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It Happens

Ally is just a normal Oakville girl. Smart, cute and has a passion for drawing. But one day, some one tries to kill her. Someone who? Well, let's just say he's not in it for the kicks... But what happens when your almost-murderer becomes your friend? Or something even more? Well, you know.... [banner removed by admins - banners must be 300 x 150 pix or smaller]


4. Chapter 4

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On the first day of winter vacation, my friends and I decided to go to the park together. We threw snow balls, had our laughs, and flirted with the guys selling hot chocolate. It has been a week and a half since I first met him. Every time I would almost convince myself that it was all a dream, Edward would appear and stop me before I’d step into slush, or trip on a branch. It was like he was my guardian angel. Angel? Maybe that’s not the right word. I mean, he did try to kill me. But he’s just so ... amazing.

After the snow ball fight, me and my six other friends lay down in the snow. We all watched the sky looking for shapes or birds.

“Ms. Derris is so drab” Nicole mentioned. We all murmured in agreement.

“It’s like she’s out to get us all” Talia laughed.

“She’s probably some sort of monster-” Cydney let out.


“Nah, she’s white as a paper, not fuzzy”

“She’s probably some sort of child-eating-vampire”

Everyone laughed except for me.

“But not all vampires are bad” I let out.

“What? Of course they are Al’s, they suck your blood!” Cydney replied.

“Well not all humans are good either”

Everyone ended up agreeing. We talked about different things, but the whole time I felt as though there was someone right beside me.

Right before we got up, someone gave me a cold kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear “Thank you”.

When we got up, I looked around to see where Edward went off to.

“Who are you looking for? That cute hot chocolate guy?” Nicole nudged me. I laughed but kept looking. I could still feel the chill on my cheek.

After we left the park, all my friends and I went down to Emily’s house to get ready for the party tonight. We all dressed up crazily, put on loads of make up, and all had a sip of vodka. Every now and then I’d walk from my friends and look to the window to see Edward waiting outside the house in his red corvette.

We drove all together in Nicole’s massive Ford. We were all screaming out Queen songs, and drinking coffee. We were all going to this club in Toronto for a friends birthday. Of course, Edward’s red corvette followed us. When we got to the club, all hell broke loose. We said hey to the birthday girl, then the real partying began. The music was beating, the lights were flashing, and we were all dancing. I never usually drunk, but tonight I was feeling dangerous, so I had 2 beers. As it seemed, it was 2 beers to many.

Me and Cydney were screaming the songs, dancing like no tomorrow. I felt on top of the world, like I was a winner. Even though this world seemed to be fuzzy around the edges.

Bye the end of it all, 2 of my friends had some pot, one went topless, and the rest was as drunk as ever.

Luckily, Nicole had planned ahead and asked her cousin who lived in the city to walk over and drive us back in the Ford.

Unluckily, I had still been left dancing when they all left. I was bribing the waiter to give me a free beer when he came. He scooped me up in his arms, paid the waiter, and walked out.

“B-but I’m a thirsty” I mumbled stupidly. I had never been this drunk, and everything was fuzzy. As we drove, I kept kissing Edward on the shoulder.

“You’re my savoir” I kissed him “My fucking savoir. I would a died in the-ere”

He looked at me and grinned.

“I mean, if you didn’t, like save me from that bastard, I would have fucking died” I continued slobbery. He was laughing like a maniac. Usually, if I wasn't so drunk, I'd be freaking out because he was driving at 180 miles an hour. We were cruising, or should I say speeding down an old high way that no one used anymore.

He turned up the music, and we continued our ride while singing Lady Gaga songs at the top of our lungs. He had an amazing voice, while I was basically screeching. It was the most fun I had all evening, just being there, singing and talking.

Soon, he turned off the radio and we began to talk. I was still as drunk as ever, so I blabbered on as a lunatic. Apparently, it was completely hilarious to him.

"So, how much did you drink anyways?" he asked.

"Like, 2?"

"2? It only took 2 beers to make you this drunk?"

"Well, there coulda been just a wee bit oh vodka, but I can't recall"


"Can I have just a bite of you? Please?"


"I'm hungry, and you look delicous"

"Haha, why thank you"

“But seriously. I feel like bunt cake” I blabbered as I leaned against his shoulder. He continued on laughing.

“Why do you stalk me? I-I feel like you’re gonna molest me you cheese string”

“I watch out for you”

“Watch out for me? Who do y-you think you are, my mom?”

“Haha, no. But theirs...theirs something about you that I just can’t get away from”

“Maybe it’s my tits”

“No, haha. Its not you’re, uh, tits. You’re just special”

“Finally, a cheese that doesn’t like me for my tits”

And it was like this the entire ride back.