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Im Coming for You

Edward leaves Bella but she reacts a little differently. Her love for Edward makes her no longer weak and helpless


2. Chapter 2-The Cullen House

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I was running. I knew my destination. Nothing else mattered. As more trees pierced my skin and my feet ached to stop running my conscious drove me on; and as the place became more familiar I could feel my heart swell. It was broken and bleeding but still alive; still waiting for…For Edward. His name hurt but it was still the most beautiful name and I chanted it again and again in my head.


It was then that I saw the house, already cold and empty looking but it had the Cullen charm to it and that made me smile again. I was hopeful as some part of me had expected Edward to tear the house down already. No, if anyone was up for that job it was Emmett, I could almost see him now. My big brother. They were my family and Edward had tried to tear them away from me…the silent tears poured slowly down my face.

‘Esme, my mother, Carlisle, my father, Alice, my best friend and sister, Emmett, my big brother, Jasper, the sea of calm through the difficult times, Rosalie, still my sister and Edward…oh Edward…why did you do this me?’

I pulled myself together, their faces made me stronger. The front door was open and I stepped into the white mansion. My second home even though I had been here so little. They had taken most of the furniture with them; it didn’t surprise me when I came across an odd table or chair in the many living rooms. The kitchen was empty but it had always been empty, only for display purposes. I realised I hadn’t eaten in hours but I wasn’t in the mood for food. I ran to Edwards bedroom, surprisingly his stuff was still here all scattered and messed up. He must have had a rage. Book had pages ripped out, records and CD’s had been broken, the sofa had been upturned and its cushions ripped. The destruction hurt me as something had obviously hurt Edward; his pain cut me deeper than my own.

Falling to the floor I saw a page of Romeo and Juliet on the floor, strange Edward had a copy as he didn’t generally like the story. ‘A story more of obsession than love’ he had told me. I loved the story myself and after today I was beginning to sympathise with Juliet more from today.

I stared at the page. ‘You never had it easy Juliet.’

How long I sat there for, I had no idea until a buzzing noise made me jump to a standing position. I’d left my phone at home, a pile of papers moved with the phone.

It was a touch iphone. It had been cracked as it had been thrown against the wall. The screen read ‘unknown number’ but I answered anyway I hoped it was someone familiar, I hoped it was a friend. I needed a friend in this mission I was undertaking.