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My Beautiful Baby Girl

Edward, Esme, and a new addition to the family. Tissues are recommended. thanks to Holly-SA-Cullen for the freakin' awesome banner!!!!!


1. Chapter 1

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Fear coursed through me as I ran to the house at Carlisle's and Emmett's heels. Bella. Oh, Bella. Was she okay? Was the baby okay?

I remembered Carlisle's face when he received the news that the placenta had been detached. Bella was a daughter to us. It had hurt to watch her die and not be able to do anything. Suddenly we were gone when she had needed Carlisle most.

We entered the house, into the living room,... and saw it. Rosalie, Jacob, Alice, and Jasper were gathered around the couch....smiling. It was then that I saw the tiny bundle in Rosalie's arms.

Carlisle darted over and knelt before Rosalie. He looked down into the blankets... and smiled.

"Renesmee," said Rosalie.

"And Bella?" Carlisle asked.

I froze. I even stopped breathing.

"Changing," Rosalie whispered.

Carlisle flew up the stairs. I followed. He opened the door and we found Bella unnmoving on the operating table. She was covered in bloodstains. A blanket went up to her neck. Edward was sitting in a chair at her side, holding her limp hand to his lips and nose. His hands were also bloodstained, but the smell was overpowered by my concern.

Her heartbeat was twice as fast as normal. That was a good sign.... Wasn't it?

"How long?" Carlisle asked.

"A couple hours," said Edward, his voice muffled and agonized.

I walked over to him and put my arms around him from behind. "You did everything you could," I said gently. "And you have a beautiful baby girl downstairs to show for it."

He took a deep, shaky breath. "What if I did something wrong? This is all my fault. I almost lost her. I can't live without her. I-"

"Shh," said Carlisle, putting a hand on his shoulder. "She's alive, Edward. And her heart is strong. We have every reason to believe that she is going to be perfectly fine."

Edward choked out another tearless sob. I hugged him tighter.

"Come down the stairs with us and see your daughter," I said.

But Edward just shook his head. "No. I'm staying here until Bella wakes up. I- I won't leave her. Not after-" He trailed off there.

"Oh, honey," I crooned, running a hand over his hair. "You heard Carlisle. She'll be fine."

He looked up at me with agonized black eyes. "I can't leave her," he whispered.

Carlisle tugged on my arm. "Come on, Esme. Let's give them some privacy."

"Just a second."

I walked around the operating table. I bent over to kiss Bella's forehead.

"You're going to make an amazing mother," I whispered into her ear. Then I took Carlisle's hand and went with him down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, Rosalie handed me Renesmee.

"This is your grandmother," Rosalie whispered to Renesmee.

The word came with pain as I remembered my own baby. My dead baby. My eyes began to prick-

No. Carlisle had given me a second chance. Time to live in that second chance.

I looked down into the blankets and gasped. Bella's beautiful milk chocolate eyes were staring up me, set in Edward's face. She smiled at me with gleaming white teeth.

I was a grandmother.

I smiled. "Hello, Renesmee."

The fight had indeed been worth it, especially if Bella lived to see her baby.

* * *


I stared at my Bella, lying there so still. Probably in agony. Wondering what she was thinking.

Remembering how close I had been to losing her.

Every moment of her pain had been a stabbing reminder of how she was dying. Of how I had done this to her. Every moment of her pain had torn at my unbeating heart like claws. And what was worse was the fact that there had been nothing I could do about it.

Well, now I had done something, and it was just causing her more pain.

I wanted to scream. Why couldn't the world just leave her alone? What had she done to deserve this? It wasn't fair! She should be happy. We should be happy together. The danger had passed us.

I guess happily ever afters only exist in fairy tales.

There was a soft knock on the door. Esme.

"Come in," I said softly, gently stroking Bella's hand in my own with my thumb. I don't know why I let her in. No one should be suffering with me. I had seen the pain in her eyes when she had seen my suffering. No one should have to see this. I didn't want anyone's sympathy.

I didn't want to be understood.

Esme walked in. "Edward, I know you don't want to leave Bella, but you have to remember that you're a father, too."

A father. Maybe... But right now I was a grieving husband. And grieving husbands don't make good fathers.

But I turned to look at her, and then my unbeating heart simply melted, for staring back at me were Bella's own milk chocolate eyes. The beautiful milk chocolate eyes that I thought I would never see again. And Bella's beautiful creamy skin, and her rosy cheeks..... and my hair.


How could I have hated her? Now I understood why Bella had fought so hard. She was so beautiful.

Esme smiled at me, then looked down at Renesmee. "Nessie? Do you remember your father?"

I watched the little girl, my daughter, touch Esme on the neck as she stared at me. Through Esme's thoughts and Renesmee's, I saw my own face from Renesmee's point of view as I had pulled her out of Bella. I blinked in shock. She was gifted. Very gifted.

Esme smiled. "Yes, that's him," she said.

Automatically, I left Bella's side for the first time since I injected my venom into her. Renesmee reached for me, and I couldn't help but reach for her back. Esme handed her to me and I cradled her against my chest. She looked so much like Bella my heart broke and melted at the same time.

If I could have tears, there would be waterfalls.

I barely noticed as Esme left the room. I simply carried Renesmee to a chair away from Bella- I didn't want her to remember her that way. No child should see their mother that way. Renesmee should see Bella the way she really is: beautiful, kind, alive, and the most amazing creature that ever lived. I sat in the chair and rocked my baby girl back in forth. I began to hum Bella's lullaby... but it turned into something else... Renesmee's own lullaby.

She smiled at me, then. Snowy white teeth and dimples.

How could I have wanted to kill her before she even got to see the light of day?

I continued to croon to her, rocking her back and forth. Bella had been right. Renesmee was worth the fight. She had been worth every bit of emotional and physical pain. I couldn't imagine my life without her anymore.

She was my everything. My daughter. My Renesmee.