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Missunderstand Me

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One Shot This is my take on the missing scene from New Moon, when Edward confronts Jasper after the papercut incident. Revised


1. Chapter 1

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I struggled violently as Emmett and Rosalie drug me out of the house.

“Dammit, Jasper,” Emmett bellowed as I drove an elbow into his stomach. “Get a hold of yourself. It’s Bella!”

The farther I was pulled from the house, the calmer I became. But no, it wasn’t the house. It wasn’t the blood either. I could still feel the hunger, and it was gripping me firmly by the wrists. Suddenly I went completely still, and my wardens hesitantly released me, lowering me to the ground in a small clearing at the base of a bluff near the river. They stood in the silence for a moment, staring down at me with black eyes, Rose’s full of hate, contempt, Emmett’s full of shock, even fear.

They had nothing to worry about. I was in control again. Of myself, of us. I closed my eyes, scented the air. I could still smell the blood, even from here, but it was nothing. I turned my back on the house and waited. Rose and Emmett moved restlessly behind me, but I ignored them. Then, as soon as it had left me, it returned, that unbearable thirst, and I knew Edward was coming.

I had time to reflect on the fact that this either meant Bella was dead and he was coming to kill me, or Bella would be just fine and he was coming to kill me. Then he was on me.

Stupid boy.

He moved too fast, attacked before I knew he was ready. He threw away his only hope of winning a fight against me; his mind reading. I didn’t have time to think, only to act, letting instinct drop me to one knee. Vaulting back up as he went over my shoulder, I flipped him over easily, smashing him down on his back, knocking both wind and will from him temporarily.

I stepped back, letting him roll over onto his hands and knees. I had thought this little bout would bring him to his senses, but I was wrong. Once again, I was unprepared for his attack, and once again it ran in my favor.

Edward went for my throat, and I knew that he truly did mean to kill me. I could see it in his eyes, feel it on the back of my neck, as I always did. I let him catch me in the shoulders and throw me to the ground, but I used his momentum and our combined weight to take us over in a somersault. My brother found himself on his back once more, this time with my hand around his throat, my teeth inches from it. I felt Rose and Emmett moving in on either side, but they didn’t interfere. They were too scared.

Leaning in close, I licked a line from the base of Edward’s throat to his left ear. He cringed away, not in digust, but in fear. He was uncomfortable with my teeth so close.

“I have a scar for every vampire who’s ever tried to kill me,” I snarled quietly into his ear.

Shoving myself up off him, I stepped away, running the back of my wrist over my mouth. I watched silently as he stood, straightening his clothes. “I won’t ask you to add one,” I commented, “though it will certainly skew the tally. But since I haven’t killed you, I don’t suppose it would be fair.”

There was a beat of silence, then he spoke.

“Leave,” he snarled. “If I ever see you again, I will kill you.”

I could stand it no longer. I burst into laughter. And again he attacked. But it was getting old, and I was getting bored. He went spinning, crashing into the rocky bluff on the other side of the river.

“You idiot,” I said, shaking my head. “You just don’t get it, do you?”

“You almost killed Bella,” he screeched. “What is it I don’t get?”

“I didn’t almost kill her, you did.”

He deadpanned. “What?”

“You, all of you, you just think I can’t control myself?” I laughed derisively. “Jesus. It’s you I can’t control. What do you think it’s like, Edward? You know your own thirst.” Saying this I threw the feeling out at him, the burning want. “What about Esme’s? Carlisle’s? Emmett’s? Rosalie’s? Alice’s?” As I named each source of hunger, I increased the pressure on him. His eyes glazed, maddened, and his hands went to his throat.


I screamed it as loud as I could, never opening my lips. And he did. He lept from the protrusion of rock he stood on, coming back to himself in the icy, rushing water of the river below. Looking up at me, I could see the horror on his face.

“How did you…”

I turned from him and began to walk away. “Should I tell you whose hunger was the worst Edward?” I asked.

“You hurt her,” he cried, clinging to his illusions.

My fury flared once more, and I whipped around, striding back to him. “You threw her into a pile of glass Edward!” I snarled. “Now tell me who hurt her.”

His face blanked.

Rose and Emmett stood behind us, completely dumbfounded. I didn’t care anymore. In that moment, I wanted more than anything to be on my own again, a rogue nomad, without others’ feelings to tiptoe around. To hide from. And so I left. But even as I ran into the growing darkness, I knew I would be back.