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This story is about a girl named Jakie, I honestly don't know her age yet :S sorry. she a half werewolf. A child of the moon. In a accident she gets bidden by a vampire, and changes, but what does she change into? and how will she deal with the way her life has changed. Will she ever forgive the vampire who changed her?... Jackie gets a special gift, and someone we all know and "adore" is pretty smug about it. She will go through a lot of changes and I hope some of you out there are willing to follow her in these changes, and support me to keep writing :D

Okay just so we are clear. Jackie is a werewolf, A real one. Not a shapeshifter. She is also half human. She is like Reneesme just with werewolves. THIS STORY IS ON HOLD! For Now I Will Update You All Soon On Whether Not I Will Continue This One.. It's Because I Wanna Finish See You Again Before I Continue.

I have Rated This Story Adult Just In Case.

Okay Take Care All. ~StupidoLamb~

The story starts right on!

1. Predator becomes the prey.

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Chapter one: Predator becomes the prey.

I was out running, when it happened. First thing I know is I was crouching to spring on a dear, when I got hit by something rock hard, it smelled sweet and yet muddy. There was a blinding pain in my neck and it felt like the animal – what else it could be – was ripping my throat out. I twisted trying to get free of the blinding pain in my neck, but the animal was to strong for me – if it even was an animal – I heard a gurgling sound, the sound of an animal drowning in its own blood. I shivered, thinking about the poor animal, doomed to die like that. The pain was horrible, I screamed – or yelped, as I was in my wolf form – and sobbed at the same time. I felt weaker by the minute; it was like whatever that had grabbed me, was sucking my life force out. Please stop, I thought, begging the monster, I don’t want to die, help me. I pleaded, in my thoughts as the words wouldn’t form in my mouth. Predator had now become the prey.

“Stop, Emmett!” A musical voice ordered, “She’s human!”

What? I opened my eyes drowsily. A beautiful man was standing over me, on my right side. He was looking like he was in pain, like he was scared. But I couldn’t understand why, so I just smiled at him weakly.

Then I felt strong arms around me, holding me tight, like clamps holding me in place and holding me down. I panicked trying to get lose, but nothing, the only thing I did was making it hold me tighter. It felt like the beast was set on crushing me to dust.

Then I was free, just like that, I knew it had nothing to do with me, because it was like whatever had been holding me, had suddenly just decided to let me go. I looked at my left side, and found another beautiful man sitting next to me. He was looking at me, quivering like he just got out of a cold shower, and his face was twisted in a weird way, he was covered in blood.

He had dark curly hair, and was big, like a bodybuilder. There were deep growls coming from him. I wondered if he was a werewolf too, but just before I opened my mouth to ask, I saw his eyes. They were light crimson red, and glaring at me ravenously, I crumbled away from him, terrified.

Then I noticed the other man, the man with the musical voice, he was holding him, no restraining him is more like it.

“No Emmett!” The beautiful man said in his music voice, I noticed his hair was bronze and his eyes were a light shade of gold, and he was pale, like he had never seen the sun before.

I noticed now that I was no longer in my wolf form, which was weird. I looked up at the sky, and yes, it was still there, the cursed yellow full moon that haunted me, in my nightmares.

I was cold, I could feel the wind caressing my skin like light icy feathers. I felt a warm touch on my neck, like someone was checking my pulse. Then it got hotter, and hotter, now it was like someone poured hot water over my neck it was spreading, I felt it in my veins burning me, had they injected something in me?

“She’s changing!” the musical voice yelled, “Emmett run to the others, and tell them what’s going on.”

There was a shushing sound like a bullet flying through the wind.

The next thing I know, was someone picking me up, I only noticed because this person is cold. It was a difference against the burning in my flesh.

“Please stop screaming.” His music voice whispered in my ear.

I’m not screaming I thought quickly, and then I realized that I was. I was screaming at the top of my lungs twisting and shouting hell words at nothing, and then I felt wind against my body, rougher then I felt before like someone just dropped me out off an airplane, in ten thousand feet above the ground, I couldn’t breathe the wind was coming at me to fast, I turned my face away from the forceful wind, and against the body of a rock hard, and ice cold man, breathing in some still air swirling between us.

I had stopped screaming like the angel had told me to; I didn’t want to upset him. I owed him my life, though it was a pitiful life, it was mine and I treasured it.

I felt the burning like being burned alive, alive until there is nothing left but ashes. But it didn’t felt like it would ever end. The wind settled, and I guess we were arrived to where ever he took me. I didn’t want to open my eyes, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to control my screaming. Though I wanted to scream, I wanted to kick, bite, yell, and tear things apart. But I didn’t I was silent, and not moving.

“What’s your name?” he asked me kindly.

Kill me, kill me, kill me, “Jackie.” Kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me…

“Okay Jackie, don’t worry I will watch out for you.” He said softly.

“Carlisle!” the music voice called and I heard someone’s approach, they where not like human footsteps they were more muted, like he was walking on a ten inches rug.

“Bring her up the stairs.” Another musical voice said, kindly, I guessed that was Carlisle’s voice.

“Where is Emmett?” The Angel asked silently. Emmett he was the one who did this to me, why would he do this to me? I though. It wasn’t fair I had never done him wrong; I didn’t even know who he was. I felt hatred against that name, that man.

“Don’t hate Emmett,” the music voice said kindly, “he is sorry, and ashamed of himself, for what he did to you.”

I opened my eyes, blinking several times to the sharp light. That was the second time he answered something I knew I hadn’t said out loud. “I didn’t… Say that…” I fought with my voice, the burn was destructive.

“No, but you thought it, and so I heard you.” the gently angel replied. “I can hear people’s thoughts.” He answered my unspoken question.

I closed my eyes, the sharp light was too bright, and I couldn’t keep them open anymore.

A moment later there was talking again, “put her here,” the gently voice of Carlisle said, and I was placed on something hard and cold.

Cold hands ran quickly up and down my body, “It’s to late,” Carlisle said again, “the venom have spread to much, we have to let her change.”

Someone sighed sadly.

“Alright,” my kind angel said after a moment, “but we have to speed up her transformation like with Bella,” he continued hastily, “we have to inject the venom directly into her heart.”

“Alright,” Carlisle said, “I’ll subtract some of my own venom, and you can bite her ankles and writs.”

Bite me? I asked in my thoughts, not believing what I was hearing.

“Yes, I have to bite you, to save you.” My angel said, and a little chuckle escaped from his lips.

That’s weird… I thought.

He laughed, and it sounded like bells from heaven.

“Ready?” he asked serious again.

Sure, go ahead and bite me, it can’t possibly get worse then this. I thought. Thinking about this being a total insane situation, and that maybe I was dead and had gone to hell, for all the things I had done. This would be my punishment.

Time passed before I felt anything, and then I felt more heat, burning my ankles and my arms, it was excruciating, I must have screamed, and twisted myself. Because I was suddenly held tightly against the hard surface I was lying on. The way I was being held reminded me of what had happened when I first was attacked. It was gruesome, and terrible. Please, I thought. I take it back, it hurts too much! Please, please! PLEASE!

“I know, I know,” the angel chanted, “I’m sorry, but it’s no use screaming.”

I knew I had screamed something, maybe it was the chant that repeated in my head. Kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me…

I felt something dull, stick inside me, it was nothing compared to the burning I felt now. Though I quickly changed my mind, when my chest suddenly sprang to life, burning with the rest of my body, killing me slowly I thought.