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Agent training for dummies


Bella is left alone with Emmett and Jasper when Edward is hunting for the day. She discovers an 'Agent training for dummies' book and Emmett and Jasper suddenly decide to have an actual agent day. Some crazy missions, crazy names and some evil cartoon characters are sure to cheer Bella up and enjoy her day. Just how much trouble can they cause in one day?
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This is my first ever fan fic. In fact, this is my first story I've ever let people read. So please review and lemme know what you think! Btw, I made Jasper more controlled around Bella so he could have more fun. :D Bella, Emmett and Jasper have an 'agent' day with some weird missions, mysterious people and kidnapping some poor person. Will Bella get through the day in one piece? I own nothing, the queen of twilight, Stephenie Meyer owns all this, I'm just having some fun playing with the characters.

4. JPOV part of chap1

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Agent training for dummies.

"Dammit Jasper! Stop making me feel weird!" I smirked at Emmett. All I received in return was a glare as he restarted the game.
Emmett and I were currently playing some random video game Emmett picked out. I don't really pay attention to them. I much prefer messing with my ‘brothers' feelings. While my attention was mainly focused on the game we were currently playing, I was very aware of the human girl upstairs, who was getting quite distressed. The human girl who has changed not only Edward, but the entire family.

I admit, Edward has been altered the most. He no longer sits around merely existing. She has given him a reason to live. Which is definitely better than being the brooding, isolated poor excuse of a man he used to be. I cannot explain in words, how much he has changed since he met Bella. Even when he ran away to Alaska, to escape from the burning bloodlust, it was a welcome change.

And then he realised how he felt for her. That changed everything. The house was an emotional war field. Anger, sorrow, joy, love, jealousy, hatred, worry, frustration, longing and of course, lust from Emmett. I nearly broke down a few times because of it all. Then it just got too much for everyone. Our biggest fight as a family occurred. Personally, I think even if Edward hadn't risked exposure, it would've happened anyway. That was just another flame in the fire. But some of us had had enough.

Rosalie was the first to light the match. And that was all it took for the house to explode. Everybody had their own opinion. Not everybody spoke what they were truly thinking, but everybody was involved.

Obviously, Esme, our ‘mother', was simply completely joyful. She already loved Bella, even without actually meeting her. She already saw Bella as her daughter. She already saw the positive changes in Edward. The light in his eyes when he spoke about her. The frequent smiles he produced more and more. The...life in him. That was all she really cared about. Not everybody saw it that way.

Especially not Rosalie. She saw Edward being an idiot for a pathetic human girl who could ruin everything. She hadn't felt the complete blackness that he felt because of what he was, day after day, until he met Bella. She hadn't noticed the change in Edward yet. I wish I could say that she was simply furious at Edward for risking exposure in front of all the humans, for one girl. But alas, that is not the whole reason. She was jealous. She was spiteful. She was just a bitch really. She couldn't stand the fact that Edward loved this random, completely plain girl. That even though she had the power to ruin everything they've gone through as a family, he still stuck by her. That he loved her more than he could ever love Rosalie. She didn't hold any romantic feelings towards him; she just holds a grudge from many years ago. When he didn't bow down immediately and worship her. Over years that went by, she assumed that he was gay. But then ruled that out over the fact that even if he was gay, he would notice how beautiful she was. So she simply thought that he was never to love anyone. Especially not a weak, human girl. So when she found out he did, but to a human girl that was hardly anything special, she was furious. Another reason she doesn't agree with her sister, she is very annoyed with Bella's choice to become one of us. She has always regretted losing the chance to have children, so when Bella voluntarily chose to forgo having that experience to become eternally frozen, she didn't understand and thought Bella was giving up her chance of happiness. Altogether, Rosalie was a whirlwind of emotions for a very long time. She was angry, confused and mainly, jealous. She tried to shield why she really felt that way, by pointing out the danger he caused by saving Bella, but I felt it.Again, I'm not saying that this is the whole reason why she disliked Bella. Rosalie doesn't like change. And a human mate is a rather large change for the family.

Their was-still is, so many risks that come with having a human companion. The volturi could find out, they could bite them out of an act of bloodlust and release a newborn into the world, or they could break the one major rule that exists in their world. Keep the secret. Don't let the humans know. And she gets that. And that's a major reason she dislikes their relationship. She still doesn't really understand fully. But she has noticed the new Edward. The playful, loving Edward. And she is trying to accept it. However, she still holds a small part of jealousy and hatred towards Bella. Until Bella is turned, I think that is how she will always feel.

Her husband however, couldn't care less if he tried. His emotions were similar to Esme's. He had seen the massive change in Edward, and he welcomed it in his own way. Which meant teasing him endlessly and attempting to calm Rosalie down. In his eyes, he gained a new sister. I think, sub-consciously, Bella was aware of this, and that was why she always seemed to be comfortable around him. After the brief 3 second panic Bella had when she saw him, she relaxed around him. She probably wasn't even aware of doing so, but she always felt somewhat cheerful when she sees him. It's like she knew he was going to be her big brother in every way, even though her brain hadn't caught up yet. He's even like a big brother to me, even though I am older than him. In Emmett's human life, he had a large family, and he welcomes anyone who he thinks is trustworthy. For example, when Alice and I turned up at their doorstep, asking to move in because we were to be family, he simply grinned and helped us keep Edward away from killing Alice. He always has had some sort of intuition about people. He knows if we should trust them or not. This is why the way he looks, is perfect for him. If he doesn't trust someone, he stands their and acts like a massive bodyguard. If he does trust them, he simply looks like a huge teddy bear. He's helpful when we are meeting new people.

Carlisle always brings him for introductions, either as a hidden warning, or to help them trust him. Carlisle certainly can be cunning when he wants to be.
Carlisle is a lot of things to lots of different people. A husband, a father, a brother, a coven leader even an uncle to some of our very extended family. To me, he is very close between a father and a brother.

However, to Edward, Carlisle is the reason he does everything he does. Edward is so afraid of disappointing him. He is probably the main reason Edward didn't kill Bella as soon as he smelt her. Carlisle is the sensible one, who gets us through everything. Carlisle is the mediator between everybody really. He was concerned about Edward's control originally, then he was worried and slightly annoyed over Edward's rather large risk at the school, then he was debating over whether or not Bella's and Edward's relationship is possible, and finally he just let it happen. He admitted that Bella has changed Edward for the greater good, and he couldn't take that happiness away from him. He is still concerned about Edward, but he has no worries about Bella. Obviously, he is concerned about Bella's safety in general, but he trusts Edward completely. She had unknowingly gained two parents even before Edward brought her home to meet us. She also gained a sister. A bouncy, hyper sister that is my wife.

My Alice. The first thing Alice did when she saw Bella was to hug her and tell her that she smelled nice. You really never can tell what she will do. Even Edward is sometimes blocked. She is such an eccentric, bubbly and sweet person, that I sometimes fear for Bella when she goes shopping. When we were arguing about Bella's involvement of Edward, she stuck by her visions, brother and future sister. Even before the rest of us knew anything was going to happen, Bella was already Alice's sister. Her visions are the most important thing she depends on. If she didn't have them, she probably wouldn't be the way she is today. I dread to think how my life would've continued if she hadn't found me. If she hadn't shown me another way of living.

She and Edward are probably more like brother and sister than the rest of us. They just seemed to understand each other. Sometimes even more than I can tell. I have felt jealous over the connection they have in the past, but now I understand that it's just the way our family works. Yes, our family. It took me a fairly long time to realise we were in fact a family, not just a coven. Alice and Edward have a similar relationship that Rosalie and I do. I'm not saying that we act in anyway the same that our spouses do with each other, but we both are familiar with each other. After acting as brother and sister for a while, we both pick us things about each other. If one of us needs to be on our own, we basically tell everyone else to just go away. Rosalie and I are fairly alike in some ways. We both have a protective shield around us that we keep up a lot of the time. I admit Rosalie does make it more obvious than I, that she is not letting you any closer than needs to, otherwise she might just kill you. I simply do that subtly. If you are a vampire, you should be able to tell straight away that I'm not to be messed with. The scars that I have gathered over the years prove that. And my name still lingers in the south.

This is why I still have problems understanding why Bella is still here. I think I speak for everyone when I say, I expected her to run away screaming when she realised what we are. But she stayed. She stayed with Edward. And that alone astounds me. Where is her primal instinct that screams at her to run away? Why is the logical part of her brain not working? Not only did she trust us all absolutely, she still has un-ending faith in us. Even after she ended up in the hospital because one of our kind. Even after I tried to kill her. And to top it all off, even after we left her. She didn't care. She forgave us. Instantly. I still cannot wrap my head around it. At first, I simply told Edward to kill her if she was his singer.

I do believe that was a rather large mistake on my part.

Not only did I have a rather large conversation with Alice, I realise now what we would've missed if he actually listened to me. Edward would've been alone forever. He would go back to being isolated and brooding. Alice and Emmett would never gain the sister they wanted. Esme and Carlisle would never gain their daughter. Rosalie would never have a new understanding of humans. And I would never have gained a true sister. I refuse to say this out loud, in fear of getting seriously harmed by Rosalie, but she is a true sister. Rosalie is along the lines of a whiney, self-centred, strong woman. I realise she has had some tough times, but she always takes it out on the ones who surround her. Bella is the most forgiving, loyal, entertaining and odd person I have ever met. I can actually be a big brother to somebody. I never really thought about actually having a little sister until I met Bella. Obviously, I am still struggling with the bloodlust, but around Bella, it seems far easier. Not only because Edward automatically appears in my head as soon as I even start thinking about her blood, but because it would probably hurt me if I hurt her. I can't lose my sister. And that's what she is to me now.

She was always the missing part of our family. The lost jigsaw piece, that nobody even realised we needed until we had it.

"DUDE! Stop sending me your stupid emotions! Play fair!" I blinked as I crashed back down to earth. And as I crashed into the wall on the game. I looked over at Emmett as he glared at me. I smirked as I returned to normal and scoffed.

"Emmett, you really need to work on your ‘scary face'. I've seen Bella look scarier then that." I chuckled as he scowled me, sending me waves of anger.

"Nuh uh. Bella is weak human GIRL. I am strong, muscle man! I crush you with my little finger! No WAY that Bells is scarier then me!" I raised an eyebrow at his over-exaggerated declaration. He flexed his muscles and posed several times in return.

"Wow. Yeah. Woo. Now you've done with your Tarzan speech, can we carry on playing?" He charged at me just after I ducked out of the way. He turned around and glowered at me.

"Fine, let's play the stupid game. No cheating this time! I'm sick of falling in love with the characters." I laughed and sat down next to him.

He was staring at the screen, when he suddenly felt mischievous. I narrowed my eyes at him and turned back to the screen. Just as the countdown stopped and I started to set off, Emmett shoved me on my arm causing me to press random buttons by mistake. I growled in annoyance as my car crashed into the wall once more. I was just about to charge at Emmett, when I was overcome with sadness. I stared at my crashed car on the screen, and felt like crying.

What the hell?

I glanced over at Emmett, who hadn't noticed my change in moods, and was currently winning by a whole lot. Where had all this sadness come from?

There's only me and Emmett he-

Oh. I automatically looked up at the ceiling, at where my human sister was currently sat, feeling over-whelming sadness. I mentally berated myself for forgetting about her and not noticing her drastic change in emotions. I stood up as I decided to go check on her, and Emmett still hadn't noticed. Wow, what an observant fool. I walked past him, and hit him on the back of his head, annoyed that he had been paying even less attention to Bella then me. He became aware of his surroundings, and turned to me angrily and surprised. I shook my head, sighed and continued on my way to the stairs.
As I climbed the stairs, I heard some quiet sniffling. The closer I got to Edward's room, the more emotion I felt.

As I stood in front of the door, I could smell the salty smell of tears. I slowly opened the door and almost staggered back at the amount of grief, longing and guilt I felt coming from the small human. I looked at her across the room, as she was curled up on Edward's sofa, curious as to what could possibly make her feel this way.

"Bella? What on earth are you thinking about that is making you feel so upset?" I held back laughter as I made her jump. Humans are so very un-observant. There is a dangerous predator in the room watching them, and they don't even notice.

Bella sat up and wiped her eyes. She's surprised to see she was crying. How could she not realise she was crying? Why was she even crying?

I look worriedly at her, and walk over to her, all the while not focusing on the blood pumping through her veins. It's getting easier and easier every day to be closer to Bella. I stop in front of her and kneel down, slowly enough so that she can see. I look into her eyes, still curious as to why they hold so much pain. I decided to attempt to cheer her up. She should be celebrating her so called ‘freedom' now that Alice is not here to bury her under wedding details.
"What's the matter? You were feeling fine but slightly stressed and then all of a sudden you were overwhelmingly upset. I was playing a video game with Emmett and suddenly felt very sad for the man I just squished with my car."

I feel slightly successful when she chuckles weakly and her pain lessens slightly. But then she sighs and feels guilty. What now? She attempts to smile at me, but it looks more like a grimace. At the same time, I notice the game downstairs is paused and Emmett is surprisingly quiet. I guess he is listening to see what's wrong with Bella.

I turn back to Bella as she opens her mouth to speak, waiting for her to tell me why she still feels like this.

"I'm ok Jasper. I'm just...thinking."

Oh well that explains everything doesn't it? Is she being purposefully irritating? I suddenly realise how annoying it must be for Edward, when he cannot read her mind. I cannot imagine how I would feel if I couldn't feel her emotions. But I can, and I realise Bella is still quite upset over something. I try to remove all her current painful emotions, and replace it with happiness. It's surprisingly hard, but I manage it. Bella smiles properly at me and I sigh silently in relief. All her sadness was quite suffocating.

"Thanks Jasper. You can go though, really. I'll probably be no fun. And I don't want you to hurt because of me." I hold back an eye roll and grin at her immediate worry about me, when she should be worried about herself.

"No Bella, I want to spend some time with my little sister while you aren't with Edward or Alice. By the way, the pain? Totally inconsequential when it comes to hanging out with you. And besides, Emmett is losing so badly, it's almost no fun to pummel him today." I can't hold back a smirk at Emmett's low growl downstairs. Honestly, he can't take one little insult to make his little sister happy.

"Jasper, why don't you bring her downstairs? She can race against the champ!" I grin as I hear Emmett's quiet muttering. I grab Bella's hand and she looks at me curiously.

"Let's go find something fun to do! There's no way you're spending your two days of freedom, sat there ‘thinking'." I pulled her to her feet half expecting her to deny my offer, and was surprised when she came willingly. I held back a grin as Emmett started the game again. From what I can hear, he's attempting to drive both his and mine cars. And failing quite badly at it apparently.

Bella and I walked into the room, to see Emmett kill some poor on screen person, as he let go of one of the controllers briefly to play with the other one properly. A few seconds too long. I laughed as Emmett cursed under his breath, and Bella joined in as she saw what he was doing. We both sat down and continued watching him, snickering none too quietly, as he lost several times. Since we had come downstairs, two minutes ago, he had lost four times. His anger kept building, until he crashed for the last time, growled, and threw one controller at the wall while crushing the other in his grip. This caused both of us to finally burst out laughing at his childish antics. He turned angrily at our outburst, but as he saw Bella completely changed from how she was minutes ago, he grinned heartily and stood up.

"Hello Bella. Have you come to test your skills of car racing?"

I laughed under my breath at Bella even imagining driving fast on a video game, let alone in reality.

"No, she's not. I don't think Bella is a fan of high speeds." I glanced at Bella to see her raising an eyebrow at me amusedly. "She prefers to actually drive under the speed limit!" I gasped in mock horror...well, mostly mock horror anyway.

Bella smirked at me and shrugged her shoulders. Emmett rolled his eyes and spun his finger next to his ear, mouthing ‘cuckoo' to me. I shook my head amusedly in return and grinned. Bella turned to look at me, so I quickly wiped the grin off my face and spoke to Emmett.

"She was actually looking for something to do. She was sat there, just staring outside."

I sensed her gratitude for not telling him that she was crying. Unfortunately for Bella, even if Emmett hadn't heard her crying, or smelt her tears, we could see the slowly drying tear tracks, which would be hidden to human eyes. Emmett glanced quickly at said tracks, before grinning again, attempting to cheer his sister up.

"Soooo...what? You wanna play a video game? We do have a large choice." I assumed Bella would deny him and sit back quietly and watch like every other time he asks, but instead she stood up curiously and walked over to the selection of games we had collected over the years. Emmett must've been shocked too, as he raised an eyebrow in my direction and glanced worriedly at Bella. Something must not be right if she's playing video games with us.

"Agent training for dummies? Whose is this?" I blinked confusedly at Bella's strange question. What was that? Agent training for dummies? What the hell? Who would make that book let alone buy it?

Emmett and I shrugged confusedly. He suddenly looked at me while grinning and whispered at a speed Bella wouldn't have heard.
"Wanna have some fun? We can cheer Bells up while having some fun agent" I automatically grinned. Not only because of Emmett's enthusiasm (which could rival Alice's) exploding in me, but because I was excited. The last time we did something like this, a school got closed down, Emmett nearly got arrested and our wives refused to talk to us for a week. But it was all so worth it. I nodded quickly and stood up while humming mission impossible. Seriously, if I'm gonna have fun, I'm gonna do it right.

Emmett snatched his phone quickly and opened it, narrowing his eyes as he looked around comically.

"Agent Jazzy, come in. I repeat, agent Jazzy come in." I saw Emmett grin at Bella as I scowled angrily at him. He knows that Alice is the only person who can call me Jazzy. I crossed my arms and stopped humming and spoke to Emmett.

"You can't call me Jazzy. Only Alice can do that." He rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders.

"Yes, but you're not just Jazzy now are you? You're agent Jazzy. There's a big difference." I sighed as I saw Bella smile amusedly and Emmett do the same. I nodded reluctantly and shrugged. I held back a smirk as I thought of what Emmett's name could be. I tried to remember anything good from all the agent films I had seen, and remembered a few things. I held my jacket near my mouth, like I'd seen people do many times.

"Agent Jazzy here, what's going down Agent M&M?" I smirked and stifled the urge to say ‘ha' back to Emmett. Wow, Emmett really does bring out my childish side. Emmett scowled at his given name and I smirked even more.

But he quickly got over it, and tilted his head in Bella's direction. I cocked my head to the side in confusion ever so slightly, but understood when I heard Emmett talking.

"I found the incredibly weird danger magnet! She seems to look slightly amused and confused. She's probably under strict instructions not to do anything at all remotely fun." I shook with silent laughter at Bella's clueless face.

"Yes, the evil Eduardo has brainwashed her into doing anything he says!" I laughed silently as comprehension appeared on Bella's face, and she scowled at us both.

"I do not do anything he says!" Emmett and I snickered loudly at Bella's annoyance and shook our heads in disagreement. I stopped laughing as a rare emotion developed inside Bella. One that she rarely feels when around us; playfulness.

She turned around with her back to us, and I heard her put her hand in her pocket. I grinned at her enjoyable emotions, and looked at Emmett as he did the same.

"Agent Jazzy, she appears to be annoyed by us. Maybe we are not being super fun after all." I felt Bella's excitement and happiness as she turned around, wiping a grin off her face and acting seriously. I nearly laughed out loud at her attempt to keep her face as stoic as possible, and failing badly.

But I couldn't keep it in as I heard her next words.

"Ok, busters. I have no idea why you are talking through phones, when I can clearly hear you and you can hear each other. You really should've thought that through." Emmett and I grinned, stifling a laugh at her complete change in mood, and her actually using the word ‘busters'. But as she raised her eyebrow in mock-seriousness, we couldn't hold back our amusement and burst out laughing.