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This story is about a girl named Jakie, I honestly don't know her age yet :S sorry. she a half werewolf. A child of the moon. In a accident she gets bidden by a vampire, and changes, but what does she change into? and how will she deal with the way her life has changed. Will she ever forgive the vampire who changed her?... Jackie gets a special gift, and someone we all know and "adore" is pretty smug about it. She will go through a lot of changes and I hope some of you out there are willing to follow her in these changes, and support me to keep writing :D

Okay just so we are clear. Jackie is a werewolf, A real one. Not a shapeshifter. She is also half human. She is like Reneesme just with werewolves. THIS STORY IS ON HOLD! For Now I Will Update You All Soon On Whether Not I Will Continue This One.. It's Because I Wanna Finish See You Again Before I Continue.

I have Rated This Story Adult Just In Case.

Okay Take Care All. ~StupidoLamb~

The story starts right on!

2. The Change.

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Chapter two: The Change.

I didn’t have track of time, and I didn’t care. Time came and left again, but later I heard voices silent voices speaking fast, but I heard them just as clearly.

“She keeps phasing in and out of form, I can’t see her clearly.” A new chiming voice said frustrated.

“You have to focus Alice. We need to know what is going to happen with her,” Carlisle spoke silently but clearly frustrated. “I can’t get a clear vital check on her in this state.”

“I’m trying!” Alice said irritated, “but she’s like with the wolves, I can’t see her clearly because she is nothing I have ever known before.” Did she have troubles with her eye sight?

“We know Alice, but you can see some, work with that.” The angel who saved me spoke; I realized I didn’t know his name. I would have to ask him that later, in a more convenient time. Thought maybe there wouldn’t be a later… what then?

“I can’t okay!” the girl named Alice yelled frustrating, “she’s so unpredictable.” She darted out of the room, growling feverishly.

Someone sighed and left the room.

“Emmett,” my beautiful angel spoke, “You have to forgive yourself.”

I didn’t even know he was in the room, my attacker. I let out a small growl.

“I can’t,” a husky voice – but yet musical, like the rest – choked bitterly, “I did this to her, I wont forgive myself, ever.”

I moaned crabbily, he was not going to make me feel pity for him.

Someone washed my forehead with a damp rack, while another left the room.

Kill me, three thousand, and seven hundred and twenty four’s later. I started to hear muffling, like somebody mumbled to me, but I couldn’t figure out the words, it was annoying, it sounded like whining, and pleading. “Shut up,” I mumbled moaning.

“What?” someone else asked me in a husky voice, I guessed Emmett?

“Stop whining,” I said annoyed, screaming it practically at him. I didn’t like talking it hurt more, but he was just so annoying my temper started to flare.

It didn’t stop, and I took an annoyed breath in, fighting the urge to twist and shout at him. I started counting kill me’s again in a poor attempt to block out the mumbling.


Seven thousand, six hundred and forty five kill me’s later, someone walked in.

“How is she?” the voice of my angel asked.

“She’s getting there, look at her.” Emmett answered, with a little more life to his voice.

She very beautiful, also before she changed I must admit…

I saw an Image of myself lying in someone’s arms, looking like crap, I frowned.

But nothing compared to Bella though, no one can compare to her, she’s a God next to Rosalie even, my shining star… My angel continued.

Rosalie hates me, everyone hates me… I hate me. Emmett said.

Rosalie, Bella, who are these people? I wondered.

Someone gasped, Can you hear me? The voice of my angel said.

Of course I can hear you, you idiot, I thought, knowing he could hear me.

She can read my mind… my angel said.

I frowned again, stop being silly I thought.

I’m not being silly, open your eyes. He said.

I cracked my eyes open, blinking a few times, everything was so clear and so bright at the same time I felt like I had to let my eyes adjust, though I soon realized it wasn’t necessary, I could see everything clearly. Every corn of dust hovering in the air, every crack in the wood above me, I turned my head and saw my angel standing over me looking amazed.

Hi… He said, though his lips didn’t move.

“How did you do that?” I asked stunned, and weak, feeling the burn worse then before, as my concentration broke, though I couldn’t help but frown when I heard my voice, it was like music.

“I didn’t” he said, his lips moving this time. You did. This time not.

It was clear now what he meant; I could hear his mind, that’s why his lips didn’t move.

“What’s going on?” Emmett asked suspicious.

I glared at him, and he cringed back into the chair he was seated in. It made me a little guilty, but I convinced myself he deserved it. He looked different, there were faint bruises under his eyes, but it was his eyes that held my gaze, they weren’t crimson anymore, but coal black.

Please don’t be so hard on him, My bronze angel thought, he is really going trough a rough time.

I’m so sorry, was all I heard from Emmett, the rest was memories, images of what happened, and in them I saw what happened from his point of view.

He was running, and then the smell hit him, he ran faster and came across a wolf. I saw how his mind blocked out everything else, and he was nothing more then a predator now. I felt the regret and the pain it caused him, even thinking about it. He remembered the taste and the bloodlust filling his entire being. All cause left him, and the only thing in the world was the wolf – me – and him. He remembered feeling me twist and scream, and he wanted to release me, but he couldn’t the lust was taking him over. He felt me change in his arms, to a small girl. And still couldn’t let go. He thought of a monster inside of him, controlling him. I shivered, unwillingly, but the mental image of that monster was what I had seen in the woods that day, those crimson red eyes, the twisted facial expression, everything. He remembered someone calling his name, begging him to stop. He couldn’t, the monster wouldn’t let him, it grabbed tighter instead.

The memory broke of, and I realized I was sobbing, but there were no tears.

A tiny girl, with black short, pointed hair came into the room. “It’s time!” she sang. I remembered her voice, she was the girl from earlier the girl with eye sight problems, though the way she looked at me now, convinced me that it wasn’t the case. She could see perfectly fine.

“It’s done?” Emmett asked nervously, and surprised at the same time.

“Yup, she’ll be up and running in about 10… 9…8…”

“Carlisle,” my sweet angel said, “it’s almost over.”


Someone came into the room and I guessed it was Carlisle. “She’s done already?” He asked astonished.


As she counted down, I felt the burning dulling, from my chest and disappearing down my arms and out my fingers. I realized that while she was counting I had held my breath and closed my eyes. I took in a rasping mouthful of air.

It felt strange, like I didn’t need it, but jet I was relieved.