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Mythical Limits

Vampires, Werewolves, Shape-shifters and Humans. What if their was another mythical being that could fit into the mix, that none would ever have dreamed existed? Would they also keep the secret? Or is the saying true that rules are truly made to be broken? Seth & Embry Imprint Thanks so much Belledejour for the gorgeous banner. Love ya x After 271 reads I have 2 reviews! Come on people!


1. Ethereal Sighting

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Seth's POV

June 15thwas when I first saw her, and my god she was beautiful. Just to think, I had imprinted with her and that at some point, close or far, she was mine.

We had set off early, well, as early as us wolves had bothered to get up. Jake, Nessie, Quil and I were on our way to Embry's house, as Ness wanted to go down to the beach so we were going to ask him if he wanted to come with us.

I had every intention of joining them until that sleek-metallic-black 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class SLK300 Roadster glided past and pulled up a little further down the road across fom us, and glued me to the spot. As the door swung open I was fully expecting some [as Leah would say] rich, stuck-up prick, who hung out at the playboy mansion and had gold diggers draped around him on tap. So as I was saying, when the door flew open and to my intense surprise a black sued ankle boot with impossibly high heels entered my line of vision, I, along with everyone elts held my breath at the woman who owned this beast.

And too rightly we all held our breaths, even Nessie who had grew up living and spending her whole life around vamps was gob-smacked at this chick.

My eyes shifted upwards as I took in her overall look, the black high wasted pencil skirt and cream blouse was a classic buisness suit but on her looked unique and impossibly understated. The chilly La Push breeze caught her hair as she stepped out of the car and made it swirl around her in an ethereal way, that was dangerous as much as it was alluring. Though when my eyes locked on her face after admiring her charcoal hair I knew she was what I was wating for. The one for me, my soul mate, my other half, my better half. Together we will always be.

When she turned away and drifted off in the opposite direction I felt as if I had been slapped awake from a day-dream, or woken up by a bucket of ice-water. But by the looks on everyone's faces; the bristled uncomfortableness and the stiff awkwardness it was exhaustingly plain. Something was very wrong.

This notion was only heightened when we saw Embry enter the scene and both of them visibly relax at the sight of each other. Strangly when she relaxed [this I checked] so did the small group of us. Embry and the girl greeted in an unfamiliar way-holding each others forarms insead of hands and shaking them. Their conversation was distant and indistinct so we only caught bits here and there.

Blessed be........I'm sorry.........favour.............sister and her child................beaten........... .......monster..............trust...............help.............please!

It didn't make sense. How did she know Embry? What was the favour? Who was getting beaten? And more importantly, who was she?

"I don't feel like swimming anymore." That was Nessie I was sure, who was just starting to switch gears and calm down, although now she was slighty alarmed.

"Let's go home." I was as sure that this was Jacob as I was knowing it was Ness, he was always giving her what she wanted and needed, right now it was to be calmed down. Which was exactly what they were both doing.

Suddenly I felt myself being dragged away from the scene that was so intense and personal that it was making me seeth and rage inside with jealousy, that he was so intimate with her whilst I was still just a stranger. As they succesfully dragged me away I began to walk with them instead of against them, knowing that soon I would get her, and she would become rightfuly mine.