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Im Coming for You

Edward leaves Bella but she reacts a little differently. Her love for Edward makes her no longer weak and helpless


3. Chapter 3-The Phone Call

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I waited with baited breath, hoping it was a friend or someone I could trust in this situation. Never before had I felt so alone, I’d lost my family and friends in one day, no in the time Edward had said he didn’t want me. A sentence was all it had taken for me to be stripped of my closest family and friends. A rational person would realise this rejection, gather up what dignity they had left and try to get on with life. But I wasn’t normal, I loved a vampire.

‘Bella, listen and don’t interrupt. I know what you are planning and you still have a chance.’ the voice spoke like wind chimes and a feeling of ease and hope spread through me, it was my sister, dear Alice.


‘No Bella, just listen.’ The urgency in her voice told me she did not want to be overheard. ‘He doesn’t know your plans yet so you could catch him. I can’t give you information but I’ve left you some things to help. A key for the bike is hidden where you are; the meadow holds what you need. Im sorry I can’t do more and Bella stay away from the reservation and don’t go home…’

The tone was blank and empty. I had hope and riddles but I’d lost my sister. My brain caught the last sentence and it hung in the air, ‘don’t go home’. Why? Was I in danger from Charlie’s cooking? I had to say goodbye to him…

But for now I needed to find the key. I searched in Edwards’s room and cam across nothing of interest just Edward things. Until I saw a sketch pad, it was lying open and the spine was splitting were it rested on the floor. It had obviously been thrown in Edwards’s wild rage. Curious, I opened it and found the first picture to be me while I was sleeping. It was just a hand drawn picture, no colour except a grey pencil. But I could feel the love he had put into this picture made my heart swell with happiness. The picture showed me tossing in bed, my hair everywhere and yet she looked beautiful and at peace where she was. It did not look like me. The next showed us in the meadow except Edward wasn’t glowing but I was. He never saw himself clearly, my angel, my lonely angel. I never deserved him; it never made sense for him to love me…

‘No. Be strong. He loves you, and you love him.’

I ran downstairs searching the open room, till I saw it. Emotion ran through me and staggered me as I saw the beautiful musical instrument that was his. I walked slowly towards the piano and saw a single rose that was dying on the side of the stool where I usually sat. And he key was sat upon the rose. I guessed who placed the rose there it could only be Edward and Alice had left the key.

I ran from the house and staggered up through the forest. I knew the way to our meadow, as if the route had been imprinted into my brain. I was running out of energy, my footsteps slowing but I couldn’t stop. Edward needed me and I needed him.

What was that? I wheeled around and fell from my unnatural clumsiness, I was not alone. Echoing footsteps filled the air and all of a sudden I was crying. Emotionally and physically I was crippled and I couldn’t fight anymore. I didn’t want to fight anymore, whoever it was would find me defenceless.

That’s when I heard it. The angel’s voice whispering to me.

‘Bella come on. Keep trying. I need you.’

It was as if he was standing next to me and his voice drove me forwards up the hill towards the meadow. Why his voice came to me I have no idea. I could’ve lost my mind then or maybe the need for him was too great and it forced him into my head. Or it was love. The real and true unconditional love we shared. Maybe it was because the bond between us could never be broken whether by distance or time. I would be his as he would always be mince. We were both irrevocably altered and he loved me and I loved him.

Personally I though I was insane. But I’d like to hope it was reason three.