at the La Push Beach, sitting on the piece of tree that had fallen. The sky is a beautiful red, orange and maybe even a pinkish blue. The wind is blowing, and Leah's hair is flowing silently with the wind. Every thought she has would appear as a memory as she thinks about it. She thinks of her packs and her duties. she is deep in thought as she sits by the cliff. all she can hear is the waves rolling in and out of the empty beach beside her. She takes a deep breath as a tear falls from her eyes. She realises that she does care what others think and wants them to care...

(Hope this helped picture, Leah and her surroundings.)


Would they care?

If i slipped here, would they care?

If i disappeared, would they care?

If i died down there, would they care?

If my life stopped soon and i never came back, would they care?

If i managed to detach myself from them all, would they care?

Would they care, that i cared, what they cared? Would they care?

If i managed to convince him that it was only short term, would they care?

If i managed to convince him, that it was not him i was going, would they care?

If i told them and myself, i would return, would they care?

If i stopped being me, would they care?

Of course, they would care; They are my family. All of them.

Yes, they would care...

*Him is actually Jacob, we may have mentioned this in the story summary, but no one looks there so thought it should be mentioned again*