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Emmett's Prank

Emmett decides t pull a prank on Bella while Edward and the family is away.


1. Emmett's Prank

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 619   Review this Chapter

Everyone but me and Emmett were hunting. Emmett was flipping through the channels on the flat screen. I was reading Wuthering Heights. Again.

“Bella you are so boring. I don’t see what Edward sees in you.” I rolled my eyes. He’s so immature. Emmett disappeared into the kitchen. He came back with two soda cans. I wrinkled my nose. He threw one at me. I caught it.

“Emmett you’re sick. I’m not going to drink this.” I said still wrinkling my nose.

“Relax Bella. It’s animal blood in a can. We keep them in handy when we’re too lazy to hunt.”

“Are you saying that I need to hunt? If you are I’m pretty sure I can catch up with Edward.” He sighed.

“Bella just open it.” He said frustrated.

“Fine.” I said. I slid my finger under the tab and pulled up. The can exploded. I screamed. Blood flew everywhere. All over the white furniture and my outfit. Alice is going to kill me.

“Emmett! What the hell! Alice is going to kill me!”

“Oh come on Bella you have to admit, that was really funny.”

“Oh Emmett, you are so dead.” I hissed through my teeth. I crouched down ready to spring.

“That is if you can catch me.” He ran out the door towards the river. I followed after him. We both jumped the river.

“Ha, Ha, sucker!” Emmett called. We ran for another mile when something pounced on me. I kicked it into a tree. Then I realized that it was Edward. By now Emmett had stopped and turned around to find me.

“Sorry Edward. I didn’t know that was you.”

“Bella what are you doing here and why are you covered in blood?” He said brushing himself off.

“Long story. Where’s Emmett?” I said darkly. I started scanning the trees. Emmett then pounced on me. He pinned my arms above my head.

“Gotcha little sis’.” I growled. Alice and everyone else came through the trees. Edward pulled Emmett off me and helped me up. Alice gasped.

“Bella there better be a good explanation to why your clothes are covered in blood.” I knew Alice would be mad.

“Emmett made one of those cans of animals blood explode on me.” I said hastily. Rosalie slapped him in the back of the head. Alice turned to Emmett.

“Pay up Emmett. You ruined the outfit you pay for it.” I stuck my tongue out at him. He had his head down as if he were ashamed. I took my chance to tackle him. Alice looked at me. I slammed Emmett against a tree so hard I heard the tree snap, but it didn’t collapse. I grinned at him.

“Don’t ever try to trick me again.”

“Whatever Bella. I was just having some fun.” I rolled my eyes and went over to Edward’s side. I looked around to see how much damage me and Emmett had caused. I then noticed that Renesmee wasn’t in view. I dropped my shield.

Where’s Renesmee?

“She’s at La Push with Jacob.” He whispered in my ear.

“Oh.” Alice and Rosalie were still scolding Emmett. I was grinning smugly.

“Are you planning on changing into something different? You’re driving me insane.” Edward whispered in my ear.

“Yes, let’s go, I’ve had my fun.” We ran to the cottage. I went strait into the shower to try and wash some of the blood out of my hair and skin. After that I went into our large closet and found the most comfy clothes, a stretch cotton t-shirt and sweat pants. I’m pretty sure Alice wouldn’t freak out if this type clothing got ruined.

I learned something today. I love seeing Emmett getting in trouble.