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Jared's Angel

Kim Crawler has been in love with Jared Macaw for 12years. What happens when he finally notices her? Will she give in straight away? Or will she make him work for it? Canon pairings expect for Paul/Oc

Hey. I really hope you like this. I am posting others that I have finished but I really hope you like this one. My first imprint story.

1. Chapter 1

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--- Kim POV

Mrs. Kim Macaw.

Kim loves Jared.

Kimberley Adriana Macaw.

I didn’t realise I had wrote those until Sammie nudged me in the shoulder. I blushed three shades of red and rubbed them out with my erasers. I looked at Sammie with a sheepish smile. She just rolled her eyes at me.

That’s all she did when I went into one of my Jared moments. I had been in love with the unbelievably gorgeous Jared Macaw since freshman year. I even sat next to him in four lessons. But he never noticed me. I don’t even think he knows my name. And why would he?

I was Kim Crawler. Plain and simple Kim. There was nothing special about me. I wasn’t beautiful despite what my friends might say and I wasn’t incredibly smart. I had long plain black hair that fell just above my waist. Dark brown eyes that weren’t anything special and the Native American tanned skin. I was short just 5ft3 and slim. See nothing special.

Jared on the other hand. Wow. Was he gorgeous? Tall. Long black hair. Sparkling black eyes and a killer body. Yes he was gorgeous. And to top it all off he was smart, athletic and popular.

Every girl wanted him but he doesn’t date. He does hook ups. But I’ve never hooked up with him. Never. He had his friends. I had mine. I watched from my spot in the cafeteria as Jared’s friends sat there without him. Quil, Embry and Jacob all sat glaring daggers in the opposite direction. Confused I followed their line of sight and I gasped.

Was that Jared? He had changed. He was taller and I mean a lot taller. He had cut off his hair it was now short and cropped and my god did he have muscles. And he was sitting with Paul Blackbird.

I nudged Sammie impatiently.

“Ow. What?” She said rubbing the spot I nudged.

“When did Jared get back?” Jared had been missing from school for two weeks. I had been worried about him. Not knowing if he was alive or dead. And now he was just back like nothing had happened. I didn’t realise I had been staring at him until Paul’s eyes locked on mine. I blushed an immediately looked away.

Sammie laughed. “Today I’m guessing. And he’s staring at you.” I didn’t turn around. I so wanted to. But I didn’t. I couldn’t.

“He’s probably glaring.” I said glumly. She opened her mouth to reply a sly grin spreading across her face but the bell rang so she never got chanced to say anything.

“I’ll meet you at mine later.” I told her. Laughing at the expression on her face. As soon as I was in the corridor my palms started to sweat. I have a lesson with Jared now. History. He sits next to me.

God just breathe.

He won’t say anything to me anyway. He never does. I don’t think he even sees me.

As I entered the class I was shoved roughly by a tall dark shape. The force of the impact sent me flying to the floor and sending my bag and it’s belongings across the room.

“Paul man. Watch where you’re going.” I froze I knew that voice. Jared. I looked up to see Paul standing their looking guilty while Jared stared at him.

“Sorry Kimster.”

“It’s ok.” At the sound of my voice Jared turned towards me sharply. He seemed to freeze. He stared at me. Not really staring but gawking. His eyes were wide and his mouth was hanging open. I blushed and Paul burst into fits of laughter.

“No way. This is too good.” Paul continued to laugh and then Jared finally snapped out of it.

“Hi” He breathed at me. “I’m Jared. What’s your name?”

Paul laughed even harder “Dude. You’ve been sitting next to the girl since freshman year.” Jared’s face was a picture of surprise. He looked from Paul and to me three times before he finally spoke.

“Three years?” I nodded. Jared continued to look at me like a dying man seeing the sun for the last time. Awe. “Are you serious three years and I never noticed how beautiful she was?” I blushed Jared Macaw called me beautiful. And then I was mad. I pushed myself of the floor and bent to pick up the contents from my bag, Jared and Paul beat me to it. As they handed them my stuff I gave them the dirtiest look I could muster. Paul recoiled from my look with a grin on his face. Jared looked like he’d been shot.

“What’s wrong?” He asked sounding like he actually cared.

“What’s wrong? You act like I don’t exists for 12 years and all of the sudden I’m beautiful. You don’t even no my name.”
“But… I like you.”

“You don’t even know me. Leave me alone.” The traitor tears fell just before I turned away. Jared’s face formed a look of pain and then I fled.

He was a very good actor. Pretending that I’m beautiful. That he liked me. Hurting my feelings. Obviously Paul or someone had put him up to this. Probably realised I’m in love with Jared and wanted to hurt me. The tears fell freely now as I ran to my car. I couldn’t see them, their probably laughing.

“Wait. Girl. Please.” Jared’s voice broke the silence of the school parking lot.

“Leave me alone” My voice broke on alone and I heard Jared catch up to me. Warm hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me into the owner’s chest. I knew it was Jared but I relaxed and the tears stopped. Jared was hot. Really hot and not just look wise. His warm hands stroked my stomach through my top. I sighed.

“Please. Tell me your name. I need to know.” That made me mad again. I struggled in his arms trying to push myself out of his grip. He seemed to catch on that I was struggling and he re leased me. I turned to face him. His eyes were looking at me softly. My hair whipped around me and came into my face. Jared’s hand came up to brush it away but I jerked away from him. He looked hurt and slowly dropped his hand.

“You want to know my name?” He nodded looking hopeful. “Then go back in fucking time and pay attention to the girl who sat next to you for 12 fucking years.” And then I turned and ran all the way home.


A werewolf. That’s what I am. Before this I was just Jared Macaw. But now I was a werewolf. Paul Blackbird was also a werewolf. We phased for the first time together. Sam Uley was our pack leader. I take back all the bad stuff I ever said about Sam; he’s actually a stand up guy. I hate being a werewolf. I had controlled my temper so I didn’t phase most the time I got mad but Paul on the other hand. God that boy had a problem. I hated that I hardly got sleep anymore. Running patrols during the night took its toll. But there was perks. Strength. Speed. And the skill to heal in about 5minutes.

I hadn’t been to school in two weeks. I couldn’t until I had my temper in control. Now I could go back. I’d never thought I’d say this but I couldn’t wait to go back to school. To feel normal again. Paul was coming back to. Even though he hadn’t perfected keeping his temper in check I would be there to control him.

The drive to school didn’t take long. Just five minutes. Paul was sitting in the passenger seat of my mums Toyota while I drove and he stuffed his face with my mum’s pancakes.

“Pig” I mumbled under my breath.

“Shut pansy.” He laughed at my expression. Pansy. He had been calling me that after I acted like a girl when I came face to face with a bear. That thing was huge excuse me for screaming.

“Get out of my car” I growled at him once I had pulled into the parking lot. He laughed and hopped out the car.

“Come on Pansy you know you love it when I call you that.” I smacked him on the upside of his head and walked to first lesson.

The day past slowly and before I knew it, it was lunch time. I couldn’t sit with my old friends anymore. It wasn’t safe. I could see Embry, Quil and Jacob all staring at me and I could here their whispers about why I was with Paul. I drowned them out and continued eating my lunch. When I looked at the food it looked like dinner for four. Werewolf’s I had noticed always want to eat. Paul was sitting next to me scoffing down his food. Pig, But I was one to talk.

Paul and I chatted quietly about patrols and then about girls he wanted to hook up with. I was quietly staring at my plate listening to Paul when he nudged me.


“That little black haired chick was just staring at you.” I looked to where he was pointing and all I saw was the back on a small black haired girl. From what I could see of her back, she had a killer body. Who was she? I continued to stare at the back of her head and decided to see if I could hear her.

“He’s probably glaring” I heard a glum but unbelievably beautiful say. I froze who was this girl with the angel voice. I hadn’t seen her face. But I wanted to. I looked away and to her friend who was about to open her mouth when the bell rang.
Paul and I made our way slowly to history laughing and joking about Sam and some of the pranks we pulled on him on patrols during the two weeks. Paul wasn’t paying attention and rammed into a girl knocking her flying on the floor and spreading her bag and its contents all over the floor. I quickly looked at the girl not fully noticing her just checking she’s not out cold.

“Paul man. Watch where you’re going.” I shot him a glare and he looked at me with a sheepish look and then turned to the girl.

“Sorry Kimster.”

“It’s ok” It’s that voice. My eyes immediately went to her. And blimey she was beautiful. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. Her hair was black and fell just above her waist. Her eyes were a deep brown and her body was perfect and I’m sure it would feel perfect in my arms. Everything in my world in that moment revolved around this girl. In that moment she became the centre of my universe. She was the love of my life. My soul mate. I needed to protect her from everything and everyone.

I had imprinted.

I am in love with this angel in front of me.

“No way. This is too good.” Paul laughed at my face and I knew that he knew I had just imprinted

“Hi” I sounded breathless even to my own ears. “I’m Jared. What’s your name?”

Paul laughed even harder “Dude. You’ve been sitting next to the girl since freshman year.”

No that is impossible. How had I gone three years with this beauty sitting next to me and not notice?

“Three years?” She nodded “Are you serious three years and I never noticed how beautiful she was?” My angel blushed and looked at me and then her face became angry. She leapt to her feet and picked up her belongings. Paul and I helped her and she gave us the dirtiest look. Paul grinned and recoiled from her. Why I felt like I was going to die from that look.

“What’s wrong?” What had made my angel mad?

“What’s wrong? You act like I don’t exists for 12 years and all of the sudden I’m beautiful. You don’t even no my name.”

“But… I like you.”

“You don’t even know me. Leave me alone.” Her words were like a slap in the face. Paul laughed even harder. And then I saw the tears fall from her eyes. And my heart broke my love was crying. I wanted to die. And then she ran. She ran from me. I did the first thing I thought of. I ran after her.

“Wait. Girl. Please.” I called after her in the school parking lot.

“Leave me alone” Her voice broke on the word alone and my heart clenched for her. I caught up to her and I let my arms circle her waist and pulled her into my chest. I was right she belonged here. I slowly started to stroke her stomach with my hands comforting her.

“Please. Tell me your name. I need to know.” At my words she seemed to get mad again. Struggling in my arms to get free from my grip. I didn’t want to hurt her so I let her go. She slowly turned to face me. And I was once again struck by my love for this girl in front of me. Her hair whipped around her and I gently reached my hand out to push it from her face. She recoiled from me. That hurt. I slowly dropped my hand.

“You want to know my name?” She asked me. I nodded “Then go back in fucking time and pay attention to the girl who sat next to you for 12 fucking years.” And then she ran from me again.

“Please.” I shouted after her. But she was already gone. Tears formed before I knew it. My love had run from me. I sat on the floor. My head in my hands grunting in frustration and pulling at the strands of hair on my head.

“Her names Kim.” I turned my head sharply at the voice and saw the girl who was sitting with my angel at lunch.

“Kim” Kim. Kim. Kim; my mind was repeating her name like it was the only word it new.

“Kimberley Roe Crawler. You’ve sat next to her for 12 years.”

“12 years?” How had I never noticed?

“I’m Sammie by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Sammie” I mumbled staring in the direction my angel ran.

“If you introduce me to Paul I’ll help you with Kim.” I grinned at her and held out my hand. She shook it.

“You have a deal Sammie.” She smiled. “Follow me” I stood up and she followed me.

“You know I can’t believe you didn’t know who Kim was.”
“Neither can I she’s beautiful” I let out a whist full sigh.

“There’s more to her than that.” Sammie glared at me.

“I know. I know.” I quickly said. As we walked a listened for the sound of Paul’s voice I located him up where I left him. As we turned the corner I saw Paul flattening Quil against a locker.

“PAUL” I shouted “Let him down.” I placed my hand on Paul’s shoulder and tugged he released Quil and turned to stare at me.

“What?” I asked.

“You wanna know what he was saying about your Kim?” My head snapped into Quil’s direction who gulped under my glare and then I turned back to Paul.

“What?” I asked clenching my fist which had started to shake. Paul looked at my fist and sent me a warning look.

“He just said how he wouldn’t mind a piece of that ‘arse’ and how he was going to ask her out tonight and that you have no right talking to her. Oh and then something else about her arse.” Before Paul or anyone had time to react I now had Quil pinned to the locker.

“You fucking what?” I seethed. “What did you say about her arse?” Quil did nothing but stutter. “And you fucking think I can’t talk to her. She means a lot to me. Don’t fucking talk about her in that way. I’ll fucking kill you.” I was pissed he was trying to take my Kim away from me.

“Jared man let go.” Paul grabbed me around the waist and lifted me away from Quil I struggled with him.

“He’s trying to take Kim from me.”

“No. Mate remember she belongs with you. She’s your other half remember. Imprint.” He whispered at me. I relaxed but still sent death glares at Quil. My hands were still shaking a little bit. I wanted to kill him.

“Jeez man what the fuck is your problem?”

“Kim isn’t something to mess with. Jared is extremely protective over her” Who knew Paul could talk without shouting.

“HE’S NEVER EVEN SPOKE TO HER BEFORE. YOU PROBABLY DARED HIM TO MESS WITH HER FEELINGS. FINE HE CAN FUCKING HAVE HER. SHE’S NOTHING SPECIAL ANYWAY. I CAN HAVE ANYONE I WANT.” Quil shouted. Paul and I both lunged at Quill who seemed to come to his senses and run in the opposite direction.

“Who the fuck did he think he is raising his at me.” Paul was pissed.

“Kim’s more than fucking special” Sammie said. Paul looked at Sammie. I was to busy staring after Quil. How dare he speak about Kim in that way? My beautiful, smart, wonderful-

“JARED” I was brought out of my thoughts by Sammie who was looking at me pointedly.

“Oh. Paul this is Sammie. Sammie this is Paul” Paul winked at her while she giggled a hello.

“How you doing?”

“Yeah enough of that. Sammie. You said you’d help me.” She tore her eyes from Paul.

“Oh yes I did. Follow me.” She motioned for Paul and me to follow her and we did. We followed her to near the first beach to a little yellow house.

“Talk to her. Apologise.” Sammie said motioning to the door.

“Wait What? This is Kim’s house. Oh God.” I slowly made my way to her door as I knocked gently I heard Paul and Sammie leave and the door opened slowly.


“Can we talk?”

“Umm. Yeah sure.” She opened the door for me. When she had shut the door behind me I managed to take in her beauty.

My Angel.

“What did you want Jared?” I realised I had been staring to long.

“I’m sorry.” She blinked.


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not noticing you all these years. I’m sorry for not knowing your name. But I really like you. And I want to make up for that. Please Kim.” She looked at me.

“What is it with you? STOP TRYING TO HURT ME.” Hearing my angel shout at me and seeing the hate in her eyes hurt me more than anything. “Leave me the hell alone. Go back and laugh about me to Paul.” She walked to the door. “Go on. GET OUT.”

“Kim. Please.” I pleaded with her.

“OUT” My angel looked close to tears. I gave her one last pleading look and left. My heart stayed with her.