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Twofold Silence

This is the first few days of Alice and Jasper after they find each other in Philadelphia. It is told in the first person, from both their points of view. Some content is mature, but I think it is sweet and fluffy not smutty. This is my first fan fic, so I would appreciate constructive criticism. Thanks! :o)

Okay, as I said in the summary, this is the first few days of Alice and Jasper after they find each other in Philadelphia and it is told from both their points of view. The title of this story comes from "Silent Noon" a poem by Dante Gabriel Rosetti.

2. The Mountains

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We headed north, but apart from that I didn’t know where she was taking me. Still holding hands, I flew at the side of this astonishing female. I still did not even know her name.
We had only exchanged a few fragmented sentences and yet I knew that I was helpless against her. I tightened my grip on her hand for a fraction of a second and immediately she turned her face up to mine and smiled in blinding happiness. I knew that somehow I was causing this in her. That the satisfaction beating from her was in response to me, my presence. It felt utterly alien to be causing this and yet at the same time I felt completely safe. I hadn't felt safe since before the war, over a hundred years previously.

We ran to the foothills as the sun began to set. I slowed to a human pace and scented the air around us, checking for danger. This was not a habit, it was too ingrained to be a habit, this was me, what I was...on guard.
She laid her hand gently on my arm.
"A hundred years is a long time to be afraid,” she said solemnly. “You don't have to be afraid any more. I promise. I will never let anything bad happen to you ever again."
Sincerity rang in every word as this tiny thing vowed to protect me. I smiled at her in honest humour before I found myself stunned all over again at an expression existing on my face that had not been there in decades. When was the last time I had smiled? When had there last been anything, anywhere to smile about?
Apparently my reason for smiling was with me now. Smiling back up at me.

Moving slowly so as not to scare her I reached out to her once more. I stopped short of her cheek, waiting for the feelings of fear and hostility that my scars always evoked in our kind. I could kill her quite easily and she must know it. My scars were more than a disfigurement, they were a testament, indelible upon my skin, as to how many had died in their attempt to kill me and yet there was nothing but delighted trust coming from her. She stepped toward my out-thrust palm, pushing her cheek into my hand, nuzzling like a small dark kitten.

And so it happened for me. The century of ice that encased my spirit cracked and broke off. My silent heart should have begun to beat again as I came back to life once more. Maria had been both my murderer and my midwife but while my life in the south had been the start of my immortality, I could feel my future beginning in this little vampires eyes.
"What is your name?" I asked, still stunned.
"Alice" she replied.
I caught her hand and lifted it to my lips.
"Major Jasper Whitlock at your service ma'am." I murmered against her skin.
"Jasper," she breathed.
And I was home.

I don't know how long we stood there, just staring at each other. I didn't think I would ever tire of looking at him. He was golden - even in the gathering dark. Thick blonde hair waving to his shoulders. The angles of his face lit in the chiaroscuro of sunset. His lips, finely moulded and mobile above a cleft chin. His shoulders broad and his back long and beautiful. I wanted to hold him very much but also felt just as strongly that the next move needed to be his. He had spent so long being threatened and I had been pushing him all day. So far he had held, but I knew that there was a possibility that he would reach his limit. I did not want to see that.
And I did not want to have to frighten him as he found out that he would not be able to hurt me or even catch me, even if he tried...

I grinned at the thought, that would be a game for another day. For now I had to show him that he had nothing to fear from me. I had to make myself vulnerable, to show that I trusted him. I lay down on the grass, smiled up at him and whispered his name. Jasper.

I doubt that an electric current run through me would have produced a more profound effect as the sight of that tiny woman prone on the hillside. Her eyes, wide and trusting, caught mine irresistibly, I could not look away. I could not even breathe.
Slowly, by infinitesimal inches I sat beside her. Equally slowly, she reached for my hand and cradled it to her cheek. She stared into my eyes as if she could learn my soul by heart. There was no one, nothing around us, just her and the unceasing breeze and the first stars lighting my way.

I think she must have hypnotised me because by midnight she was in my arms. She lay upon my chest, she barely weighed a thing and all night she scarcely uttered a word. Just every now and then she would speak my name, saturating the sound in contentment. And she would push her face into my chest as if she could somehow find entry there, tightening her arms around me, holding me even closer to her.
I simply could not resist. It appeared that she was as inevitable for me as gravity. I pondered this as the night deepened. I had not seen Peter and Charlotte fall in love. Peter had not trusted me so far then. But I had witnessed years of them together. How he hovered protectively over her. How they did not, could not stay apart. I had thought that this was unique to them. All the others of our kind were far too intent on power gathering to have either the time or the inclination to bond in such a profound way. And yet, holding Alice against me, I wondered...