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Jared's Angel

Kim Crawler has been in love with Jared Macaw for 12years. What happens when he finally notices her? Will she give in straight away? Or will she make him work for it? Canon pairings expect for Paul/Oc

Hey. I really hope you like this. I am posting others that I have finished but I really hope you like this one. My first imprint story.

3. Chapter 3

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Chapter three- Friends?

Paul was still trying to calm me down. But nothing could. My eyesight was clouded with that image. Quil's arms wrapped around her. I wanted to be the one to hold her that way. I let myself finally phase, my human body couldn't deal with this kind of pain. I let out a cry of pain. The howl sounded across the forest and then Paul sent out a warning to Sam. Sam needed to be here. My wolf form was shaking turns out even my wolf form couldn't deal with this pain.

Jared man calm down.

Kill Quil. Kill Quil.

Stop thinking that Jared.

I'll kill you to in a minute.


I finally started to calm myself. But I was having problems. Paul started using his imagination and conjured up images of me and Kim. My arms wrapped around her. Her smiling and laughing with me as we watched our children play on first beach It worked. I calmed down.

What happened?

Jared saw Kim in the arms of Quil and heard Quil confirming a date between the pair.

Ah. Your imprint in the arms of someone else.

I nodded. Paul was currently relaying everything he had seen until the moment he dragged me out of the school.

Jared. By the looks of things you’ve confused the hell out of the poor girl. First you will make things right and explain why you kicked of.

You want me to tell her I’m a werewolf?

Yes and Paul you will be telling Sammie also. They deserve the truth. Now I’m going back to Emily. Stay away from Quil Jared.

Paul and I looked at each other and both phased back.

"Oh God. I can’t tell her. She’ll think I’m crazy." Paul was mumbling pacing back and forth.

"At least your imprint like’s you." I spat at him.

"Yeah that’s true. Yours probably likes me to." I threw a tree branch at him.

"Come on. Let’s just get this over with." Paul and I ran back to the school when we reached there it was lunch so it wouldn’t be hard to find. They searched and neither girl was there. Paul and I were starting to get more and more anxious at the absence of our girls.

"Jacob" I called when I saw him standing with Quil and Embry. Quil had a smug little smirk on his face that I really wanted to punch off.

"Yeah man?"

"Do you know where Kim and Sammie are?" I asked. Quil snorted so I rounded on him. "What?" I spat.

"Oh nothing. She was upset. Crying and everything and ran. Sammie went with her." Kim crying.

"Why was she crying?" Paul asked guessing I was to angry to speak.

"Because Quil’s a fucking idiot he was going to play Kim to get even with Jared." Jacob and Embry both looked really apologetic. I’ll give them that. I had just opened my mouth to let out a stream of threats and curse when I saw Paul’s arm swing forward and punch Quil in the nose.

"Move before Jared kills you." Paul threatened as Quil hunched over blood pouring from his nose. Jacob and Embry tried not to laugh and pulled Quil away. "Come on. Sammie’s not answering her phone, let’s go to Kim’s." Just as we turned the corner we were stopped by the principal.

"Ah Mr. Macaw and Mr. Blackbird. Where have you been?"

"Now’s not the time. Got to run." Paul and I sprinted past him and ran in the direction of Kim’s house. It didn’t take us long. Becoming a werewolf made us fast even in human form.

When we reached Kim’s we used our extensive hearing to see if anyone was about. All we could hear was Kim and Sammie.

"But Kim, you’ve been in love with Jared for years." At Sammie’s words my mouth opened in shock, once the shock wore of I started doing a little victory jig.

"Yes she likes me" Paul stood there laughing. His laughter was so loud we didn’t hear Kim’s front door open.

"Wow Jared who knew you could dance?" I blushed and looked at Kim who was fighting back giggles by the looks of things.

"Just one of my many talents" I told the two giggling girls.

"Sammie" I heard Paul say as he walked towards his imprint. My eyes were trained on Kim who was staring straight back at me. I slowly made my way towards her.

"I’m sorry about earlier. Shouting at Quil. I mean it’s not my place it’s just-" I didn’t get to finish what I was going to say because Kim’s arms wrapped around my waist. I slowly placed my arms around her and we stood there just holding each other. I felt complete.

"Thank you. If you hadn’t freaked this morning I would never have found out. Thank you Jared." She placed a gentle kiss on my cheek and I felt burnt. A goofy smile spread on my face.

"You kissed me." I said to her smiling. She giggled and slapped my chest.

"Yeah I kissed you. But on your cheek. You don’t deserve a real one."

"Oh really? Well what do I do to deserve it?" As she opened her mouth to reply our conversation was interrupted.

"YOU’RE a WHAT?!" Sammie shouted. Oh God. Here we go. Sammie was slowly backing away from Paul a scared look on her face. Paul was standing in front of her arms up, palms forward and a pleading look on his face.

"Sammie, please I won’t hurt you. I swear. I’d die before I’d hurt you. Jared’s a werewolf to." Kim and Sammie’s eyes flashed to me and Kim extracted her self from my arms. I shot Paul a glare.


"Werewolf?" I nodded. "Prove it."

I sighed. "Ok. Follow me." I walked towards the forest and I could hear Kim following silently behind me. This could end two ways. She could expect me and love me or she could turn away.

"Wait here. Please." I looked at her and she just nodded. I ran behind the nearest tree and shed all my clothes and phased into my wolf form. I could hear Paul in my mind so I knew he had also phased. I could see Sammie in his mind. She looked petrified.

I slowly made my way back round the tree and sat in front of Kim. She just stared. Little gasps coming from her little mouth every time I blinked or moved. Then slowly ever so slowly she made her way towards me. Her hand slowly reached up to stroke the fur. I couldn’t help it. I started purring my purring made her giggle.

"I’m still your friend Jared." My little human/wolf heart burst at her words and I pulled a goofy wolf face tongue hanging out the side of my mouth. She laughed at me and I let out a laugh that sounded like a bark.

"Can you be human again Jared?" I nodded and thought I’d push my wolf luck and licked the side of her face. "Jared Macaw that was disgusting." But she was laughing.

I ran back to the tree and phased not bothering to check on Paul sure he was ok and pulled my clothes back on.

"I think I prefer wolf Jared." Kim said as we walked out of the forest.

"Oh and why is that?"

"Because he can’t talk" I gasped in mock horror and started tickling her sides. She laughed and ran from me. I chased after her but she stopped abruptly and I almost collided with her.

"Kim what?" She pointed in front of her. My good mood disappeared straight away.

Paul was sitting on Kim’s front steps tears streaming from the usually scary guys eyes when he looked at us the look on his face said it all.

"She wants’ nothing to do with me."

"Oh Paul" Kim made her way over to him and wrapped her arms around him. That’s why I loved this girl. She was unbelievably kind. Even to someone like Paul. As Kim comforted Paul I caught Sammie scent and followed after her. I followed the scent all the way to first beach. There she was. Sitting on the sand facing the water. Just watching. She looked beautiful but never as beautiful as his Kim. As if sensing someone was there she jumped up and started backing away from me.

"Sammie. I won’t hurt you."

"Where’s Kim?"

"With Paul at her house. She’s fine. I won’t ever hurt her. Or you. Neither will Paul. Just trust us. You mean so much to Paul. You’re all he talks about. He’s there now crying."

"It’s just he’s a werewolf."

"So am I." She nodded.

"You won’t hurt us?"

"Never." I vowed. She sighed and the smiled.

"Crying huh?" I laughed.

"Like a baby."

We slowly made our way back to Kim’s and when we got there I saw red.


"What are you doing here?" I shouted. Paul had Kim behind him and was standing facing Quil.

"I came to make sure Kim was safe. We all know what a temper you two have" He said pointing at Paul and I.

"Quil. Either apologies to Kim for earlier or leave." Sammie spoke up.

"Fine. Look Kim. I’m really sorry. I just wanted to get one over on Jared and it wasn’t fair for me to use you like that. I hope you can forgive me." I looked at Kim who looked at me and winked.

"Maybe one day." Was all she said before she grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. Followed by Sammie and Paul who slammed the door in Quil’s face.

When we reached her bedroom we all fell to the floor laughing at the look on Quil’s face. It took us a while to calm down and Kim was the one who managed it first.

"What’s with the wired obsession you two have with us now?" She asked. I looked at Paul who nodded motioning for me to explain.

"We imprinted. Me on Kim and Paul on Sammie."

"Imprinted?" Sammie asked.

"It means we find our soul mate. The one were destined to be with. Our other half basically. Our love for them beats everything else. They are our world and we would do and be anything for them. Protector, brother, friend or lover." I said the last bit while looking at Kim who blushed under my stare.

"I want Paul to be my lover." Paul grinned and pulled Sammie onto his lap. Everyone looked at Kim who looked at me sadly.

"I… Jared…I can’t deal with this." She whispered and I felt my heart break. She gave me a look. Pleading with me to understand. I needed to be in wolf form. I walked towards her and placed my hands on her cheeks and I kissed her forehead.

"Ok." I pressed another lingering kiss on her forehead and left.





– Sam.
– Jared.
– Sam.
- Sam.
- Paul
- Sam
- The double timber in Sam's voice echoed in my head. I couldn't disobey an Alpha command.
- Jared
- Paul
- Jared
- Paul