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Ventures of the heart

Edward is with his family when Alice has the vision of Bella jumping and they both fo racing to Forks, but what they didn't expect was Bella's reason for jumping. This is something nobody would expect.


2. Chapter 2

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Bella POV

I stood there staring at Alice and Edward as they waited for an explination. I sighed and lifted my head towards the ceiling. I closed my eyes and i felt the changes occur. Just then i heard them both gasp and i put my head back down. I opened my eyes and could see myself in their huge gold eyes. My eyes had turned from brown to blue, my hair was brown and blue, and i wore an indestructable armor that seemed to be no more than a leather outfit. My features were also more defined. I was more beautiful than any vampire and i relished in that fact.

"Bella what-" Alice began but cut herself off stunned by my appearance.

"I'm what's known as a demon hunter," i said "i hunt down and kill demons, i'm stronger than any vampire, werewolf, or any other mystical creature out there. My team and i are on a mission to hunt down and kill every demon there is." they stood in front of me mouths hanging open. i rolled my eyes and went back into my human form.

"Are you...immortal?" asked Edward still in shock.

"Yes," i answered simply.

"Do you have any powers?" asked Alice cocking her head to the side.

"I can open portals that can lead me anywhere in the world, i can travel thru time, i can freeze time, i can control what people are thinking, and i can read minds," they stared at me mouths hanging open...again.

"Oh come on, can you please close your mouths?!" i half screamed, they immeadiatley closed there mouths. i rolled my eyes and pushed my way past them when i felt a familiar hand on my shoulder. Too familiar.

"Where are you going?" Edward asked me. I felt my anger surge thru me as i looked at him. How could he just leave me and expect to want to know anything that i do?!

I grabbed his hand and spun it around which effectively caused his whole body to do a front flip and land on the ground. As he was landing i heard Alice gasp.

"Not that it's your buisness but i'm going upstairs to take a shower and find fresh clothes," i said to him letting acid drip into my voice. I let go of his hand and made my way upstairs.


I laid on my back completely shocked. I had no idea that she had that kind of strength. I mean she said it but i guess i didn't believe it. I heard Alice begin to chuckle and i glared at her.

"What?! You had it coming," she said still giggling. I got up and sighed this was going to be a very very long day.