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A Month, a Day, and a Night

Demetri is set up for a perfect eternity: he suddenly has a fiancé, good friends--if a bit annoying at times--and a secure, safe place. When he's sent out to the small city of Eboli for a month, nothing is supposed to change. He should return, get married, maybe roam the earth for his honeymoon. Because he is immortal; nothing can harm him; he is invincible.

I need two things to continue this story. 1. I need a good, authentic editor. The editor needs to be good at grammar. But this is my story; I'll do what I want with it but I could still toy around with plot suggestions. If I don't like what you suggest, I won't do anything with it. If I do, maybe I will. 2. I actually don't need this one. It would just be nice, ya' know? A banner. I already can kind of picture it, so if you feel like wasting some time on me, please do.

1. Chapter 1

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“She’s of interest, then?” Felix grinned, licking his lips subconsciously, stepping forward. Demetri’s lips twitched. Felix’s definition of interest seemed a bit different than the overall population. Midnight snack seemed more apt.

“Oh, definably interesting. Almost even promising.” Aro flicked his hand to the side as if the subject almost didn’t matter. Felix rolled anxiously on the balls of his feet, ready to pounce on the kill, as the saying goes. Demetri watched his friend, glad that Felix would now have something to do for the night instead of sitting around the castle. “But—” Aro interjected “—I’ll be giving the task of watching the human to Demetri.”

Felix’s face crumbled and his gaze whipped over towards Demetri. Demetri looked sharply at Aro. “Sir? Felix seems more than willing,” He didn’t want to waste his time playing babysitter with some human. It was worse enough when he had to look out for any newborns that came through, but now a twenty-four hour daycare?

Aro shrugged, again giving off the impression that he didn’t really care of the matter. He’d already made his decision. “I want her alive—you are more practical for these sorts of things, Demetri. That is all. I’ll get the information to you tonight some time. Nothing personal, Felix. You’re my in-and-out man. Dismissed,”

Demetri and Felix turned and whisked out of the room, shoulder to shoulder. “That went just lovely,” Felix muttered darkly under his breath. “Oh, well. There’s always tomorrow, anyways.”

Demetri glared at the floor, feeling a bit gloomier about the matter. “Easy for you to say. You’re not babysitting. And I don’t even get to eat the snack. I just get to see because she’s—how’s Master put it? ‘Interesting’.”

Felix laughed and gave his friend a shove to the arm. “Maybe I’ll be luckier. You get the babysitting and I get the hunting. Doesn’t that seem backwards though? You’re the tracker, after all,”

“Maybe that’s part of it,” Jane was suddenly there, walking by Demetri’s elbow. “She could run and Demetri would always be able to find her,”

“Like she could get away,” Demetri scoffed, feeling almost annoyed at Jane.

Alec slithered in between Demetri and Jane, almost running to keep up with the smooth stride of Demetri and Felix. “It’s a possibility, and Master Aro wouldn’t let something like that past him.”

“I wouldn’t scare her though,” Jane advised, “You could end up chasing her away before you’ve done your job properly. You guys scared the hell out of me when you first came along. Be smooth, not aggressive.”

“But,” interrupted Alec, “You also have to take characteristic into account, of course. Get to know her to the point you came guess what she’ll do before she does. It may surprise you,”

And just like that, the twins of Vulturi were gone in a little streak of black and red, holding hands.

“Their getting annoying, you know?” Felix noted, pausing in the long corridor they were traveling through.

“Yes,” Agreed Demetri, staring absently out the window, thinking of what both Alic and Jane had said, “Yes, they are. But right. They both are,” he said grudgingly. He tasted the notes of Alic and Jane as they danced throughout the castle, wishing he didn’t even have to worry about tomorrow. He didn’t want to trudge behind a girls’ every step.

He suddenly remembered Bella Cullen and what a surprise she’d been. If he hadn’t been on the verge of killing her so many times, he probably could’ve been fast friends with her. She was a girl with wit and energy; the strange note of her had been something new and exotic, always pulling in a different direction. It seemed like it was impossible to trace and he wished he had gotten the opportunity to test that speculation out. Maybe this girl would be the same. Maybe he wouldn’t be bored.


Demetri followed Felix into a back room that was the unofficial lounge room; the guard members rotated often around it when there was nothing else to fill the long daylight hours. Renata and Corin were sitting anxiously, silent in the corner of the room. The rest of them—Santiago, Afton, Chelsea, and Heidi—were all working around a large piece of canvas on the floor, one of them laughing while Heidi painted vigorously.

Renata was the first to speak, jumping up and waltzing over to them. “What did Master Aro want?” She tucked herself in Demetri’s arm, nudging her head under his chin.

Demetri sighed. That was his Renata. Renata had always been a quiet, timid person, and a good friend to Demetri. She preferred peace rather than chaos. Demetri almost always felt less inclined to decapitate someone when she was around; he felt it would wound her personally somehow. He only resorted to violence when that was truly necessary whilst she was nearby. It had taken a while for both of them to realize that there was something else besides friendship between the two. It was a deep, roving affection that slowly pulled them closer with each tick of the clock.

“What did he want?” Renata asked quietly; she was trembling around his arms.

“Just a week or so, that’s all,” He quickly soothed her. “It won’t be anything dangerous. Don’t worry,”

Corin sauntered over a little slower, her face twisted in worry. “Are you leaving?” She arched her neck in a way that reminded Demetri of a snake. Her thin, little body only added to that effect.

“No,” Grumbled Felix, “Only Demetri gets to leave. He’s bloody spoiled I tell you,”

Corin smiled and pulled him away to a couch, already forgetting that she was worried about him. Renata, on the other hand, was quite worried. She pulled Demetri’s face close, her fingers holding him close. “Why do you have to leave?” She whispered.

Demetri felt her warm breath flow over his face like water dancing over stones. He closed his eyes; his arms wrapped around her waist. “I’ll only be gone a little while—a month at the most. I’ll make sure of it.” He promised, kissing her forehead lightly. ‘

Renata brushed her fingers through his hair; he felt her fingers tug gently on strands of it. “I don’t believe you,”

“You should. It’s not dangerous—I’m only watching a couple of humans,”

She groaned softly. “Why is it every time you say it won’t be dangerous you come back torn and aching?”

Demetri pulled back, holding her face securely in his hands. Her perfect lips were pulled down in a frown and her eyes were downcast. Demetri couldn’t leave her like this, hurting and scared. She was like this every time. He caught her frightened gaze and held it. “Listen to me, Renata. Nothing will happen to me. I’ll be back before you know it. You have my word. If Master thought this was a real problem, he would assign Felix and Jane to come along. And he hasn’t. Don’t worry,” Demetri brushed her hair from her shoulder. “Understand?”

“Yes. You are immortal; nothing can harm you; you are invincible.” She said the words like a prayer. Pulling herself closer to Demetri, she nestled her head into his shoulder. “But I’m still holding you to your word,”

Demetri felt the same tug of worry Renata did but on a much smaller level. It was less worry and more the pangs of missing her. He knew, the day he left, he was going to miss her calm, placid nature.

He kissed her hair softly and pulled away. “Come on,” he tugged on her hand. “I have to pack still. You can help,” He smiled, trying to lift her spirits. Above all, he didn’t want to leave her wandering around the castle like a lost figure in the ghost tales.

She followed silently and Demetri realized she was in her thinking mood. She was pouring over something internally and would talk to him about it when she was ready; he wouldn’t push her.

When he entered his room there was a thin, tan folder on his desk. He stared at it and, when Renata realized what he was doing, she flicked it open with the brush of a long finger.

Out of the packet stared a face. It was a girl of about twenty years old, Demetri thought. She had long, thick black hair that waved down past her shoulders. He guessed she was born in Italy somewhere—her big black eyes and olive-toned skin sang of a native. Quite ugly, he thought. Her face was horribly imperfect, with a thin scar that marred the right-hand corner of her forehead. Her teeth were crooked here and there. He shrugged to himself because, by human standers, she had a kind of natural beauty. Her hair was smooth enough and the scar was the only imperfect quality of her skin.

“The subject,” Renata murmured.

Demetri nodded. “Yes. But there’s another picture,” He sniffed and could almost taste of fresh inks of another photo. He flipped the woman’s picture aside to reveal a child. A little boy with shoulder length curly hair and brown doe eyes. Dirt smudged his cheek but he looked vibrant—the embodiment of health. Besides the eye color difference between the two, the woman and the boy looked exactly alike. Demetri assumed they were mother and son. Flicking through the papers, he learned that was just it. Alessandra and Nico Mancini lived in Eboli, a southern Italian city.

Renata sighed, brushing the papers aside. “It sounds like another scheme of Master Aro. He’s always exploring the unexplored.”

Demetri knew that Renata adored her Master above nearly everything in her life. It seemed to almost resemble a mother son relationship. Demetri didn’t think Aro saw it that way but he watched the expression of amused adoration on Renata’s face whenever she talked to Aro. It was never beyond that; it was obvious it was a friendship bound through years and years of constant close proximity between the two, and something Renata highly cherished.

“That’s why he does so well—he’s always one step ahead of the world, it seems,”

“Always,” Agreed Renata with a small chuckle. “Shall we pack? This room isn’t going to straighten itself up,”

Demetri shrugged but pulled out a leather duffle bag and Renata quickly managed to fold half his wardrobe into it. As she flitted neatly around the room, ash blond hair sashaying around her, he sat and stared at her. He felt he should’ve been helping—picking up something, shoving something else in the bag—but he was distracted by her grace and beauty. How had he managed to go for so many years and not notice until then? It was almost unforgivable for him to be so blind; he was lucky he’d realized such a jewel she was before someone else whisked her off her feet.

Shadowing her movements, an outline to her slim figure, was a faint, pulsing lavender glow. If Demetri concentrated on the strand of the color, he would see that the room was covered in the soft purple. Like dust settled after a volcano erupts—everywhere. It was thickest near his window seat—a favorite sitting place for Renata—and the long couch he had pressed against the wall.

“So,” Renata said slowly. Demetri pulled himself from his thinking and stared at her. “I was thinking,”

“Yes? About what?” He asked gently, pulling the fully packed duffle bag from her fingers and leading by hand towards his lap.

She smiled and Demetri relaxed some, glad she had gotten over him getting ready to leave. Looping her arms over his head, she draped her legs over his knees. “I was thinking maybe when you got back—in a month or so”—she gave him a meaningful look—“we could do something special.”

Demetri was taken aback. He was shocked by the track Renata’s thoughts were taking; he smiled though, liking it. If it distracted her, it was what he needed. “What kind of special? Vacation special? Leave the country special? Roam the woods like animals special?”

Renata laughed but suddenly looked down quickly, like she was half embarrassed. “Something like that,” she mumbled.

Demetri was curious suddenly, again caught off guard by her attack of shyness. “What’s wrong? Hey,” he pulled her chin up until she met his gaze, “It’s okay. You can tell me anything.”

She took a deep breath. “I was thinking…sort of a…honeymoon vacation.” She blurted.

Demetri blinked, instantly picking up her right hand and staring at the small engagement ring that was there. He’d proposed four months ago but they’d never set the date. Renata had always seemed timid of the subject—he’d left it for her to bring up and now that she was, he was euphoric. “Really? When I get back? We’ll be married and off on a honeymoon?”

“If you want. If—if you want,” She repeated, only able to get those words out.

“Of course. When you’re ready, I am.” He was still shocked, almost stuttering over his own tongue. “This is wonderful, Renata. As soon as I return we’ll get it all done—you and Jane and Heidi can have at it with the planning. You can even do it while I’m gone, if you want. There hasn’t been a wedding in a while. I’m sure every female in a mile’s radius would be overjoyed if you let them help,” Demetri babbled, still feeling overwhelmed by this sudden strike of joy.

Renata cut off the rest of the words he was about to mutter out by a kiss. Demetri smiled around the kiss, feeling like the time away was going to fly and, before he knew it, he would return and have a beautiful, gentle, loving wife. He wanted to find the sun's clock and make it tick faster, faster, until he was standing with her again.

He wouldn't be that long. And a month couldn't change anything—a month away would be easy, a snap. Only a month…