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Continuation of Forever

It's been 15 years since birth, death, and marriage. This is the story of what happens after. Will Robert find love? How does Bella ajust to the changes of her life? Read to find out. THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO SHOCKING SURPRISE !!!!Continuation of Forever

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1. Memories

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15 years. It’s been a little over 15 years since I gave birth to Robert my son, 15 years at rein as vampire leader, and 15 years ago my father got remarried to Sue, and 15 years ago my mother, Renee, died in a plane crash, so much had happened 15 years ago. But I still have Edward, my Edward, my husband, Renesmee my sweet and loving daughter, and Robert, my son.

Robert. Well Robert is Robert. A few months after he was born we found out he can control minds, he doesn’t use it often though. Robert grows at a human pace- unlike my daughter, Renesmee, that grows at an accelerated rate, she’s done growing and will stay at the presence of 18 for the rest of her existence- but he will stop growing soon.

Edward is the same Edward I met in high school over 18 years ago. He’s the best husband any woman could want, probably better.

Nessie, she’s better than ever, she’s happy. She and Jake are in one of the last stages in imprinting, boyfriend and girlfriend. I have a feeling that it will become more shortly.

“Mom,” Robert said. Knocking me out of my thoughts.

“Yes?” He held up the black phone me and Edward bought just for Volturi use. It was ringing. He handed it to me. I pressed the talk button

“Hello?” I asked into the phone.

“Bella we need you in Italy it’s crucial that you be here.” Aro said into the phone. I sighed.

“Alright I’ll be there by noon.” I hung up and dialed the number to the airport. After I bought four tickets I went into me and Edward’s room. He was already packing.

“We going to Italy again?” Nessie asked at the door.

“Yes, Aro said it was crucial that I be there.”

“It’s always crucial.” With that she went and started pack, all the while Robert was stand behind Nessie. He left to go pack.

“This is getting ridicules.” I commented.

“Why don’t we all just move there that would be easiest.”

“Yeah that would.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Honestly Edward, I’m really sick of flying back and forth every week.”

“We’ll talk about it later.” Edward said. Robert and Nessie came in with their suitcases.

“Are we ready?” I asked.

“Yes mother.” Robert and Nessie said at the same time. We went to the garage at the main house. We all slid into Edward’s Vanquish.

When we got to Florence, Edward rented the fastest car he could find. I drove. We approached the gate to the city. I rolled down the window a enough to see the man, but not enough for sun to get through.

“How may I help you miss?”

“We need to get into the city.” He walked over to a panel desk, the gate lifted.

“Thank you!” I said as we passed. I rolled up the window and sped down the uneven path way. I parked the car in a hidden alleyway were I usually park the car. Demetri was waiting in the shadows.

“Welcome Bella.” He greeted, he took my bags. “Aro needs you.” He stated.

“Of course he does. Edward why don’t you go get settled I’ll be there soon.”

“Ok.” He walked over and kissed me. I went over and hugged Nessie and Robert.

“See you soon.” I said. I then followed Demetri to the entrance.

“They’re getting big aren’t they?” He asked.

“Yes, I don’t know sometimes it makes me feel old.” Demetri laughed. We entered the room where so many years ago Edward made a promise to change me.

“Wow a lot of memories in this room.” I said looking around.

“Yes there is. It’s nice to see you again Bella. Are you ready to listen to the next criminals?”

“They’re not all criminals Aro.” I walked up to the middle throne in the line of thrones, and sighed.

“Let’s get this over with.” I said.

“You’ll love this one Bella.” Jane said off in some other room probably bringing in the accused. Jane walked through the huge double doors, along with her was a male vampire, and a human girl, I composed my face. The girl looked scared to death. The scene seemed way too familiar. The girl seemed scared to death but yet she was somewhat happy, and the male he seemed confident, outraged, and at peace all at the same time.

“What are they accused of?” I asked.

“Well Bella, first of all Samuel here tried to walk out into the sunlight in front of the tourists, second of all the human knows way too much.”

“Aro are you trying to humor me?” I asked.

“No Bella, of course not.”

“What do we want to do with these two?” Samuel interrupted.

“Please leave Rebecca alone kill me.” This just keeps getting weirder and weirder each minute.

“We can’t do that.” Cauis said.

“Come Cauis we can be reasonable can’t we?” I said.

“Bella you need to learn to lay down the law we can’t make that exception every time.” I turned my attention to Samuel.

“Samuel do you love Rebecca with all your life?”

“Yes I do, Bella. That’s actually why I’m here, I thought Becca was dead and wanted to die myself. I truly cannot live without her.” Rebecca was tearing up.

“Rebecca do you love Samuel?” Of course I knew the answer to that.

“Yes of course I do.”

“I say we can make the exception again. Who here agrees?”

“May I ask what exception?” Samuel asked

“You will turn her or kill her.” I said.

“So those are the choices turn or kill?” He asked outraged.

“We can’t risk exposure.” Aro said. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my family walk in. They came and stood behind me.

“I will change her, save her life.”

“We need to vote.” We started the vote.

“Cauis your vote please.” I said.

“I say we serve justice, we cannot risk exposure.” Cauis said.


“Edward?” He looked up to Edward.


“Do these people actually love each other?”

“Yes it is extremely strong, their passion.”

“I say we give them the option we gave Bella and Edward.”


“I see no danger in these two, let them live.”

“You all know my opinion.”

“May we leave?” Asked Samuel.

“Yes of course but I advise you wait till sundown.”

“Yes your highness.” He bowed and Alec led them to the lobby where Edward and I waited when we went through this.

“Mom you just let the criminals go.” Nessie said. I looked up at her.

“If you call them your calling me and your father criminals, they were in the same situation that your father and I were in. It was just a misunderstanding.” She seemed taken by my words.

“Is there anything else I need to attend to, Aro?”

“No you are free to leave. If we need you we’ll find you.” With that we disappeared to various places in the castle.

“Mom!” Robert called down the hall. I turned around.

“I’m going to hang out with Jane is that ok?”

“Of course it is, go have fun.’ I said and with that he took off at vampire speed to Jane.