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Twofold Silence

This is the first few days of Alice and Jasper after they find each other in Philadelphia. It is told in the first person, from both their points of view. Some content is mature, but I think it is sweet and fluffy not smutty. This is my first fan fic, so I would appreciate constructive criticism. Thanks! :o)

Okay, as I said in the summary, this is the first few days of Alice and Jasper after they find each other in Philadelphia and it is told from both their points of view. The title of this story comes from "Silent Noon" a poem by Dante Gabriel Rosetti.

1. The Diner

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Today...it would happen today. Excitement thrilled through me as I gloated over the fact that soon my terribly long wait would be over. He had made the decision to come to Philadelphia a week ago. His motivation was a mystery but I was pretty sure that he was just drifting through the Northern cities. The consequence of that decision however, that was becoming clearer to me.

I had raced to the city just as soon as I knew he was going there. I had scouted round the entire place, familiarising myself with just about every street, alley and park that I could find. Bars and diners were more demanding. Too many human males seeing a small woman, thinking that she was easy prey. It was hard work convincing them otherwise...not without killing them that is, but it was a necessity for me to know what these places looked like so that I would recognise the spot when he saw it and chose to come in.

To meet me.

My hands quivered and a slight giggle escaped my lips, earning me a curious glance from a woman passer by. Calm, calm...I mustn't scare him. He had been through too much, was running too hard and, although I had no aversion to hunting him down if he ran from me, I had just waited too damn long to postpone loving him any longer.

One more dirty city. Another in a long line of dirty cities, in a long line of dirty years that still stretched out before me in an unremitting drone of noise and strife. I hadn't started twitching yet, but sometimes I flinched in the face of a particularly savage thrill emanating from these human things. Those were the ones I was most reluctant to be near even as they were also the ones I selected most often for my prey. The world was a little better off without such violent men. I consoled myself with that thought as I drained them. But while their blood kept my body strong, their fear weakened my spirit. I could find no other way though. I was good and trapped by my own nature, caught between the devil and the deep blue sea - I could not deny my thirst but I could not escape the sorrow either. I wondered if one day I would be able to starve myself to death.
I was thirsty now. Not good. The wet streets were almost empty, people scurrying away, seeking shelter and warmth. I stood in the street hesitating. Stay outside in the rain and start to attract the attention of the curious or go in some place and breathe in the scent of warm blood until frustration almost killed me. There was a man selling papers on the corner, he held vaguely hostile curiosity and it wouldn't be long before he challenged me. I ducked into a small diner on the opposite side of the road.

I just about managed not to crow out loud when I saw his shape on the street outside. This was it, we had found each other. I coiled myself, ready to run out after him but just that second he decided to come in to where I sat ignoring a cup of coffee.
He strolled across the road, long strides, slow, easy, elegant and very powerful. Jeans, blue shirt, long tousled hair lifted by the rain filled wind. His face! His face! I longed to see it close, away from the frustrating cloud of foresight. I wanted him here, before me right now, instantly.

I clenched my hands in my lap, crushing impatience as best I could and letting through only the longing and the swelling satisfied thrill of that longing coming to pass beat out of me.
He entered the diner, head shrouded in shadow, I still could not see his face clearly. Containing myself rigidly I hopped off the stool and went to meet him. I could not feel the ground beneath my feet. I had waited so long and now at last he was here.

I paused, sensing quite deliberately what was going on. There was something unusual about this place, I could feel it even before I touched the door to come in. Not unpleasant...just strange to me. And then I saw her and knew her instantly for what she was. I watched in horror as she hopped off her stool to come towards me. A fraction of a second passed while I weighed up the fall out of what an attack might mean in front of all these humans. Then in the next fraction I realised that I had never experienced another creature feeling the emotions that this girl was feeling...for me

I watched her move, almost floating, she was so graceful, towards me. Her flower like face, wide and free from guile, lifted up to mine. She spoke and her voice was clear and soft as a sea breeze.

“You have kept me waiting a long time.”

I ducked my head in apology “Sorry ma’am”

She offered me her hand and, bewildered, I took it without thinking.


Even touching him, it was so hard to believe that he was really here, standing before me instead of contenting myself with the intangible presence of my visions of him. His ivory skin, unyielding but so smooth under my hand. I had longed for years to be able to touch him, my fingers searched further up the inside of his wrist, reaching the first of his many scars. Oh God, the pain he had suffered, was suffering still. I clenched down on my pity and sorrow and concentrated instead on the fact that he was before me, that we were together at last. A wave of joy, so intense that it threatened to make me dizzy, swept through me and his veiled expression flew open in shocked response.

Hesitantly he covered my hand with his own. I almost laughed. I was aware that I was small in comparison to many. It had not mattered much. I was tremendously strong and fast, so my size was not the impediment it might have been to a human. But, as his hand engulfed mine, I realised just how large this man was. He simply towered over me and his hands were twice the size of mine. It felt…delightful.

Suddenly I felt impatient. I wanted to be away from this dingy little diner in this dingy great city and I wanted to run with him to clean country air. Away from the humans with their dull bovine stares and the secrecy that their presence imposed upon us. I wanted to be alone with this man that I had waited years for. My future had arrived and I wanted it to start immediately.

I leaned toward him on tip toe. “Let’s get out of here,” I whispered.

He was plainly bewildered but I could see the faint flicker of hope in his eyes. So, rattled but willing, he allowed me to tug him into the noise of the city and then tug him out, further north into the mountains.