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Ventures of the heart

Edward is with his family when Alice has the vision of Bella jumping and they both fo racing to Forks, but what they didn't expect was Bella's reason for jumping. This is something nobody would expect.


3. Chapter 3

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I shut off the shower and stepped out. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me. I let out a sigh. Why the fuck were they here? I shouldn't matter to them they fucking left so what could they want. As i was mulling over my thoughts i heard a loud crash downstairs. I shot myself out of the bathroom and down the stairs. As i was shooting myself down the steps i let myself change into my natural form. I landed on the ground floor and assessed the room around me. There stood a feral demon-ugly and snarling-with Alice pinned to the ground.

"Get your ugly ass off of her," i said to the demon. He roared at me and i rolled my eyes. I used my speed and knocked him off of Alice. He went crashing to the ground and i took that oppurtunity to snap his neck. I walked back over to Alice and helped her up.

"You ok?" I asked her. She brushed off her clothes and nodded.

"But Edward got bitten and thrown," I groaned internally. If he got bitten by a feral demon then there was only one way to heal him.

"Where was he thrown?" i asked while letting out an exasperated sigh. Alice looked at me quizically but pointed in the direction of a shattered window. I leaped out the window and found edward shaking violently on the ground. For some reason this made my heart ache to see him like that. I shook my head and picked him up.

I brought him in the house and laid him down on the couch. I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes. I then forcefully brought my lips down on his taking away the poisin of that the feral demon left in him.

The poisin was evaporating inside my body. The poisin was pretty much gone at this point but i couldn't stop kissing him. My lips began molding with his and i pressed them more firmly onto his. I expected him to push me away and be disgusted but intead he pulled me on top of him and buried his right hand in my hair and put his left on my waist. At that moment i heard a familiar voice say in a playful mocking voice,

"Tsk Tsk Tsk i'm very disappointed in you young lady,"


Everything happened so fast and so sudden. One second Alice and i were standing downstairs waiting for Bella the next there was a crash from the window and a creature standing there in red and glaring at Alice and i.

I stood protectively in front of Alice but the damn thing was so quick. Before i even had time to register it had its teeth in my shoulder piercing my marble skin. At that moment i lost the ability to move i could do nothing at all because the pain in my body was so intense. It was like going through the transformation again only a million times worse. I was faintly aware that i had been tossed somewhere but the pain was so intense i didn't give much of a damn.

I laid there withering on the ground silently crying out Bella's name. I would never be able to tell her how much i loved her, how much i wanted to kiss her, how much i wanted to touch her. She would never know and i would be in hell where i so rightly belonged.

It felt like i was lying there for hours and i wondered why i wasn't dead yet. At that moment i felt two warm comforting arms come up under me. I was placed down seconds later on something much softer. Seconds later i felt warm luscious lips touching mine and even though i knew it had been months i knew whose lips they were. I tried to respond but the pain was just to intense.

Quickly very quickly i felt the pain slide away. I felt myself regain control of my limbs and i could move again. I still felt Bella's lips on mine and i relished in the feeling. She pressed her lips more firmly to mine and i responded instantly.

This was amazing but i wanted more contact, hell i needed more contact so i pulled her on top of me and buried my right hand in her hair. I slid my left hand down to her waist and wanted the moment to last forever.

At that moment there was an unfamiliar voice calling to Bella playfully telling her he was disappointed.