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Ventures of the heart

Edward is with his family when Alice has the vision of Bella jumping and they both fo racing to Forks, but what they didn't expect was Bella's reason for jumping. This is something nobody would expect.


1. Chapter 1

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Edward POV

I sat in my room seeing nothing. I was a hollow shell of what i used to be. My family is always trying to get me up make me active but i just can't. The memories of that day still haunt me. The day i gave up my everything. Bella. My sweet Bella. I sighed and laid down on my couch. I still remember her heartbroken face when i told her i didn't want her. That was the biggest and most futile lie that i have ever told.

"EDWARD GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW!!!!!" screamed Alice. That little pixie won't stop giving me greif about leaving Bella and it was starting to get annoying.

"What Alice," i said as i came down the last step.

"When are we going back to forks?" she asked in a annoyed tone

"Alice we can't go back," i said in a detached voice

"But look at you your-" She stopped abruptly getting sucked into a vision. I was there with her.

We saw Bella standing on the edge of a cliff with a small smile on her face. she looked up towards the sky and closed her eyes. Then she stepped off the cliff and hit the water. She didn't resurface.

The vision had ended and Alice and i were staring at each other in horror. By this time our family was here and they were all looking at us confused.

"Alice what did you see?" Jasper asked taking Alice in his arms. Alice hugged him for a few seconds before she jumped back.

"It's Bella she going to do something really stupid. We have to save her!" she said the last part looking directly at me. i shook my head.

"Alice i-" i didn't get to finish as Alice punched me in my face. The whole family gasped except for Jasper who could feel the anger in his wife.

"SUCK UP YOUR DAMN PRIDE AND HELP ME SAVE THE WOMAN YOU LOVE!!!!" she screamed breathing heavily.

"But i promised-" she punched me again.

"SCREW YOUR FUCKING PROMISE!!!!!" she screamed and i could see the resolution in her eyes. She was right if this was to keep Bella safe then screw the promises i made. I nodded my head and before i could really comprehend what was happening Alice and i were in carlisle's mercedes going at least 210 mph.

Bella POV

I climbed into my truck and let out a frustrated huff. My clothse were soaking wet, and my hair was starting to curl. On top of that i did't even catch the demon i was after. Lance was going to get a laugh out of this one. I rounded the corner to my street and couldn't believe what i was seeing in front of me.

What. The. Fuck?

Why in the hell was Carlisli here? I pulled my truck into my driveway and stared at the mercedes. I shook my head and turned to go into my house. I put the key in the lock and opened the door.

My jaw dropped open to what i was seeing in front of me. It was Edward and Alice. Their expressions mirrored my own.

"Bella?" Alice said in a small voice. I rolled my eyes.

"No i'm Angelina Jolie," i said letting sarcasm drip from my voice.

"But how?" asked Edward. Upon hearing his voice i winced. No. I wouldn't let him do this to me. He won't run my life. I'm stronger than he is. In fact i'm stronger than any vampire alive, and i take great pride in that very much.

"What are you talking about?" i hissed at him and he flinched.

"He means how are you alive Bella?" Alice said. i furrowed my eyes in confusion. "I saw you jump and by the look of your clothes it looks like you did."