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Bella starts to realise things aren't as perfect as she once thought they were. Mostly Bella's POV but some Edward and some Jacob. Bella/Jacob ChapterSIX has been uploaded :) Disclaimer, all characters are ms meyers :) Weird spellings or words? I live in England, ask me about anything you dont understand :)

Will try to update every saturday :)

3. Chapter 3

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I woke up realising I hadn’t dreamt for once. My head started spinning as soon as I remembered what had happened last night. Imprint. Jacob had imprinted on me. I turned over to look at the clock. 7:26 I need to get dressed and quickly, at least Edward wasn’t here.

I slowly walked to the bathroom grabbing some clothes on the way. I let the warm water run down my back calming my nerves. What would I say to Jacob? I love him I really do all those months without Edward changed something; it actually hurts to be away from him. Now I know the truth about the imprint though I think it’s what's meant to happen. Then there was Edward.

I angrily shut off the water and got ready for school. I brushed a light layer of foundation over my face with a little bit of mascara. That's all I can be bothered with when it comes to make-up. I went down to the kitchen to grab an apple. I’m too anxious over the decision that I know I have to make today to be able to eat a proper breakfast.

‘Bye Dad, I’m going to school now’

‘Ok Bells I won’t be back until late tonight so don’t wait up.’

I got in the truck and started the noisy ride to school. Today was going to be a long day. I am not going to be able to concentrate on anything at all today.


At lunch I got out my phone and dialled the second number on my speed dial. He answered after the first ring.

‘Edward I need to talk to you later, meet me at my house after school, about 6 o’clock should be ok’

‘Why not straight after, the Volvo windows are tinted enough for me to drive to yours.’

‘I'm going to La Push for a bit after school.’

‘NO YOU ARE NOT’ I can’t believe he is actually shouting at me, I managed perfectly fine for the 6 months he left me for.

‘Er I think you’ll find that I am. Edward I need to talk to Jacob as well.’

‘TALK TO HIM AFTER, I’ll be at yours at 4. Bye. I love you.’

He hung up on me that just confirmed my decision. The rest of the day passed in a blur while I rehearsed what I was going to say to the 2 boys.

Before I realised it I was at home, I went and got a glass of water the try and calm my nerves. I soon heard a soft knock at the door. It opened at Edward walked in.

‘I can’t believe you shouted at me. Jacob isn’t as dangerous as you think he is. I was perfectly fine there for 6 months.’ I glared at him.

‘Bella please love calm down I was just trying to protect you, they are dangerous.’ Edward said taking hold of my arm.

‘I don’t need protecting’ I said starting to raise my voice. I yanked my arm away.

‘Yes you do, you need someone to help you. To save you from all the things you keep running into,’ said Edward still in that calm voice.

‘Well guess what this swan grew a back bone and doesn’t need helping.’ I screamed at Edward.

‘Bella, swans have got back bones.’ He said in his stupid calm voice.

‘Yeah well you obviously forgot I did, I can think for myself. I also don’t need protecting as you seem to have forgotten.’ I shouted back at him. He was really getting on my nerves now.


‘No Edward stop please just stop I need a few minutes to think.’ I said pushing him away slightly.

I turned and walked quickly down the steps from the porch, and walking a few steps into the woods before sinking down and leaning back against a tree. How had this all happened so quickly. Jacob imprinted on me. Jacob is full on wolfyfied in love with me. Jacob is my best friend, my sun, I loved him too. It was just starting to dawn on me how much I did love him. Then there was Edward. I love him or I loved him I just don’t know anymore. When we met up again in Italy I was just so happy to have him back, to have him say he loved me.

I also needed to think about the rest of the Cullen’s. If I wasn’t with Edward anymore would I lose Alice, she’s my best friend, my sister. What about Emmet and Jasper my new big brothers. When I got Edward back I got back my family my future, but is it the future I really want.

While I was without Edward I had been starting to delude myself into thinking that I wanted to go to college, to have kids, to grow old with someone. All of this I could have with Jacob. What about Edward? With him I could walk he earth forever frozen at 18. Or would I still grown old, old enough so Edward looked like my son, my grandson. There was no guarantee that Edward would actually change me.

I lifted my head and said in a normal voice. ‘Edward it’s over. Something’s changed please don’t go do something stupid; I want us to stay friends. I’ll always love you, just more like a brother.’

I said this all with tears streaming down my face.

‘Bella do you really want this.’ Edward was now kneeling down in front of me, his face mere centimetres away. He kissed me lightly on the lips. I pulled away.

‘Yes, I'm sorry. I don’t expect you to want to carry on talking to me, but if you can bare it please could you stay my friend.’

‘Ok, but give me a while. Goodbye Bella’.

With that he walked away and this time I know he’s not coming back. I can’t move not just yet. I sat there crying for a while before getting up and telling Jake.