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This story is about a girl named Jakie, I honestly don't know her age yet :S sorry. she a half werewolf. A child of the moon. In a accident she gets bidden by a vampire, and changes, but what does she change into? and how will she deal with the way her life has changed. Will she ever forgive the vampire who changed her?... Jackie gets a special gift, and someone we all know and "adore" is pretty smug about it. She will go through a lot of changes and I hope some of you out there are willing to follow her in these changes, and support me to keep writing :D

Okay just so we are clear. Jackie is a werewolf, A real one. Not a shapeshifter. She is also half human. She is like Reneesme just with werewolves. THIS STORY IS ON HOLD! For Now I Will Update You All Soon On Whether Not I Will Continue This One.. It's Because I Wanna Finish See You Again Before I Continue.

I have Rated This Story Adult Just In Case.

Okay Take Care All. ~StupidoLamb~

The story starts right on!

4. Forgiving.

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Chapter four: Forgiving.

We had walked slowly out the house and were now standing in front of a wide lake.

“What did Carlisle mean with “take Jackie hunting”?”

“You’re a vampire now,” he said frowning, “you have to hunt, drink.” He said awkwardly.

“Yuck,” I said grimacing, “do I have to?”

He laughed at that, it was loud and booming. “Yes,” he said between laughter. It was the first time I had seen him laugh, and it fit him somehow, like he was born to laugh. “Drinking blood is important for a vampire, simply to survive.” He stopped laughing, and looked at me seriously. “If you don’t, you will end up hurting, changing or killing an innocent person, or you will die…If, you’re strong enough to resist the thirst that long.”

I swallowed hard, “I don’t have a choice then huh.” I said

“You always have a choice; it’s just picking the right one that’s tricky,” He smiled again, “I know you will do the right thing.”

“How can you be so sure about that?” I asked jokingly.

“Let’s just say I have a feeling about you.” He said amused. “Are you ready to jump?” Emmett asked me more excided.

“Jump?” I asked bewildered, I scanned the distance. The river was about fifty yards wide here.

“Jump, swim, run through the water, what ever you prefer.” He said teasingly.

“You first.” I said, “But I’m not going in there just so you know.” I added and eyed the lake warily.

He nodded, took three quick backwards strides, and then ran back the three steps, launching himself across the river. I studied his movement prepared to copy them to the last detail. It looked easy and natural, it made me anxious, and what if I couldn’t do it the same way? I was a werewolf dammit.

He was over in a split second, jumped all the way behind the closely packed trees on the edges.

“Are you coming?” he called after a few moments.

“Yeah!” I called back uneasy, I could hear he chuckled.

“Alright,” I mumbled, and walked back eight steps, “In it, to win it.” I quoted what my sister used to say when she would so something stupid, to keep the mood light. I looked over the cold lake again, and took two more steps back – just in case – and ran. I launched myself – like Emmett – from a flat stone embedded in the riverbank, pushing hard with my left foot, terrified I wouldn’t get the right amount of pressure, so I gave it all I had.

There was a cracking sound as I set off from the stone, and it was as is I was like a bullet darting over the cold water. One second passed, and then I was already way past the trees, that was one thing that had me worried, the trees. What if I hit one, in this extreme speed?

I was about a few hundred yards into the woods, when I started downfall, the ground came in fast and I prepared myself for the impact. But as the trees came closer I found it easy and natural to grab a branch, and shift myself upwards curving my body to do so, and landing perfectly on another thick branch, on the opposite tree. I laughed at the insecurity I had felt earlier, and jumped gracefully to the hard ground.

Emmett came running through the trees in front of me, looking half panicked, at my uncontrollable laugh.

“BOOM BABY!” I squealed, and gave signal for a high five, “let’s do it again!”

He laughed, and all signs of panic left his features. “You know I’d love to, but we have some hunting to do.” He reminded me, “and Edward would kill me if I screwed this up.” He added as a matter of fact.

I looked into his eyes, and gave him the trained puppy eye look; I had been developing during my teenage years, and pouted.

He just laughed his booming laugh, and shook his head.

I took it a step further, and made the most heartbreaking sound even the teachers at my school couldn’t resist, and finished it off with a deep sigh, lowing my head; never once breaking eye contact.

The only change was he stopped laughing, but other then that he didn’t look convinced, I didn’t have any influence on his what so ever…

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I asked annoyed that my trick didn’t work.

He laughed again for the millionth time, and declared while grinning widely, “You obviously haven’t met my wife, Rosalie.” He chuckled, “she’s a champion in getting things her way.” He smiled knowingly, and added, “So that manipulative little stunt, have no influence on me. The only reason Rosalie gets her way, is because I love her, I would do anything for her.” I saw in his mind as he went through all Rosalie’s stunts, and tricks of having her way, usually she just used one line, repeated over and over again in his mind, in so many various situations, and different use of words but the same question in the end. “Don’t you love me?” a line I couldn’t use on him though…

“Wow, well she’s so lucky than,” I said sulking, “are all vampire men this romantic?”

He laughed again, but didn’t answer my question. Not in his mind or out loud. “Let’s get going, I don’t wanna be late.”

“Late for what?” I asked, as we started running again, faster then I ever had before, I was enjoying the thrill of it, and asking questions at the same time, wow I was actually becoming a real women, you know how they say men can’t do several things at a time? But that woman’s could. Well I must be the only women who can’t; honestly there must be an error in my chromosomes.

“Family meeting.” He answered and sighed.

“That doesn’t sound reassuring.” I said terror in my voice.

He laughed, and stopped running all of the sudden. I ran back where he had stopped, “What’s wrong?” I asked, surprised of the sudden stop.

“Nothing,” he said puzzled, “should there be?”

“No?” I said hesitating.

He shrugged his shoulders, “I bet there are bears in this area.” He scanned the mountain ahead of us, and grinned widely.

“Bears?” I asked, imagining myself fighting a bear, and shuddered.

“Yeah,” he grinned, “they are my favorites. More irritable.” He winked at me and gave me a crooked smile.

“Are there something less, I don’t know, huge?”

He laughed boomingly, and smacked me hard on my back.

I heard the crunching sound before I felt what had happened, I was lying on the ground, panting hard, I felt like I had just been hit by a wrecking ball and that it had totaled my whole left side of my body.

“Jackie!” I heard Emmett’s voice over me from somewhere, and I looked up to find him with a look of horror on his face, “Jackie!” he yelled again, “Jackie, I’m so sorry,” he said, “are you okay?”

The pain was starting to fade, and I felt my ribs healing themselves, it was painful, and much similar to the burning I felt when I was changing.

I moaned painfully, and sat up holding a hand on my left shoulder, which had been dislocated.

“Jackie?” Emmett said uncertainly.

“Yeah I’m fine,” I said locking my shoulder into place, “Just a minor injury.”

“I’m so sorry,” Emmett started, “I didn’t think, you’re different then other vampires.”

“I guess that’s because I’m not only a vampire,” I said grinning.

He smiled shyly, “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I assured him, before getting back on my feet; Emmett helped me, being very careful now. “I’m okay, no harm done.” I said again, reassuring him it was fine.

He swallowed hard, “that’s the second time I hurt you.” He said sadly.

I rubbed his back in gentle circles. I didn’t feel anger towards Emmett, quite the opposite, he was kind and sweet and I knew he wouldn’t harm me on purpose, plus seeing him, beating himself up like this was making me feel bad.

“I forgive you,” I said simply, and squeezed his arm, even if he believed me or not, I knew he needed to hear it. I heard it in his mind as it became more positive and happier.