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Jared's Angel

Kim Crawler has been in love with Jared Macaw for 12years. What happens when he finally notices her? Will she give in straight away? Or will she make him work for it? Canon pairings expect for Paul/Oc

Hey. I really hope you like this. I am posting others that I have finished but I really hope you like this one. My first imprint story.

2. Chapter 2

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--- Kim POV

This thing with Jared was confusing the hell out of me. I didn’t know he could be so cruel to someone. Pretending you liked them just for fun? He didn’t even no my name and I’ve sat next to him for years. Did he have any idea how that made me feel?

It hurt.

I’ve been crying all after known. The tears wouldn’t stop. How he knew where I lived I had no idea but I hope he never came here again. I never thought I’d say that but he was no longer the Jared I knew. He was different.

The Jared I had watched for years now wouldn’t have messed with girl feelings. Yes he got a round a bit but he never hurt them. They knew it was a one time deal. But this Jared, he may look good but god damn he didn’t care for people feelings anymore. I never knew he was such a good actor either.

My heart clenched. This wasn’t Jared. What in the world was going on? How could someone change in such a short time? I knew Paul could be a jerk but Jared.

I was brought out of my musings by a knock on the door. As I made my way from my spot on the floor by my bedroom I hastily wiped my eyes to remove my tears. If it was Jared I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. As I opened it I sighed in relief.

It wasn’t Jared it was Quil.

“Hey Quil! What’s up?” He grinned cheekily at me.

“Kim. I wanted to ask something.”


“You wanna go out on a date with me this weekend?” I was shocked. Quil had never before shown interest. Maybe a night out with Quil was exactly what I needed to get Jared out of my head. As I silently thought about what I was going to say to Quil I heard a sound come from the trees beside my house. It sounded something like a whimper. A whimper I knew to well. A whimper someone made when they were crying. I shook it of I was obviously hearing things.


“Really?” Quil asked looking excited.


“Wicked I’ll pick you up at 7 on Saturday” He placed a quick kiss on my cheek and left.

As I shut the door feeling slightly happier a howl echoed from the forest. A wolf howl. It sounded like it was in pain. It sounded heartbroken. I shook it off again wolfs can’t sound heartbroken. With a shake of my head I turned to the kitchen to start dinner.

Dinner that night was un-eventful as usual. Mum and Dad didn't get home till about 8 so it ended up cold. And I had no idea where Kerion my brother was. Idiot was probably out with some college girl again.

All night I kept hearing the same howls from the woods near my house and if I'm being honest it was scaring me. It sounded really close. My Dad always said there was wolfs near hear but I had never heard them so close before.

It took me ages to get to sleep and I finally did at around 2 but I was incredibly restless.


The next day dawned grey and cloudly. No surprise there. I was tired and just wanted this day to be over already. I took extra long getting ready this morning. I wanted to look good. I must have emptied my entire closet. Finally I gave up on looking good and chose my favourite pair of white skinnys and a Bobby Long t-shirt I brought in Seattle. I topped it off with a pair of hightops. My hair just didn't want to co-operate with me today so I just pushed it back into a pony tail.

"Kimyyyyy" Was the first thing I heard when I entered the school grounds before first class. Sammie came walking towards me. Hand in hand with Paul. My eye's widened and I looked between their clasped hands and their faces. Sammie was glowing she was so happy. I always knew she kind of liked Paul. Even though he could be a jerk he seemed to make her really happy. If that was the case, I guess I could like him.

"Wow. You two huh?" Paul winkind and looked down at Sammie smiling. She smiled back at him lovingly. Aww. They really liked eachother why couldn't I have that.

"Yeah. Oh look there's Jared. Oh god he looks terrible." I looked towards where Sammie was pointing and Jared did indeed look terrible. He looked like he'd just had the worse news possible. Bags were under his eyes which were swollen red. Before any of us could say anything Quil was behind me wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me in for a hug.

"Hey Kim. You ok today?" Quil asked.

"Yeah I'm ok"

"We still on for Saturday?" He asked.

Before I could answer Paul was shouting.

"JARED." We all turned around to see Paul running at Jared who had a look of pure haterd etched on his face, tears in his eyes and his whole frame was shaking. A second later Jared had done this kind of leap at Quil but Paul wrapped his arms around Jared to hold him back. "JARED. CALM DOWN."

Jared seemed to be muttering a lot of curses and death threats at Quil. "I TOLD HIM. I FUCKING TOLD HIM." Jared's eyes were trained on Quil who I noticed was wearing a very smug look. Sammie was looking at Jared, who was still trying hard to get out of Pauls grip, and then looked at Quil wide eyed.

"Quil you didn't?" was all she said.

"I did. We're going out on Saturday aren't we babe?" Quil said. Before I could reply to that Paul interrupted me again.

"I'm taking you home buddy. I'll call you later Sammie." Jared turned his eyes to me and I gasped. His eyes were filled with tears and he had the most heartbroken expression on his face. "Please don't" He mouthed at me and then looked pointedly at Quil. Paul shoved Jared roughly in the direction of the gate and continued to push him until he was out of site.

"QUIL." We all turned around to see Jacob and Embry coming towards us. "You idiot. He wanted to kill you yesterday because you wanted to ask out Kim. So you ask her anyway? Just to spite him?"

"What?" He did this to spite me? Wow. "What is it with you boy's? Do my feelings mean nothing to anyone?" And for the second time I ran from school.

"Quil your such an arse. Did her feelings mean anything to you?" I heard Sammie ask him. And then I heard her footsteps behind me."Kim wait up." I turned to face her and let my tears fall. "Oh Kim. You don't deserve this." She wrapped her arms around me tightly. Whispering words of comfort to me. We were silent for a long time until my tears stopped.

"So...you and Paul huh?" I asked her smiling.

She blushed. "Yeah. We spent all last night together before he had to go home. We spoke about everything and anything. He was so kind and he didn't try anything. And when he left he kissed my forehead and asked if he could pick me up this morning. And this morning he asked me to be his girlfriend." She was smiling so hard it just made me smile.

"I'm so happy for you." I hugged her again and we fell into easy conversation as we walked back towards my house. Not bothering and not in the mood for school today. As we reached my house, two peircing wolf howls sounded from the forest. One sounded again heartbroken. And one was a warning.