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Mythical Limits

Vampires, Werewolves, Shape-shifters and Humans. What if their was another mythical being that could fit into the mix, that none would ever have dreamed existed? Would they also keep the secret? Or is the saying true that rules are truly made to be broken? Seth & Embry Imprint Thanks so much Belledejour for the gorgeous banner. Love ya x After 271 reads I have 2 reviews! Come on people!


3. Telling the pack

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Seth's POV

In Jake's cramped up living room he'd squeezed in Quil, Sam, Paul, Jared and myself. Now he was the pack leader and Sam had been demoted to the pack's role of 'beta'. At that moment Jake pushed himself into the room after having taken Nessie home. He told us he'd heard Em telling him that he was on his way up but that he'd been controlling his thoughts and keeping them hidden, now I really wanted to know what was going on, and fast.

Lucky for me Embry chose that moment to stride into the room

Embry's POV

I remember the ast thing she said to me when I left. I bet she diddn't even mean for me to hear it, although it was as loud as if she'd ran up and screamed it in my ear. She loved me even though she most forcefully shouldn't and her kind actually couldn't. She was special, and I loved her more than she could ever know.

Now I had to do something for her. To protect her and my loves ones, the pack would understand, they'd stop and listen to me. They had to.

"Now I have to tell you all something and before I do please can you start by having an open mind, now here it is, guy's I have a favour to ask you. Well, in fact it's more of a favour thats been asked of me."

All of them nodded their heads to show me their minds were open. But, considering each of them had an imprint exept me and Seth, they each has a protective element to their postures and facial expressions that I could not bame them for.

"It's always been a tabood area-who my father is. And one day I got sick of it, so I did the thing we all evaded doing, and I asked. And in turn I was given a few facts and told to go find him if I wanted him so bad. One of the things I was told was this; we all thought that I had a possible 3 dads to contend with. When in actual fact I had 4."

The looks on the faces of my brothers was priceless. The emotions that played out on their tan faces was laughable, I found it like this because I was already accustomed to this and had already had, had the time to dwell on it.

"Y-you k-know who y-your-r d-dad-d is?" I could tell it was Quil even without looking at his face. Him, Jake and Sam are probably gagging to know who it is, and if one of them is my half brother.

"Yep, I know who the man is who I thought, thought I was his bastard child who he hated and didn't want anything to do with. Well I found him and I know realise I was wrong, its not that he didn't want me its that he coudn't have me. He didn't love my mom and didnt want to put us through all that drama of pretending for my sake. I deserved the truth about the world, not the sugar coated lie of a pretend happy family. He did the right thing."

"So thats the way you feel about a man leaving your mother with a baby and no family to look after her or you. He abandoned you and all you have to say is; 'he did the right thing'! How Embry, how can you be so accepting to this man who got your mother pregnant and left her to fend for herself? How can you be so cold?"

I expected this off of Sam.The anger towards a man leaving a woman who was pregnant. When he left Leah, a few weeks after he left her she joined the pack, and she didn't restart her periods. She for three days thought she was carrying his child, she had the test that told her her happyness was negative. Bringing on a whole new set of misery: first Sam's betrayel, second the loss of an imaginary child and third the inability to have a child for the rest of her life. Her grief was unbearable.

"Because Sam, he was all I thought I had left. You have Emily. You had Leah. You have kids. You have a mother who loves you. You have a dad who was there, even if he was a total letdown he still showed his face. I found the man who ran from mom and me. I found him. Hes all I have left. No imprint. No girlfriend. No kids. Dead mum. I have a chance to pull back a man who I thought I lost a long time ago. I'm not letting anything pass me by."

"You lost him Embry. Lost him! He left you! He had a choice. And he didn't choose to stick it out and to be a dad to you. You know what-"

"Shut up Sam," Jacob growled the command of alpha in his voice was unmistakeable and his face grim. "He found his dad, be a friend not a pack protector or the alpha. For once try he needs us all and obviously didn't actually want to tell us this. Have an open mind, it's nice, you should try it sometime."

I knew there was a reason the pack ancestors had chosen Jake as our leader. Only a few people had the complete package so they could name, shame and dismiss Sam Uley in a three sentance speech. He was perfect at his job.

"I'm sorry Embry, I just lost it. Can you forgive me?" I knew this was difficult for him to say. The alpha command was to tell him to shut up, not to apologise. It must have took him a lot to say this.

"It's fine, if I was you I'd be the same. Don't worry about it, it had to be said sometime."

"Thank-you. Now what is this that you have to tell us?" Sam was always on top of things, it didn't surprise me that he wanted to get over this delay and get back to the subject at hand.

"When I found my dad who is and I met him. I also met a few other people. His wife and child. My step-mother and half sister. He imprinted on her so he never had a choice in finding someone elts, I even like them, I love my sister. The only thing is that there not erm . . . human and my sisters half-sister on her mothers side, is in trouble and I said that I'd look after her. She's going to stay with me so it won't be a hinderence on any of you. It's just her and her daughter. Will you help me to protect them from the childs violent father. Given none of them are human then its going to b rather a lot more difficult but its a challenge. Please will you help or will I have to take her away?"

Please, erm . . . Nyx help them understand and be on my side.

Seth POV

Not human. Oh god what have I done! She's a vamp, although she didn't smell like one. Oh well this way we get longer to stay together.

"NOT HUMAN! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON EMBRY! PISSIN' 'BOUT WITH A SHIT DAD NOW YOUR LOOKING AFTER HIS VAMP KIDS, AND YOU EXPECT US TO HELP!" I wasn't surprised that Paul'd take the shout until he wanted to stop approach, and him being quick to judge wasn't at all unusual. I just really want to hear what Embry has to say about this.

"Vampire? I said not human, not undead. My sister, her sister, the child and its father are not vampires. Their a new thing completely. We know of us, thats shape-shifters, vamps, children of the moon, half-breeds and humans. Their none of that although you have all heard of them, they are as mythical creatures as we are and the Cullens etc."

"What are they, Embry? Do we need to be worried? Are they a threat?" Jacob pressed. The protection of the people mattered above all elts . . . well, meby not above Renesmee. Then again who wouldn't give up the world for their imprint.

Jake for Ness.

Quil for Claire.

Sam for Emily.

Jared for Kim.

Paul for Rachel.

Collin for Tessa.

Brady for Mia.

Leah for Erik.

And now me for this mystery girl. Seth for who?

Oh where am I, thats it, back to reality. Jake has just asked Embry if his new family poses a threat to the reservation. now I'm interested.

"No way; Morgan's 19 and a kitten, Taylor's 21 and as shy as I am in public," thats no joke Embry's shyness in front of strangers was a disability and a royal pain in the you-know-what."her daughter Darcy I havn't yet met but Morgan said she was a right sweetie. Is it ok for me to keep Taylor and Darcy with me under the packs protection? Or am I on my own?"


her name is Morgan. Gorgeous just like her. She is perfect, and coming here to save her sister, that shows she's a warm-hearted person. Could this day get any better?

"I trust you Embry. We trust you, if you say that whatever they are is good, then thats fine with us. You have the packs protection when you are keeping them here."

Promice off of the alpha, it's unbreakable.

Could this day get any better? Why yes, yes it could!

Embry POV

Yes I've done it! This day just cant get any better!