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Ventures of the heart

Edward is with his family when Alice has the vision of Bella jumping and they both fo racing to Forks, but what they didn't expect was Bella's reason for jumping. This is something nobody would expect.


4. Chapter 4

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I immediatley got off of Edward and smiled widely at Richard. My teammate and one of my closest friends. I walked over to him and hit him playfully in the arm.

"Oh shut it, it's not like i was completely naked like you were when i walked into my kitchen last week," i said to him. He grinned and said

"Hey no one told you to come down stairs when you heard moaning in fact i thought that would warn you to stay away." i rolled my eyes at him and that's when the door burst open revealing a very mad looking rebecca.

"You," she said pointing at Richard "why would you leave me there fighting off an angry death angel? Do you want me dead?!" she screeched at him. At this point she had him pinned to the wall and all though there was clear anger on her face there was also a hint of desire. Those two were completely and utterly in love no matter how mad they were at each other.

Richard flipped Rebecca over and had her pinned into the wall within half a second. He rolled his hips into hers and she closed her eyes and let out a small moan.

"Do you honestly beleive that i would want you of all people dead?" Richard whispered to her somewhat seductively "Your the last person i want gone," he continued kissing along her jaw line. She buried her hands in his hair and started to breathe faster.

I had to clear my throat to remind them that there was still a demon hunter, and 2 very confused vampires in the room. They slowly seperated while Richard gave Rebecca a look that sent shivers down her spine.

"Can you two keep your pants on long enough so i can give introductions?" I said to them while smiling. Rebecca blushed a little bit while Richard let out an exasperated sigh and said

"If we must," he turned towards Rebecca and winked which in turn made her giggle. I rolled my eyes and turned towards Alice and Edward.

"These are 2 out of 4 of my team members Richard and Rebecca. They are obviously together and they are whats known as metahumans. Metahumans can control the 4 elements: water, earth, fire, and air. They can fly, they have more strength than a vampire or werewolf, they can teleport which would explain Richard's sudden appearance, they can use telepathy, and to top it all off they are phsycic." When i finished my little rant Alice and Edward had their mouths gaping and Richard was laughing.