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Continuation of Forever

It's been 15 years since birth, death, and marriage. This is the story of what happens after. Will Robert find love? How does Bella ajust to the changes of her life? Read to find out. THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO SHOCKING SURPRISE !!!!Continuation of Forever

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2. Chapter 2-Dream Come True

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“Mom!” I called from down the hall. I could tell mom was headed to the library. She always went there after a trial.

“I’m going to hang out with Jane is that ok?” I asked. I had really grown to like Jane when I was forced to come here. Actually it was more than like, I loved Jane but I would never tell her that. Despite her power she was really nice deep down you just have get to know her well enough.

“Of course it is, go have fun.” Mom said. I ran off to where Jane usually was sitting reading a book. I sat in the chair next to her.

“What are you reading?”

“Wuthering Heights.” She said. She closed he book.

“How are you?” She asked asking concerned.

“Fine. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, no reason you just seem to be going through a lot lately. You know traveling back and forth, and your sister being in one of the last stages of imprinting, you know that dog might become your brother-in-law shortly.”

“Yeah Ness is 18. Mom and Dad can’t make her do anything anymore.”

“So I hear you guys are moving down here.” She said picking up her book.

“Yeah mom is finally fed up with traveling. Dad knew she’d cave eventually.” She chuckled.

“He would never tell your mom that, he’s too nice of a person.” She said.

“Yeah dad’s a good guy.” We sat there in an awkward silence for a few minutes.

“Let me ask you something Robert-you don’t have to answer this- but have you ever thought about bring our friendship further than this?”

“Oh.” Should I tell her the truth or lie? She probably wants the truth.

“You don’t have to answer I was just curious.” I’ll tell her the truth.

“Yes I have thought about it once or twice.” I said simply.

“Yes me too. Are you ready to try? You don’t have to though.”

“Sure but promise me that no matter what happens we’ll always stay friends.”

“Yes of course I would never give up your friendship. You’re the best friend I have had in . . . well, my whole existence actually.” Just then Dad burst through the door. He looked furious.

“Where’s Renesmee?” He said through teeth trying to calm him down. Whenever he uses her full name you can be sure that she is in trouble. I looked at Jane for a fraction of a second.

“Edward, I think she’s in the garden with that dog she’s so fond of.” Jane said. She always had a bit of malice in her voice when she had to mention Jacob.

What is he doing here?” Dad snarled.

“He flew in this afternoon I thought you knew that.” Jane explained. Then dad ran out the door, you could barely make out the ‘thank you Jane’ he intended her to hear.

“I wonder what she did this time.” I mused. I could be various things, getting pregnant, having sex with Jacob, getting secretly married, oh the possibilities. Or it could be Jacob’s fault that he’s in such a bad mood.

“Who knows but whatever it is I feel sorry for her. Your dad has been known to over react.”

“Yes I’ve heard plenty of those stories.”

“They told you about that?” She asked.

“No, Uncle Emmett did.”

“Ahhh, of course he did.” It was silent. I heard Mom calling me down the hallway.

“That’s Mom.” I sighed.

“Oh.” She said disappointed.

I leaned in without thinking and kissed her gently and adoringly. I have dreamed of this day for a while. She kissed me back with the same amount passion, love and adoration. She tried to deepen the kiss, I almost caved. But then I heard Mom’s footsteps coming down the hallway, I pulled back. She had a wide grin on her face. Just then Mom walked through the door.

“Hello Robert, Jane. Robert, do you have any idea where your father ran to?”

“Yeah he burst in here a couple minutes ago looking for Nessie. He seemed really mad. So he’ll probably be with Ness if he found her.” I said.

“Oh thank you.” She said and ran out the door that dad ran out of. Mom’s light footsteps faded as she ran to the garden. When we couldn’t hear her anymore I turned to Jane. She was still smiling.

“Maybe you should try to find your sister and parents. You do need to fly back and get your stuff packed.”

“Yes, but I really don’t want to leave just yet.”

“I don’t want you to leave either, but it’ll happen whether we like it or not.” She explained.

“Shall we part with a kiss then?” She didn’t answer she just leaned in, I followed her lead. The kiss was more passionate, but had a painful tinge to it; it was like we were saying goodbye and we weren’t going to see each other for an eternity. The rest of the family and I would be back in a weeks’ time, though. She pulled away, all too soon.

“You don’t know how long I’ve loved you.” She whispered breathlessly.

“Weird I was about to say the same thing.” I whispered back.

“You’d better go find your parents.” She said.

“Right.” We both stood up. I hugged her.

“I’ll miss you.” She said.

“I’ll miss you too, I’ll see you in a week my love.” I gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then ran to my parents’ room where I waited for them to return.

While I waited I tried to clear my mind of all the events that just took place, for my father’s sake. Having a mind reader as a father can get rather troublesome. My parents walked in along with my sister and Jacob, to my surprise. He was rubbing his nose, it looked slightly crooked. Dad must have broken it; I wonder what he must have done.

“So how was your day, with Jane?” Mom asked.

“It was fine mother.”

“Alright.” She said. Obviously not believing a word. She looked at Dad.

“Are you packed?” Mom asked.

“Why bother we’re coming back anyway.” Nessie said

“It’s just something to do Nessie.” I said.

“Right, like we all weren’t already doing something before.” I rolled my eyes. She loved using sarcasm.

“Wow, aren’t we heavy on the sarcasm today?” She stuck her tongue out at me.

“I’m in a bad mood.” She said glancing at Dad.

“What did the parental control ruin this time?” I sighed.

“I was having a great time with Jacob when dad came running in. Dad broke his nose.” She said rubbing Jacobs arm in comforting way.

“You weren’t the one listening to his thoughts.” Dad muttered. It was silent for a few moments.

“What time is it?” Mom asked.

“Around Five.” Dad said.

“Oh! Come on we’re going to miss our plane!” Mom said running out of the room. We all followed closely behind.

We made it to the airport just in time. We didn’t have any bags with us so we could go directly onto the plane. It was a long quiet ride I was stuck sitting next to Nessie and Jacob. When we got to Seattle I was eager to get off the plane and back to the house so I could pack and come back to Jane.

We finally arrived home at around ten o’clock. The whole family agreed to move with us to Italy. Aunt Alice seemed eager to shop in Italy, that’s to be expected. I was packed within three days I just had to wait till everyone else was ready. The week didn’t seem to go by quick enough. Every time I turn around Jane’s face pops into my mind. Her burgundy eyes, her beautiful fair golden hair, her perfect lips. I’m surprised Dad hasn’t caught on yet.