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Im Coming for You

Edward leaves Bella but she reacts a little differently. Her love for Edward makes her no longer weak and helpless


1. Chapter 1-Not Giving Up

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Edward had told me he didn’t want me and I had believed him. Now I was left on the floor of this forest. Cold, alone and with who knows what out there. But at the time I had not thought of that; I was replaying what he had said, in my mind the words went round and round like a horrible cyclone. It hurt to think and feel.

‘‘Bella, I don’t want you to come with me.’’

But as the words went round the feeling of rejection washed out of me and the pain was turning into something different. I couldn’t work it out. When suddenly a thousand images flashed through my mind rejecting the statement. Memories of…of Edward…memories of us. The first time I saw him, the first time he talked to me, the night he stayed. The day in our meadow, it made me breathless as I thought of him shining like a diamond that day. I nearly smiled as I recalled I leapt into his stone arms and immersed myself in his smell before I could control myself.

The time I went to meet his family and how nervous they made me. My best friend Alice, Rosalie who I loved even though she hated me, I loved Jasper even though he had recently tried to kill me. My favourite pal Emmet who made me blush on nearly every occasion. The motherly Esme and ever patient Carlisle.

Edward’s voice as I was being attacked by James. Every month, of every day, of every minute and second I had spent with Edward and from this my epiphany occurred. My heart now beating stronger than ever, no longer broken knew what was going on. I stood up and shouted hoping he, but knowing he could not, could hear me.


And with that my mind was made up, I was going after Edward. I knew he lied and I knew he wanted me and loved me. It sounded demanding and selfish but it was true. There was no way of escaping the fact. I would always be Edward’s so Edward would always be mine. And even…even if he didn’t want me I had to be certain. I needed him to see that I truly loved him. I was too weak and ruled by my incapability to show emotion. Even as I said this a tear rolled down my face.

The task overwhelmed me so I called his mobile to see if it was still working and maybe I could call him back; the line had been cut off, as had all his family’s number except their home number. If I was going to find Edward I needed money and information not to mention a vehicle. I had to face the fact my old truck would make it out of Forks for more than two days. Plus the speed was too slow. First I needed money, to buy a new vehicle and to have enough money to make be able to have food for awhile. There were enough women’s hostels now in every country so I didn’t need to splash on an expensive hotel. I had college money but I needed more; where could I get money…

‘‘Of course! The Cullen house!’’

Saying it out loud made more sense; Edward had show me all their emergency funds. I didn’t ever want Edwards’s money so I would only take a little, not much, they would hardly know it was missing. Now vehicle wise…mechanic…car mechanic…in Forks…in La Push.


He could help me; Charlie told me someone had left two bikes by the road yesterday. In the junkyard no-one was going to miss them, one for me, one for Jake.

I set off in the direction of Edward’s house. First I was going find the money, second I was going to get the bike then finally I was going to find the love of my life and to top it all off I’m going to make dinner for Charlie when I come home…if I come home…