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Bella starts to realise things aren't as perfect as she once thought they were. Mostly Bella's POV but some Edward and some Jacob. Bella/Jacob ChapterSIX has been uploaded :) Disclaimer, all characters are ms meyers :) Weird spellings or words? I live in England, ask me about anything you dont understand :)

Will try to update every saturday :)

2. Chapter 2

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We drove for a little while and soon ended up at the edge of the reservation. We carried on going through the reservation until we came to a stop near first beach. Jacob led me out of the car, still not saying a word, took my hand and started walking towards the beach. We walked for a couple of minutes until we got to where a big pile of rocks and braches stuck out from the edge of the forest. We then slowed down and walked around the edge of the clump. I couldn’t help but let out a little gasp of shock when I saw what was hidden behind the clump of rocks and branches. There sitting nestled in the alcove was a red and white checked picnic blanket. On it was a thatched brown hamper like they have in all those movies.

‘I'm guessing by the gasp that you like it’ Jacob said with a big smile on his face.

‘Yes, oh Jake it’s so great I mean really wow. One question did you cook?’ I asked looking up at him.

‘Well a little bit but Emily did most of it.’ He said grinning.

‘Ok good I don’t really want to end up with food poisoning, I'm in hospital enough just from all the tripping over.’ I said giggling.

‘Well yeah I was hoping to spend the whole day with you and would like to not spend it in hospital if that's ok, so watch where you’re going and I think I will have to keep my arm around you just to make sure I'm ready to catch you.’ Jacob said winking at me.

He really was a big flirt, but I loved that about him. At least I don’t have to worry about Alice seeing what's going on, even though Edward did technically ok this.

‘Ok then well why don’t we sit down because I can’t really fall over anything whilst I'm sitting down.’ I said sitting on the left side of the blanket.

‘Ok then, but I was rather looking forward to catching you,’ Jacob said winking yet again.

‘Right so what are we eating first, it all looks very good, we have to go thanks Emily later.’ I said looking around the blanket.

‘Well I want to be a bit backwards today so we are starting with dessert.’ Jacob said reaching over to the hamper and pulling out of it a medium plastic takeaway box. He took off the lid and pulled out some chocolate covered strawberries. Wow this really was going to be nice.


We laughed and fed each other and talked for ages. Then we heard a howl in the distance.

‘I’m sorry Bells I'm gonna have to go and see what Sam wants. I’ll be back soon I promise’ Jacob said smiling at me.

I watched him run off into the forest already removing his top. I turned back and sat watching the waves. Their gentle movements are really relaxing, they were never the same. After a few minutes I felt arms snaking around my waist. I was about to start panicking when I realised it was Jacob.

‘Jake get off me, come on lets go thank Emily.’ I said getting up, and starting to try pack up the picnic things.

‘Bella leave it, I’ll get all the stuff’ Jacob said.

I was about to start arguing but he had already collected everything together. He then took my hand and we walked the short distance to Sam and Emily’s house. I loved spending days at the reservation everything was always so calm and everyone just helped each other out all the time. We were soon approaching the lane that bent round to Sam and Emily’s house.

We walked up to the door and Jacob quickly knocked a couple of times on the door. Emily’s kind face soon appeared behind it.

‘Bella it’s so nice to see you, did you enjoy your lunch?’ She asked whilst smiling sweetly.

‘Yes thank you it was really amazing, good idea with the whole helping Jacob cook. Letting him loose in a kitchen isn’t always the best of plans.’ I said returning the easy smile.

‘Well I'm sorry guys but I'm just doing a big load of cooking and Sam’s out so I won’t be much fun.’ Emily said with a genuine look of sadness flashing across her still beautiful scarred face.

‘Well I think Sam wanted all of us and so if Bella wants to she could help you cook or I’ll take her back home. Sorry Bella but Sam was pretty insistent earlier.’ Jacob said looking at me all wierd like he was actually in pain.

‘Aww Jake cheer up I’ll be fine here, I think I’ll help Emily if that’s ok with you Emily?’ I said turning to face the kind girl.

‘Yeah Bella that would be really good, Sam said something about organising a barbeque for the pack this afternoon and I'm making dinner for them all so its going to be alot of food. I could really do with some help.’ She said looking towards me hopefully.

‘Sure, hey it might be fun. See you later then Jake.’ I reached up and put arms round Jacobs neck quickly hugging him.

‘Bye Bella, I’ll miss you.’ Jacob whispered into my hair.

I followed Emily through her house into the small kitchen; I went over to the sink to start washing my hands. I turned to ask Emily ‘So what are we making first’

‘Erm well I’ve already started on some dough for the garlic bread if you to start shaping it.’ Emily said pointing to the large bowl of dough.

I started pulling out the dough shaping it into long baguettes then making cuts and spreading on the garlic mixture. Cooking really is a relaxing thing, and spending time with Emily was really nice. She didn’t ask any awkward questions about the Cullen’s which was good because my head was in such a mess I really don’t know what I would say if she did ask me about Edward. I put the last of the baguettes in the oven then turned to ask Emily what to do next.

‘So Emily I'm done with the Garlic bread what's next?’ I asked, with a genuine smile on my face.

‘Well I’ve just about finished sorting all the meat and things for the main. So we’ve got dessert to sort out now. I'm not sure what to do though, you got any ideas?’ Emily replied flicking through an old recipe book.

‘Well we’ve done alot of food for the other courses so the boys might actually be starting to get full by the time they get to dessert so why not do something light?’ I asked.

‘Hmm yeah although I'm not sure if they can actually get full’ Emily said giggling. ‘What did you have in mind?’

‘Well I'm not sure what you think but I was thinking along the lines of brownies or cupcakes or something like that?’ I said.

‘Yeah that might be nice, I think I’ve got a recipe in here somewhere.’ Emily said quickly turning trough the pages of the recipe book.

We quickly got the brownies going each making a double batch to make sure there would be enough to go around.

‘So how are things going with Sam, have you got a date for the wedding yet?’ I asked really wanting to show Emily I wanted to be her friend.

‘It’s really great; actually we were going to announce the date at the barbeque later. Let the pack know first and then tell everyone else tomorrow. Well that's the plan hopefully Sam’s been able to keep it a secret but you know how hard secrets are to be kept in that pack.’ Emily said her voice full of love for her soon to be husband and his brothers.

‘What's going on with you and Jacob then, you guys seem quite close again.’ Emily said gently.

‘I'm not sure. He’s my best friend but then sometimes when I look into his eyes I feel like I want it to be something more. I still love Edward though and I have no idea what to do.’ I said looking down at my bowl of brownie mixture in a vain attempt to hide my sadness.

‘Bella’ Emily said kindly putting an arm around me. ‘You know Jacob loves you more than anything else, he would never pressurise you into anything. I think it’s time you knew. Bella Jacob imprinted on you the first time he saw you after he became a wolf. It’s only natural that you start to feel a connection with him, especially after you guys being friends for so long.’

I couldn’t take it anymore I sank to the floor leaning back against the cabinet, my face hidden in my hands.

‘Thank you Emily your right its better now I know. If it’s ok I would like to go sit down and have a think.’ I managed to get out.

Of course Bella that's fine I’ll finish up here. You go into the living room you can take as much time as you like.’ Emily said putting out a hand to help me up.

I walking into the living room and sank down onto the soft sofa. Jacob imprinted on me, he was mine forever. What about Edward I love him, at least I think I do. This is just so confusing. I sat on the sofa for around an hour just running through everything in my head.

‘Bella can you help me take all of the food down to the beach. We need to start setting up for the barbeque.’ Emily said in a soft voice.

‘Yeah sure that's fine. Could you not tell Jacob that you told me, I’ll tell him later and have a talk with him?’ I asked hoping that she listened.

The barbeque went well we all laughed and joked for hours. Near the end I got up and took Jacobs hand and lead him off round the corner.

‘Bella hey what are you doing?’ Jacob said looking a bit confused.

‘Jake, I know.’ I said looking down at my feet.

He lifted my face up by putting his hand under my chin.

‘Bella, you know what.’

‘Imprint, Emily told me. I don’t know quite what I'm going to do yet but I can’t lose you. Can you take me home now?’