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Mythical Limits

Vampires, Werewolves, Shape-shifters and Humans. What if their was another mythical being that could fit into the mix, that none would ever have dreamed existed? Would they also keep the secret? Or is the saying true that rules are truly made to be broken? Seth & Embry Imprint Thanks so much Belledejour for the gorgeous banner. Love ya x After 271 reads I have 2 reviews! Come on people!


2. Morgan's Favor

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Morgan POV

As I got out of my wonderous new car, the breeze caught my hair and tugged my clothes, but I did not linger on this. As my mind was fully focused on the task set by my goddess, that absolutly nothing on this earth could have the power to stop me completing it. She knew that I would take the most care and attention in this task as the woman and child were, before my [as some would call it impulse or calling-although for my kind and people it showed me to be a completly different being or creature the center of my whole world. Other than my self and the women in question only two beings in existance knew about the love I still felt that I should have lost when I was accepted by the goddess. They were of course my goddess who knew every thing in my heart an soul. The other was a human/shape-shifter who took on the form of a wolf. This was who I was meeting today. He was a true brother and friend to me. I loved him, and his name was Embry Call.

Drifting was the way I, after becoming a follower of the goddess Nyx had adopted for my style of wandering. Whilst waiting for Embry to arrive my attention was called back to something I had sensed before it was three other wolves and a being I had not yet had experience enough to meet. Realising then that all three of the wolves had imprinted and having knowledge that Embry had not I had passed over them. Now I was waiting and had already spent hour after hour trying to find the perfect way to ask a favour that I had no right to ask, I thought of something elts to keep me from bolting, and getting away as fast as my car could move-which was as I know knew, was fast. Pondering the mystery of imprinting which neither Embry or myself had never felt the need to disuss I realised that two had been imprinted for a while now, whereas the the other was very recent. If I used my senses to determine the time which everyday was getting easier and easier, I then realised that he had been imprinted in the last quarter hour. With all my heart I wished him luck as the feelings that coursed through me when thinking about him were as unnerving as they were breath-takingly pleasant.

Out of nowhere Embry was at my side, pulling my attention away from these confusing [and loving] feelings for a stranger, his face so mixed with hundreds of emotions that right now the only two I can name are fear and brotherly love. Knowing that fear was for me, it gave me strength to calm myself, so in turn I could calm him.

Start calm don't worry him I thought to myself. Out loud I greeted him in typical greeting."Merry meet Brother Embry, I'm sorry for the scare I must have given you on behalf of your tribe, when on the phone I told you I was coming up."

"I'm not scared for the tribe, I know you and Nyx, Morgan and you both are good from the inside out. I am scared for you, not of you. Even when I met you for the first time I knew you were a person to trust, and I knew that I had to know you. Your a large part of my bigger picture. I have to know you, and more than that, I want to know you."

"Thank-you I feel you are going to lead me to my destiny as I shall with you, Nyx does nothing to discourage me from meeting with you. If anything she encourages me with good feelings. Now as you must be wondering, the reason I am here is simple. As you know, you along wth Nyx are the only two who know I still am in contact with my sister and her child, who I should have backed away from a long time ago, when they no longer fitted into my world.I am still in contact but recently news has reached me that I am in no way happy with. Brother, if you remember before you changed, you met her a few times before her child was born, and as she was only dating the girls father and her now husband." Both of us didn't like him then so I bet he'll wanna kill him when I tell him what he's been up to now. I do not want to do anything to him as Nyx has helped me deal with the pain and anger I have.

"Yes, of course I remember her, though I never liked that jerk who she brought. Knew it! I'm guessing by what you have just said that they are married and also have a child. Can't say I think it's the best move she ever made. Now, what's all this about bad news? Is she ok? What about her child?"He is as worried as I was, I always knew they bonded. She's as loveable a person as he is.

"Well I'll put it this way, a simple choice of good news or bad news."

"Bad, get it over with and the sooner I know the faster I can help you deal with."

How well do I know this loveable puppy. "Remember to keep calm and that were going to get this dealt with..."Breath Morgan he won't go mad, even though you know he will. Oh God! "....Her boyfriend became a well......violent man after the wedding and she ended up in hospital....twice and then he hit the little girl, Darcy. I have a plan to get them though and it will work, I will save them both......Embry?"

"Embry, calm......please? So much for soft and calming, Embry's face had been gowing less and less expressionless with every word and his shaking was makinghim blur out of focus. Oh no, not good. Calm him down and QUICK!

All I can do is squeek whilst sounding commanding. Fabulous. I tried again and this time using the goddesses's force behind my words and making her strength and my faith in her fill me with the courage I needed not to run.

"Ok. I'm calm, I'm fine. Now where are they and where is he." His tone had been breathless but composed with the last word changing to unrepressed loathing that was an appalling contrast to suddenly hear.

"That's the other thing. Well, erm.....when I said I was going to save them, well....that is......"I think I can safely say I have never struggeled for words more than now.

"Just spit it out, Morgan. Stop acting like your choking on a sock!" He demanded, although his soft tone would stop anyone for taking it as a sign of anger.

"I don't have anywhere to hide her, and well he could find her even if I did find somewhere she could go. Were all one of a kind and can finding each other is first nature to us. It's a survival instinct, stick together, and never tell others we exist. It's rule of thumb."

"What are you going to do then, because he is not going near them again if I have a say in it."

"Well the favour I came to ask of you was this-"

He replied, butting in and cutting her off. "You don't even need to ask she can stay stay with me as long as she needs to and her daughter is always welcome. Why didn't you bring her with you? If you go and get her now we can set everything up, the sooner the better. While you get them ready I can tell the pack and get all the arrangements sorted."

"NO! Oh god I didn't mean that, I was just wondering if you could hide her so I don't know where she is. Not that I was angeling for you to take her in because of the fact my kind can't sense yours. All I wanted to know if you knew a place to take her-away from you and your life. You know I have no rights to ask favours of you, I shouldn't have come. I'm sor-."

"Morgan stop! You've always been my family-well, as soon as I met you, you were. Even though she doesn't have my blood, because your my sister through you we are family, she will always be welcome in my home."

"Thank-you Embry, I know I can trust you with her but I don't want him to hurt you when he comes for her, which he undoubtedly will if I know anyhing of him. To have his wife run away would be an embarrasment in his circle. I just want the both of you safe-so that means she won't stay here."

"Now I know about it, its no longer your decision. I'll go call a meeting and tell the pack. Be here tomorrow, same time and place. Bring her with you. By the way I'm not taking no for an answer." His voice was relaxably calm, almost amused-as if thinking how she would try to convince him otherwise on his plan to take in her 24 year old sister Taylor, and her 4 year old daughter Darcy. Embry now still had 25 the body and looks of a man that age [he hadn't yet stopped fazing].

"Brother, what on this astral plane am I to do with you. Do you and your pack of puppies have a deth wish that you are desperate to have sedated. This is cruel, your making me choose between Taylor and Darcy and you. My need to protect them and my craving to look after you also by extention your brothers. The most upsetting thing is Nyx is fully behind them coming into your care, so I no longer have a choice. But must abide by her decisions and the feelings she gives me towards certain choices. Call me immedietly if the plan is a no-go!"

" Blessed be Morgan," He called over his shoulder, and more informally he added, "cya tomorrow."

"Blessed be Embry," I shouted to his back, then continuing to mumble under my breath even though I knew he could hear me perfectly, "I love you."