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Mad Season

Bella has returned to her family to heal
Edward is at a personal crossroads
With everything working against them will they find happiness with each other? AH, AU, OOC rated for mature themes, violence, and lemons in some of the chapters. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight world. Stephanie Meyer does. I just get to play in her playground.

1. Chapter 1

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Sleep, my nightly torturer, kisses my face with the light touch of a lover. I fight against the sensation. Heavy eyelids fall in defeat, as I am strapped in for another night of unrest.

I am sitting in a classroom with auditorium seating. I don't even know what the class is. The low hum of the professor's voice works as white noise in the background as the students surrounding me take notes with their eyes glued to the front of the room. I should be taking notes too.

I look around my seat, but find no backpack, no pencils, notebooks, or even a book for that matter. Why would I go to any class so unprepared? I look down at my clothes. At least I am not sitting here in my pajamas or naked. The instructor continues to lecture, but I am not getting a single word.

The hair stands on the back of my neck, making me acutely aware that I am being watched. I sit a little straighter in my seat and scan the neatly lined rows of students. Then I see him in the last seat of the third row. His eyes fixed so intently on me that I am afraid to break his gaze. Why is he watching me? It is almost as if he were trying to devour me with his eyes. I can't stand it anymore and look away.

The other students are standing up and filing past the instructor leaving papers on his desk. Amazingly, now there is a folder and backpack on my desk. I open the folder, and see an essay neatly typed inside. This must be the assignment. I get in line behind the other students to turn it in.

As I follow the crowd I am aware that someone is standing unusually close to me. I force myself to not turn around. Somewhere deep inside I already know who it is.

"You smell so good," a thick husky voice whispers close to me ear. I can hear the voice inhale loudly as if to ingest all of me at once. The texture of his voice is smooth, like melted chocolate, intoxicating my mind for a minute, making my skin prickle as my heart beats faster. I am not even sure if he is talking to me or just to himself, and at the moment I really didn't care.

I place my paper in the pile with the others and leave as quickly as possible. Urgency takes over as I hurry to escape the room. I don't even know what I am running from. I suddenly feel like Little Red Riding Hood running from the Big Bad Wolf. I walk down empty corridors, and the lights dim slightly with every step I take. Where did all the students go?

Then I see him. He is at the end of the hall leaning against the off white wall. A lean muscular man with unruly brownish-red hair and smoldering emerald eyes watching my every movement. His face is non-threatening, but so serious and purposeful. It's as if he is there studying me. Like he was trying to commit everything I did to memory.

I stare back at him trying to read his expression hoping it would give me an insight as to what he wanted. Those green eyes held me fast to my place, quickening my breathing until I had to look away. It was as if he was waiting for me to come closer. I feel like a rabbit running from a dog. His eyes never leave me, and dare me to move closer. He wants me to come closer, but there is something darker beneath the look. My instincts tell me to avoid him by any means necessary.

I walk the other way. I turn a corner, and there he is at the end of that hall too. I back away, and take another hallway. I spin around and ten steps away he is there again. His intense hypnotic gaze is focused only on me. I start backing away when someone touches my shoulder from behind. A scream escapes my lungs.

"Bella! Bella!" Someone is screaming my name, and shaking me out of the darkness. "Good god, girl, will you stop that screaming already? The baby is sleeping!" It is my sister, Rosalie. I can hear others moving down the hallway outside of our bedroom.

"Everything okay in there?" I can hear my brother ask from the hallway.

"Bella is just dreaming again. Go back to sleep." Rosalie answers. She shoots me an angry look, and I glance at the alarm clock. It is only 3:30 in the morning.

"Sorry," I mumble to her. I really am sorry. I know she has to get up in two hours.

"Just go to sleep." Rosalie pulls the blankets over her head.

I stare at the ceiling knowing that sleep is what my body needs, and what my mind should avoid. Who was that man, and why was he watching me? The rest of the night sleep teases me like a performing buffoon.




I dread the thought of having to crawl into that bed. The monsters wait for me to close my eyes before they rip me to pieces. Caffeine can only work for so long, and I'll be sore if I sleep on the couch again. What would my roommate think then? I close my eyes knowing sleep will bring no rest.

She sits on my lap with her legs wrapped around my waist. Her ivory arms wrap around my neck, and it amazes me how easily my arms find her. Skin on skin my arms snake their way around her waist, and I pull her closer to me. Her smell fills my brain, and I am drunk on the fragrance.

I stare into her large brown eyes, and I can see my life, my life with her. Nothing else matters but her. I gently kiss her face, exploring every inch of her perfection. Her hands are in my hair drawing me closer. I am lost within my desire for her.

There is only us. There is only now.

Then she is gone leaving me alone in the blackness. She screams, and I am flying towards her tortured voice.

I find her in the arms of a fair-haired bear of a man. He is forcing her to go with him. He roughly yanks her by the back of her hair dragging her along with him. I can't hear what he is saying to her, but she screams in agony. I run after them, but it is no use. He is sprinting with her in his arms. The faster I try to move, the slower I actually move until they are out of my sight. Her screams intensify, but I cannot see her.

From where I sit I notice for the first time the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. The salt air feels thick and oppressive making it hard to breath. I cover my ears with my hands in a pointless effort to drown out her screaming.

I keep my eyes on the ground, and that is when I see it. The blood is in thick small pools leading away from the beach and into a dark wooded area. Is she there? Is she hurt? Is this her blood? My legs too weak to stand, I crawl along the horrific trail hoping she was not at the end of it. I know better than to wish for such things.

My hand found the horror first. It is not rock touching my fingertips. I picked up the smooth round object. It is her eye. Her perfect dark brown eyes left in the mud like a bird dropping. The earth shook, and a noise so terrible pierced the night and my sanity. It takes only seconds to realize that I am the cause of the terrible scream. The world is not shaking, I am. My entire body is numb, and trembling.

A snap turns my attention to what is behind me. I only see the fair-haired man holding the axe for a second and all goes black.

"Jesus Christ, Edward, are you okay!" It is the voice of Emmett, my roommate. His face is full of concern as he stands over my bed. My head is still so foggy from my nightmare that all I can do is give him a thumbs up while I try to sit up. "You woke up both neighbors this time, dude. Couldn't you hear them pounding on the walls?"

My feet hang over the edge of the bed, as I rub both of my hands across my face.

"Must have been some nightmare. You're sweating so bad it looks like you pissed your bed."

If he had seen my dream, he would have pissed the bed too.

"Are you going to be okay?" Genuine concern for my well-being shines from every pore of this thick face.

"Yeah," I manage to mumble still coming out of my sleep. "It was just a little intense, that's all."

"Intense hell. Whoever she is, man, leave her the hell alone. It sounds like her boyfriend was kicking your ass." He is afraid for me. His voice cannot hide it.

"What are you talking about?" I look to Emmett for some clarification.

"You talk in your sleep, dude, or I should say you yell in your sleep. I'm going back to bed." Emmett closes the door after himself leaving me once more to the darkness of a sleepless night.