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It Happens

Ally is just a normal Oakville girl. Smart, cute and has a passion for drawing. But one day, some one tries to kill her. Someone who? Well, let's just say he's not in it for the kicks... But what happens when your almost-murderer becomes your friend? Or something even more? Well, you know.... [banner removed by admins - banners must be 300 x 150 pix or smaller]


2. Chapter 2

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The next day was the weekend, and I was really happy about it. My parents had to leave early for work, and had left and note on my bed side table saying that they left my little sister with my cousins. Once again, I lay in my bed, happy as can be. My mother always said it was like I was drunk in the morning, stupid and clumsy, but amazingly happy.

I got out of bed, wrapping a blanket over me and went downstairs. There, I made myself some hot chocolate, put on ‘Coraline’ and chatted with my friends. Oh yes. Today was going to be a good day.

After an hour or so, I decided that I should go and shovel the snow. Dad would be happy about it, and plus it wasn’t snowing now (for once). I bundled up, chugged my last bit of hot chocolate, and headed out. It was colder than I expected, but, I still went around and into the garage.

It was as dark as night in there, so I turned on the light so I could begin my expedition of the shovel. But the light wouldn’t turn on.

“Hello” said a dark voice.

Suddenly I was tackled down into the garage wall. A cold hand was lapsed against my mouth so I couldn’t scream. I sat there as the face of my murderer looked up at me. It was him. My eyes nearly popped out of there sockets as I saw in the light of the window the man in the red scarf. He gave me a nasty grin and bent down and whispered in my ear.

“I am going to kill you” was what was said, but all my ears could hear was the most beautiful sound. Deep, but not to deep. Soft, but not to soft. And with the slightest sound of wind chimes.

He looked up at me again, to see if I would reacted. But, even though I was scared enough to pee my pants, I gave him a nasty look. He let go of my mouth, and whispered again.

“Tough, aren’t you? Well, not for long” He said as he made his way down my ear to my neck. Out of pure reflex, I yanked his hair and kicked his nuts. He was so shocked, that he got off of me a bit. As he did, I rolled out from underneath him and ran to the door with all the power in me.

“Nice try” He said as he stepped in front of me. I was trapped, scared, alone. I was going to die.

When death is upon you, you end up doing the strangest things. Like giggling hysterically, or burst out into tears. Most times you simply close your eyes and grin. But what I did then I will never forget.

Just as he was about to lean in to my neck, I grabbed his jaw and kissed him with as much force as possibly could. At first, he tried to get away, but I yanked as hard as I could and kept kissing him. At first his mouth stayed shut, but then, he kissed me back. For a minute or so, we stood there, making out violently. Then, opening my eyes just a peek, to see if he was otherwise busy, I let go and ran.

When I got into the house I locked all the doors, closed all the windows and found an old bat from the basement to use. After changing out of my winter clothes and making a hot chocolate, I waited. At first I was greatly surprised that he didn’t chase after me immediately, but then I realized it’s all apart of his plan. So, while sipping my hot chocolate, I waited.

When I first saw him immerge from the garage, I watched him from the front door, bat at hand. I was so caught up in protecting myself, I hadn’t even bothered to reflect on that kiss. Now that I think about it though, I might have been the best kiss him and I’ve ever shared. It was perfect. Not to much slobber, just enough mush, great amount of violence and the perfect taste.

Anyways, I watched as he stomped to the tree at the front of the house, sat down and ... well, I wasn’t really sure to what he was doing. He was just sitting there, grumbling to himself. It was sort of amusing, to tell you the truth. That I, an average girl, beat a vampire. I felt sort of proud.

I remember the day when that woman came to our school to warn us. She came from an Indian tribe from somewhere up North. It was her job, ordered by the Tribe of our area, to go from school to school, warning us about all sorts of mystical beasts. After she told us about vampires, we all had a good laugh. I mean really, there are supposed to be theses ‘deathly georgous, pale white, red eyed’ vampires stalking around the earth. Sure. It was sort of believable in Dracula, but here, in plain as rain Oakville? Come on.

But after this, well.

It was an hour after the attack, and I had already finished my book by the front door. So, I put on the rest of Coraline, sat on my couch, sipped my hot chocolate, and watched him. He seemed to have been arguing with himself for the past hour. He’d stalk up and down the street, stomping loudly and grumbling. Then, he’d sit by my tree, and put his head in his hands. It was the ending of Coraline, and I had finished my third hot chocolate. I had practically forgotten everything because I was so into the movie when the door bell rang.

Clutching on the bat, I slowly walked to the door. There he was, standing there as if he were selling cookies.

I gave him a look, then mouthed “What are you doing here?”

“Can I just come in please?” He mouthed back. I opened the door just a smidgen.

“So you can try to kill me again? I don’t think so” I got that feeling again, the one where I could pee my pants. But I held my tough look.

“Look,” he sighed “I swear that I won’t try to kill you, or hurt you or any of that rubbish”

“Hmm ...” I gave him a curious look. He did look truthful, but...

“Swear on something” I decided. He looked around for something to swear on.

“Ok... I swear on this red scarf” He said as he held up his scarf with a grin. I looked down at the old run down scarf. I looked back up at him. I watched him, seeing if he would start to look nervous, or twiddle his thumbs, or anything of that sort. But he stood there with a face straight as ever.

Finally, I opened the door.

He walked in, took off his shoes, and looked around my living room. I shut the door and walked back in to the living room. I must be brave, I must be brave I kept chanting to myself. I sat down on my couch, holding on to the bat as it were my life. He walked in, sat down and looked around some more.

“Alright, what do you want?” I said with my toughest, slightly shaky voice. He looked at me. But not just looking at me, but really looking at me. I felt extremely uncomfortable then, it was like he was looking into my very soul.

“My name is Edward” he said as he thrust out his hand. Flabbergated, I took it and shook it quickly. It was cold as death. Well, I guess that makes sense.

“Well, Edward. Answer my qu-question” I tried to say as firmly as possible. But him still holding my hand, and gazing into my eyes, I felt as if I was going to barf. But in a good way, if that’s possible.

“Well, I...” he began. He looked away, thinking again “I just wanted to... apologize for earlier” he said while looking down.

“What?! Your a blood sucking vampire, you tried to kill me, and you think you can just apologize and come in to my house?! What do you want?!?” I burst out. I mean, honestly. What was his problem?

He looked up at me with his big eyes. He looked around. I stood there impatiently with the bat in my hand.