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This story is about a girl named Jakie, I honestly don't know her age yet :S sorry. she a half werewolf. A child of the moon. In a accident she gets bidden by a vampire, and changes, but what does she change into? and how will she deal with the way her life has changed. Will she ever forgive the vampire who changed her?... Jackie gets a special gift, and someone we all know and "adore" is pretty smug about it. She will go through a lot of changes and I hope some of you out there are willing to follow her in these changes, and support me to keep writing :D

Okay just so we are clear. Jackie is a werewolf, A real one. Not a shapeshifter. She is also half human. She is like Reneesme just with werewolves. THIS STORY IS ON HOLD! For Now I Will Update You All Soon On Whether Not I Will Continue This One.. It's Because I Wanna Finish See You Again Before I Continue.

I have Rated This Story Adult Just In Case.

Okay Take Care All. ~StupidoLamb~

The story starts right on!

3. Vampires.

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Chapter three: Vampires.

I opened my eyes, and found five of the most beautiful people looking at me; I had seen most of them before. But there was a new face to the pack.

She had brownish hair and golden eyes like the rest of them, pale and gorgeous to the extreme, her heart shaped face and perfect full lips made her the most beautiful in this room. She smiled at me warmly.

“That is my Bella,” my guardian angel said, “She is my wife.” Damn I thought I had absolutely no chance in hell with him then.

He chuckled lightly.

“I believe we have met,” Carlisle said kindly, “I’m Dr. Carlisle Cullen.”

I sat up and nodded respectfully.

They all introduced themselves after turn; even though they didn’t have to, I heard it all in their minds.

“I’m Edward Cullen.” my angel said smiling as the last one of them.

Emmett had introduced himself sheepishly, never looking into my eyes.

I looked at them all questioning them, until I finally asked what have been boring into my mind. “What have I changed into?”

They all looked at each other worry in their features, before Carlisle answered me. “We are not quite sure,” he started, “because as you are a werewolf, you have not changed the same way as us.”

“And what are you?” I asked suspiciously.

“Vampires,” Carlisle said, “though were different from the myths.”

I looked at them stunned for a second. Then as on cue, the sun came through the sky, behind the big wall sized window behind me. I turned around stunned and turned back in the same second, expecting to see them reduced to ashes on the wooden floor. But instead I saw them all sparkle, like huge people sized diamonds. My jaw must have hit the ground as far as it fell open, I was amazed. I know understood what he meant by different then the myths, though I had a feeling that wouldn’t be all.

Edward chuckled “You’re right, there are more.”

I saw my own skin, it was glistening faintly. “So I’m a vampire now?” I asked hopelessly, and with an unexpected sneer at the word vampire… wasn’t vampires supposed to be evil, and blood drinking monsters?

“We don’t know, but you can say that you are part vampire though.” Carlisle said.

“Some vampires are evil,” Edward said answering my thoughts, “but me and my family like to think at ourselves as vegetarians, we only drink the blood of animals.”

“So there are some who drink human blood?” I asked curious.

“Yes.” He thought of something called the Volturi, and a lot of faces were passing through his mind, in the same second.

Look at her, wow she’s so pretty, can’t wait to try on some of the dresses I bough for her, we’re going to be good friends... I frowned at the tiny girl in the doorway, something about the way she dressed herself told me I wouldn’t like what she had in mind for me.

It’s amazing how she is acting, and not to mention the physical changes. Carlisle thought about the way my skin looked, my eyes, which were a shining shade of green, and the fact that my heart was beating. I frowned at his thoughts and my own image in his mind. Did I really look like that?

“That’s not all,” Edward said talking to Carlisle, “she has already, if I may say so, a quite interesting gift.” He smirked.

“Is that so?” Carlisle said enthusiastically, he looked at me for a short millisecond, and turned back to Edward. “What can she do? And how did you find out?”

Edward chuckled, “She can read minds, like me.” He said clearly victoriously, giving me a wide grin.

I stood, raising an eyebrow at him, but when something light touched my legs, I looked down in wonder of what I was wearing, and terrified that Alice had been the one dressing me, which with great appall had been just the case. I was wearing a satin summer dress, reaching down to my ankles, in the horrific color of light pink. I swallowed sharply, and then as if the pixie like girl saw what was coming for her she darted out of the room, in an incredible speed. I couldn’t help but to stop in my thoughts and gawk, at the place she disappeared.

Carlisle, Emmett, Edward and Bella all laughed loudly, it sounded like bells chiming, and it was very beautiful.

I looked at Edward, “could you tell me where I am? I want to get my car, and call my sister, let her know I’m alright.”

They looked at each other worried again, before Carlisle addressed me, “it’s not a very good idea for you to go anywhere unsupervised right now,” he paused and continued, “We don’t know exactly what you are capable off. People could get hurt.”

I swallowed, “Hurt?” I asked frightened.

“Not that you would hurt someone.” Edward assured me.

“HURT SOMEONE!?” I screamed terrified, “WHY WOULD I HURT SOMEONE?”

They all look worried at me, afraid I might snap right then and there. I focused not wanting them to be right about me.

I heard footsteps outside the room, and they were coming fast. There were two of them, and someone was talking, no pleading someone to stop and think about what he was doing. From their thoughts I understood that someone was really pissed, and the other the one that had been pleading, was panicked.

Edward, stop him. Carlisle thought.

Edward nodded once, before he turned to me, “Don’t worry,” Edward told me. “It’s going to be just fine, I’m sure. Tell me where your car is, and I’ll get it for you.” He offered kindly.

I smiled at him in thanks and showed him in my mind where I parked it, and where my keys were hidden.

He smiled back, and darted out of the room, followed by Bella, his wife.

Emmett looked just as confused as me, and we both turned to Carlisle

Okay time to go. He thought forgetting I could read minds. “Office calls. Emmett take Jackie hunting, I have to get going.”

He darted out of the room before I had a chance to protest. I turned to look at Emmett, who looked more miserable for each second.

“Let’s get going,” he said walking shyly to the door, he held it open for me, “after you.”

I scowled at him, and walked rather gracefully out the open door.