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Bella starts to realise things aren't as perfect as she once thought they were. Mostly Bella's POV but some Edward and some Jacob. Bella/Jacob ChapterSIX has been uploaded :) Disclaimer, all characters are ms meyers :) Weird spellings or words? I live in England, ask me about anything you dont understand :)

Will try to update every saturday :)

4. Chapter 4

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So Bella knows now. Whatever she decides now this is it, wolf or leech. Would she ever choose me? Could she ever choose me? Arghh this is so frustrating. I sit up thumping the bed on my way. Just then my mobile started to ring. I quickly glanced at the screen, Bella!

‘Hey Bells. What’s up?’ Somehow I managed to hide the pain from my voice.

‘I just spoke to Edward.’ Oh no here it is she’s chosen him.

‘Yeah’ I was too scared to say anything more.

‘It’s over. I choose you.’

‘Wait what you choose me what do you mean?’ Could she really mean that?

‘Jacob Black I love you. Me and Edward it’s over.’

‘Wooooo’ Oh I can’t believe I just howled down the phone.

‘Bella I love you too, oh when are you coming over?’

‘Come get me’

Wow I can’t believe this Bella loves me.


I can’t believe it, my whole life changed in a matter of minutes. Jacob will be here soon so I should probably go make myself a bit better presented. I walked the couple of metres back to the house brushing off leaves as I go. I quickly run up the stairs somehow avoiding the shoes I left on them earlier. I grabbed the hairbrush off my bed and run it through my long hair a couple of times then put it back up in a high ponytail.

I walked over to the bathroom this time a bit calmer, and looked in the mirror. Great. I look terrible there are 2 huge lines of mascara running down my face. I quickly wiped a baby wipe over my face before going back downstairs to sit on the porch. I soon heard the soft calming rumble of the rabbit approaching. I saw Jacob sitting there a massive grin on his face.

He stooped the car and threw the door open. In his haste he pretty much fell out. I couldn’t help myself from laughing its just soo funny.

‘Jake I thought wolves were meant to have good balance!’ I said barely getting it out through the laughter.

‘Yes, in theory, but when distracted maybe not’ Jacob sad with a cheeky grin spreading across his face.

‘Distracted were we, by what?’

‘Well there's this girl right and I have loved her for rather a while and I have just seen her sitting here on her own and I just had to change that.’

‘Shut up, I love you’ I said as I stood up

‘I love you too,’ and with that he grabbed me around the waist and started spinning me round. Carefully and slowly I bought my lips into contact with his. This is the best most magic first kiss ever.

After a about a minute I was put down. Still smiling I said,

‘Well then Jakey what are we doing today?’

‘Unfortunately I’m meant to be grounded, but Dad said you could help me.’ Jacob said with a hopeful smile.

‘Err help you with what?’ I asked sceptically.

‘Painting the house, I’ve already done the front just the back to do now. Please this is the only way I'm allowed to see you today.’ He said suddenly turning on the full puppy eyes.

‘Jake you may be a DOG but you don’t need to do puppy eyes I’ll help.’

‘Good, then let’s go.’

We went over to the rabbit and drove over to the reservation chatting all the way.