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Bella starts to realise things aren't as perfect as she once thought they were. Mostly Bella's POV but some Edward and some Jacob. Bella/Jacob ChapterSIX has been uploaded :) Disclaimer, all characters are ms meyers :) Weird spellings or words? I live in England, ask me about anything you dont understand :)

Will try to update every saturday :)

1. Chapter 1

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I sat back in the rocking chair in the corner of Bella’s room. It is where I nearly always sit whilst I watch her sleep. It was around 6:30 when I heard Charlie start moving around the house. I tried as hard as I could to block out his thoughts it really was unfair to him to be listening to him. Also I hated the quick memories of when I was not around, Bella looked so broken, so empty. These quick memories that seemed to haunt Charlie and fuel his hate of me even more, really did hurt to see. To see what I had done to my Bella of what I thought was better for her, how mistaken I had been. At least we were together now, and nothing could separate us again.

The sun was just starting to appear over the horizon; soon it would be hidden behind the usual thick covering of cloud that was ever present here in forks. I could still hear Charlie bustling about downstairs. Should I check on Bella before I go? No no I don’t want to disturb her she needs the sleep. I heard Charlie thinking through, a few moments later he quietly, well it would have been to human ears, shut the door and drove off in his police cruiser. Bella turned stirring slightly in her sleep, she would wake up soon. I moved silently over to the side of her bed ad sat down cross legged on the floor, waiting for my Bella to awaken.

I didn’t have to wake long; she woke up 10 minutes and 43 seconds later. She reached up stretching out her arms, and smiled at me, it wasn’t her usual smile it was a shadow of her old self but from what I had seen in Charlie’s mind it was only to be expected she had turned into something like a zombie when I left. That's why I have vowed to never leave her again; I couldn’t bear to be the cause of her pain, not again at least. Bella sat up and kissed me lightly on the cheek before going off to the bathroom. She was really self-conscious about morning breath it was rather odd. I heard the smooth sound of water springing from the tap, and hitting her soft flesh. I knew she would be a while and so I moved to sit back in the rocking chair going over old memories of me and Bella in my mind. She really was simply amazing.


I let the warm water run over my head and through my long hair, thinking of the boy in the other room. I used to love seeing him in the mornings it was all I thought of before I went to bed. Knowing that he was the first thing I would see in the morning would set my mind at rest would calm my mind. Now somehow it was different, we were both pretending those 4 months apart never happened. Even now knowing the perfect boy, the most beautiful almost in the world was the other side of this door was not enough to sooth my heart. My smashed up, taped together somehow still beating heart was longing for another. Jacob. I really wanted to see him it had been more than a week and the ach in my heart was getting almost unbearable. The only way I get to see him now is when the Cullen’s go hunting and even then we have to try and be sneaky about it. My mind replayed over the secret phone conversation from last night, Jacob was also trying to figure out a way to get to see me.

With a soft sigh, I shut off the water and started to get dressed; I was soon going to have to face it. I need to ask Edward, it’s the only way I'm going to be able to see Jacob. Once I was dressed I went back into my room to try and persuade Edward into letting me go and see my best friend. It was going to be a long day.

I stepped through the door into my room and Edward was sitting in my rocking chair, eyes closed an easy smile spread across his face. I walked a few steps closer to him and he opened his eyes.

‘So what are we doing today?’ I asked in a small voice.

‘Well, Jasper and Emmett are getting really bored of the food around here. They want to head north for a few days to have a bit more of a challenge, so I'm sorry Bella but I have to go soon.’ Edward said in his smooth perfect voice.

‘Ok so who’s on babysitting duty,’ I said realising that my plans to see Jacob really weren’t going to work.

‘Well Alice wanted to go shopping, but she really wanted to come up north as well so we might have to leave you on your own but if we do then I will cut the trip short and only go for a couple of days.’ He explained.

‘Oh no that's not fair you go, you have fun with the others. I’ll hang out at La Push and sleep at home.’ I said hoping he would agree.

His face seemed torn I knew he would love going up north with his family, having a bit of fun. I also knew that he would never really allow me to hang out at La Push home of his enemies.

‘Bells you know how I feel they really aren’t safe for you to be around. I know that you miss them but I really couldn’t bear to lose you, not again. Especially not at the hands of the wolfs.’ He said looking straight into my eyes.

‘Edward please, they’re my friends too. When you were away I was with them and I was perfectly safe. Well the cliff diving incident aside. You know they were the ones to kill Victoria; they are perfectly capable of keeping me safe. Wouldn’t it be better to leave me with people that can keep me safe rather than leaving me on my own or leaving your family to look after me rather than joining them? Like I know you really want to.’ I saw him thinking it through I knew I had won then I could see it in his eyes.

I kept my face blank so that he wouldn’t realise I knew. Then he sighed loudly and got out his phone, I guess to tell his family the great news. He held the phone to his ear, stood up and turned slightly away from me.

‘Emmett, tell everyone that I am coming with you. Tell Carlisle that everyone will be attending, Bella will spend her days in La Push and nights back home with Charlie. I am trusting that the wolves will look after her, they did manage to get rid of Victoria.’ He turned and smiled at me then carried on talking too low and too quick for me to be able to understand properly.

He soon hung up and turned back to face me, sliding his arms around my waist. He kissed me on the forehead and said in a quiet voice his breath tickling my neck.

‘Bella I am sorry darling, we will have to leave soon. I want you to be careful around the wolves you don’t take how dangerous they really are seriously enough. I do trust your judgement though. I am so sorry for having to leave you. We will be back on Wednesday so that’s only today, 3 days and then part of Wednesday to deal with. I know you will be fine on your own.

‘Ok, so how soon is soon?’ I said kissing Edward lightly on the lips.

‘Emmett said I have to be back at 8 and it’s 07:58 now so I need to go now to make sure I can check what Alice has packed for me before I go. Goodbye and I love you.’ He said kissing me again and then jumping out the window.

I walked the few steps back to my bed, somehow my plan had worked. Wow. I better phone Jake and tell him the great news. Hmm he won’t be awake yet; maybe I should get some breakfast first. I decided I was too excited to eat anything more substantial than cereal. I poured myself some Coco pops and lent against the counter eating. I kept sneaking looks at the clock time was going so slow. When was Jacob going to be up? Nine will be a reasonable time to phone, yes I will phone Jacob at nine, and if he’s not up I’ll ask Billy to send him down to the beach when he is. Yes now I’ve got a plan. I should probably get dressed; I was still in the pyjamas I put on after my shower.

I washed up the bowl and spoon, but the milk back in the fridge and the Coco pops back in the cupboard. Then treading carefully I walked up the stairs and went to work out what to wear. It’s the middle of the summer holidays and so it’s kind of warm. Well as warm as forks ever gets. I finally decided on a pair of faded blue jeans, a white vest top with a pale green shirt left unbuttoned on top, and a pair of gold gladiator sandals. I decided to take my big forks high school hoodie with me and put it in the truck in case it got colder later.

I went back downstairs again carefully making sure I didn’t trip over anything. I picked up the phone from its holder in the kitchen and sat down on the sofa with my folded jumper on my lap. I punched in the Black’s number thinking about a way to explain to Billy why I was phoning so early.

‘Hello, it’s Jacob’ I heard my best friend say.

‘Oh Jake’ I said cheerfully ‘It’s Bella, guess what. Edward and the rest of his family have gone to the north to find some more interesting things t hunt. They won’t be back until Wednesday morning. Wait it gets even better, guess who my babysitter is.’ I said in a rush, lucky Jacob’s got super hearing.

‘The Pixie?’ Jacob said seeming rather disappointed.

‘Nope, not this time Alice went with them. No Jake this time my babysitter is dum dum dummm you.’ I said in a very excited voice.

‘No way he’s actually letting you see me, that's great Bells. Wait I will be at your place in 30 minutes, get ready for a day of fun.’ Jacob said all in a rush, he was obviously already trying to get dressed.

I put the phone back in the holder and went back upstairs to sort out my hair. I pulled the brush through my long hair, getting all the knots out, and then pulled it back into a high pony tail. Then I clipped my fringe back with a cute little green clip. Then I decided to go wait outside for Jacob. I picked up my hoodie from the sofa where I had left it. I closed the door then locked it; I shoved the key into my pocket. Then I went and sat cross legged in the back of my trunk.

I soon heard the soft rumbling which meant that Jacob was coming. As soon as I saw the rabbit coming down the street I started waving. Jacob slowed down in front of me and quickly ran out to stand in front of me.

‘Bells did you really miss me that much you smile is cheesier than 6 year old cheese.’ Jacob said smiling at me.

‘Oh. Well yeah I really missed you.’ I said jumping out of the truck and hugging him. ‘Jacob Black have you been growing again.’

‘Erm I might have’ he said beaming. ‘Come on lets go before that bloodsucker changes his mind.’