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Mad Season

Bella has returned to her family to heal
Edward is at a personal crossroads
With everything working against them will they find happiness with each other? AH, AU, OOC rated for mature themes, violence, and lemons in some of the chapters. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight world. Stephanie Meyer does. I just get to play in her playground.

5. Chapter 5

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"Going out?" my Dad asks from his armchair in the living room as I gather my keys. "You look nice."

"Thanks, Dad," I answer kissing him on the balding spot on the top of his head. "I shouldn't be out too late. I'm just going to go to a movie or something. I just need a little space." I smile at him hoping he will buy my little fib. Okay, it's not a total lie. I am planning to go to a movie. I need to have a discussion with my brother, Jake, first. I just hope crashing his Guy's-Night-Out won't backfire on me.

"I know what you're planning," my Dad says not looking up from his newspaper. "You should be nicer to your brother."

"Who told you? Angela?" I let out an exasperated sigh.

"No one told me anything." I look at him with disbelief. He folds his paper neatly and places it on the end table. "You're not the only one with some talent in this family. Yours just happens to be a little stronger than some of the other gifts your sisters and brothers have inherited."

Of course, one of them told him what I was up to. The question is which one. "So, who is the rat this time?" I ask. I am not up to date on who can do what at the moment. The only two I can be sure of are Jane and Alec. They are the only ones who have not gone through puberty yet, and that seems to be when abilities appear or don't.

"Alice said to tell you to take it easy on someone named Edward. Apparently he is having a rough time, and you are going to make his night difficult." He smiles at me in an apologetic fashion.

I let out a heavy sigh. "I hate everyone knowing my business." I look to my father, and his expression is one of understanding. I am sure living with the bunch of us isn't easy for him either. "Did she at least say what I was going to do that I shouldn't do?"

"You know it doesn't work that way for Alice. She only sees emotional outcomes, not the events that lead up to them. She only saw this Edward because of you. You know it only works on family."

Yes, I know how it works. I lean down, and kiss my father again. "I won't be out too late, so don't wait up." I walk towards the door with my keys in hand.

"Some habits die hard, sweetie," he calls after me assuring me that he will be wide-awake until I walk through that door again.

The night air is cool as it gently brushes against my skin, and I close my eyes and allow the sensation to linger. It feels so good to just be alone with my emotions. It has been too long since I allowed myself to just feel the way I feel. There always appears to be someone whose emotions about me or rather for me that is so strong that I cannot keep them away from myself. I become tangled in their passions and lose myself in the process. Of all the family talents to inherit, why did I have to get this one?

I open the door to my Porsche and get in. I love this car. I remember when I first saw it at the dealership. James was getting his truck worked on, and I saw this glittering in the summer sun. It was love at first sight, and all I had to do was flutter my eyelashes. James showed up the next day with MY car decorated with a big red bow on it, an early birthday present. Of course, he bought it for me. All I ever had to do was tell him I wanted something and it was mine, no questions asked.

I know I can't keep it now. I was going to have to get rid of the car just like I left all the credit cards. A clean break is what is called for, and no matter how much I LOVE this car; it is going to have to go too. I sigh again. I hate break-ups, and this one is not over yet. There is more trouble coming as soon as James gets out of jail. My whole body shudders at the thought, and I push that reality to the back of my mind. I will deal with all that later.

Pulling out of the driveway, I navigate my way to the Golden Ram. This is where Angela said Jake was meeting the guys. The parking lot is a bit full. I wonder if they valet park, but then get my answer as I see the clientele. There is no way a bunch of college kids are paying for valet parking. I scold myself for the haughty attitude. Who was I to get snooty because I have to park my own car? I guess I am a little more spoiled than I want to admit.

I find a parking spot directly under a light. This will work. Granted it is a little far from the bar, but so what. I am not going to die from walking. Someone whistles and hollers at me from the other side of the parking lot. I guess I wore the right outfit, a pair of jeans with a royal blue peasant shirt. I was worried I would be underdressed.

I see Jake's car. Good, he is already here. That will make things a little easier. At least I will not have to wait around. Okay, Bella, you can do this. He is just your brother, and not the ruler of your life. I have to chuckle at myself. Why am I nervous? Oh, that's right; Jake can make your life more miserable than it needs to be. Be strong. You can do this. Go in there and lay down the ground rules before things get out of hand, again. They're counting on you, especially Angela. Taking a deep breath, I open the door.

The noise hits me first. The sound of laughter, small arguments, and the clinking of glasses working together in the symphony for the senses envelop me in the atmosphere of the place. The smell of Old Spice and beer mingle in the air with the sounds creating a light and festive bar atmosphere.

"Hey, beautiful, can I buy you a drink." I turn around to see a very large guy in a letterman jacket standing next to me. A huge smile decorates his broad face, and I take in the enormity of him: broad shoulder, barrel chest, and smoldering blue eyes reminding me of liquid sapphires. His confidence shines from every inch of his body. This guy is used to getting what he wants.

"Thanks for the offer, darling, but no thank you. I’m meeting someone." I politely let him down with a smile.

My friend moves a little closer until I can feel his beer-laced breath in my ear. "Well, if you change your mind, or your date doesn't show up, I'll be over by the bar." He winks at me.

"I'll remember that," I assure him offering a wink of my own.

The hair on the back of my neck stands up as I feel a pair of hands touch my waist. "What the hell are you doing here?" A familiar voice growls from behind me, as the fingers dig into my waist.

"Jake," I answer with mock surprise as I turn around, "I had no idea you were going to be here."

He tries to lead me towards the door, but I wasn't letting him. "Why don't I believe you, Bells?"

"Is this guy bothering you?" My large friend snarls beside me. He is just itching for a fight. I can see he sees this as a chance to impress me.

"No," I say placing my hand on his chest, "he’s just my brother trying to keep me out of trouble." I flash him another smile.

"If you need anything," his eyes rip Jake apart, and my brother doesn't seem to be backing down from the threat, "you know where to find me."


Jake watches my would-be knight-in-shining-armor walk back to his friends. "You don't belong here, Bella," he says through his teeth.

"Don't get all parental on me. You're only six months older than I am, so back off." I punch him lightly in the chest. "Now, you are going to introduce me to your friends? We’ll excuse ourselves for a private chat, and then I will leave you alone."

His eyes focus on me, and I can see the anger beneath them. He is trying so hard to not cause a scene, but I know there are eyes on us. "No, I am going to take you home, and we can have a chat tomorrow."

"You have two choices here, Big brother," my eyes narrow as I speak, "You can introduce me to your friends and go along with my plan, OR I can go over there and spend an evening with super-jock. The choice is yours and I don't mind putting on a show for your benefit."

Jake's breathing becomes uneven as he evaluates the situation. I have him right where I want him, and he knows it. "Super-jock is waiting," I tease. He releases my waist from his death grip, and leads me to where his friends are staring at us with wide eyes. This is going to be fun.



"Whose turn is it to buy?" Jasper smiles as he loudly places his empty beer mug on the table.

I have to smile; of course, Jasper is more interested in beer than babes. He is the only one among us that has a steady girlfriend, even if she is the most annoying woman on the planet. Lucky for the rest of us she went back to Stanford this morning or this evening would have been totally unbearable.

"I'll get it," Jake answers as he stands up. "I wanted to talk to Leah at the bar anyway." A sly smile crosses his face as he turns his back to the table. Leah is a slipping opportunity I know he has trouble letting go of.

"She's getting married in a couple of months!" I call after him knowing the point was useless. He just waves me off and keeps walking. Jake is a glutton for punishment. In the end, he will fail in his chase of Leah. She will be a married woman, and Jake will be the ex-lover left behind in pieces. I can sympathize with that. I am, at present, the glued together pieces of a man that had been shattered by love.

I turn my attention back to my friends at the table, and try to fake a smile. Embry and Emmett are discussing the possibilities of getting a table of ladies to join us, while Jasper drones on about the trouble he is having in his Chemistry class. I nod in all the right spots, but it is hard to concentrate on his monologue.

"God is smiling on us tonight, boys!" Emmett let out a low whistle with his words, and I follow his mesmerized gaze.

There she is a vision from my dreams, my nightmares. She walks through the bar, and I stop breathing. Her long dark brown hair cascading in long soft curls to her waist, her creamy ivory skin, and large brown eyes are searching for someone. She is perfect. She is just as I had dreamed of her. Who is she?

A hand starts pounding me on the back. I am so caught up in my amazement of her that I do not even realize I am choking. "You alright, man?" Jasper asks as I regain a hold of myself. "Scared me there, dude."

Emmett looks at me, and a smile lights up his eyes. "You look like you've been struck by lightening." He takes another look at the beauty across the room. "I don't blame you though. What I wouldn't do to wake up next to her tomorrow." He looks back at me raising an eyebrow. "You should go for it."

"Hold that thought," Embry chimes in. "It looks like Mike is going to take a chance first."

I can no longer hear my surroundings. Everything and everyone but the beauty across the room falls into darkness. I watch in horror as one of the members of the football team swaggers right up to my dream girl. I cannot hear what is being said, but seeing the leer on his face, I can imagine what he is after. Then she smiles at him. She smiles a breathtaking radiant beautiful smile, and my heart sinks into the pit of my stomach. “No, Not Mike!” my brain screams at me.

"Son-of-a Bitch!" a venomous voice rages from across the table. Jake places the beers in his hands a little too harshly onto the table. A look of rage overpowers his expression as his hands curls into fists. This is not looking good.

"Hey, Jake," Embry smirks as he talks, "do you know the babe over there? Maybe you can introduce us."

Emmett laughs a little at the remark, but something tells me that Jake does not see the humor.

I grab Jake's arm in a half attempt to restrain him, but he shrugs me off easily as he marches up to the mystery woman. I hold my breath as I watch the drama play out. Of course, there is going to be drama. The look on Jake's face more than promises a scene.

My gaze does not leave him as he walks purposefully over to the beauty, and then reality hits me. Their dark hair, and the shape and color of their eyes are identical. They could be twins except for the differences in size and gender. Although Jake stands a little more than a foot and a half over the girl, the resemblances are too apparent too ignore.

"Holy Shit!" the realization slaps me in the face.

"What?" Emmett asks as I try to control myself.

"The goddess is his sister!" The guys look more closely at the situation before us. Mike and Jake glare at each other, but the girl wears a huge smile. It dazzles me speechless.

"No Way!" Emmett is so incredibly disappointed that there is no possible way to keep it from his voice. He starts to mumble to himself. I can only imagine the thoughts running through his head.

"Well, add that one to the list of untouchable girls." Embry sighs. Disappointment colors his expression.

I pay no attention to my companions as I concentrate on Jake and his sister. His hands are on her waist, and Mike is looking like he is ready to punch Jake out. Both of their eyes are dark with violent potential. All they need is a match. Would she light that fire? No, her hands gently touch Mike’s chest and she graces him with another hypnotic smile. Mike’s eyes never leave her as he reluctantly returns to his friends.

I can hear nothing, but my own heartbeat thumping loudly in my ears. I cannot divert my attention from the girl, as my friends now do. Jake looks pissed, and she seems to be enjoying his anger. Then in an unexpected move, her arms wrap around his arm, and they walk towards us.

"Guys," I squeak out, "incoming."

All of their eyes are now on Jake and his companion. I am unaware that I am holding my breath until Emmett nudges me in the ribs. "Breathe, dude." I take a breath.

"Hey, guys," there is a reluctance in Jake's voice as he gets to our table, "this is my sister, Bella."

"Hi," she says cheerily with a little wave. Her voice hits me like an intoxicant, and I am drunk instantly.

"Bella, these are the guys: Edward, Embry, Jasper, and Emmett." He points to each of us as he says our names. We all give her a small greeting in response.

"I hope y'all don't mind, but I am going to kidnap my brother here for a couple of minutes, and then give him back. We need to have a little talk, and I have a feeling he is going to need you guys to get him back into a good mood when I am done." Bella flashes that dazzling smile at the table, and then her eyes lock onto my own.

I cannot look away. An electric energy shocks me to my bones, and I know she feels it too. A small flicker of recognition registers on her face. It is all I can do to stay in my seat. The urge to jump up, and kiss her is almost too powerful to override. Emmett nudges me in the ribs again.

"Sure, no problem." I stutter. "We'll be here when you two are done." I try to sound casual, but fail miserably.

"Thanks," she says as she grabs her brother and walks away.

"What the hell was that?" Embry explodes in a muted voice so only our table can hear. His eyes focus on me.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I declare innocently trying to deny the truth that is apparent to all present. Something happened, and the air still crackles from it.

"Sure you do," Jasper laughs, "the gods of sex just struck you stupid. We're not idiots."

"Shut up!" I murmur as I stare at Bella and Jake sitting in a nearby booth. They sit on opposite sides of the table their heads bent close together. The look on their faces is one of deep conversation. On closer inspection, it looks more like an intense argument attempting to stay quiet. The guys continue their teasing, but I hear none of it. My focus is on that booth.