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Romance in the world trade center 11th September 2001.

It's 11th September 2001 and to Isabella Swan it's just another day. But when tradgey strikes will love be found? And what happens at the end? ONE SHOT. The tradgey in this story is of course the event that was 9/11 my respect to all families of victims.


1. Chapter 1

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6.30am-Today for me started just like every other day. I left my apartment at 6.O’clock am. I lived in downtown New York but I worked as a receptionist for one of the companies in the first world trade centre. Today felt like any other day. It was hot. Just the end of the summer. I had just returned to work after my holiday to Florida to visit my mother.

Today had started of as any other day. I was 24 years old and had my whole life in front of me. My days always started of the same. Wake up, think of my boss, shower, think of boss, eat breakfast, think of boss, catch train, think of boss, arrive at work, and stare at boss. If you hadn’t realised already I’m in love with my boss. 35year old Edward Cullen CEO of Cullen Corp. Cullen Corp was on the 109 floor.

Edward Cullen was the New York Adonis. Beautiful emerald green eyes, chiselled jaw and cheek bones. Firm muscles and a arse you couldn’t help but stare at. And don’t even get me started on his hair. Bronze locks that screamed sex hair. All I wanted to do was run my hands constantly through his hair.

I had been working for Edward since I was 21. I was his receptionist and a struggling writer on the side. Edward had been nothing but a completely twat to me since I started. His actions towards me got worse every day. But still I stayed. I stayed because I loved him. Sometimes I see something flash in his eyes when I laugh or smile. I think it may be annoyance.

Sometimes I wonder why he doesn’t like me. I’m kind to him. Unbelievably kind to him every time I see him. I make him coffee. Bring his lunch. I’m nothing but polite. My best friend Alice recons he loves me. Apparently she see’s something in his eyes when they talk about me. Alice is Edward sister in law she’s the one that got me this job. We met in Forks but she moved here for college. Why would Edward love me? I’m plain and boring. Mousy brown hair and plain brown eyes and slim. The thought of someone who looks like Edward falling in love with someone who looks like me is laughable.

Edward deserves someone beautiful. Blonde, Blue eyed Looks and body of a model. That’s the kind of girl you should see with Edward. Someone like his sister Rose.

The thought of Edward with anyone else felt like someone was stabbing me repeatedly with a very sharp knife. I know I would never love anyone like I love Edward. Blimey I’ve tired. Mike, Tyler, Jacob, Embry. All of them worked in the office in building two of the world trade centres. All of them had been told to stay away from me by someone from my building. Who I don’t know but apparently they couldn’t come near me anymore. Or so that’s what they told me.

As I walked into the building I realised I was behind Edward. He hadn’t noticed me why would he I’m just his receptionist. As we reached the elevator Edward turned to see if any one was behind him as he saw me his face turned into a grimace.

“Miss Swan.” He said curtly.

“Good morning Mr Cullen. I have your morning coffee.” I handed him the starbucks coffee which he snatched from me. For the rest of the 108 floors he said nothing to me so I nothing to him. I had long ago given up trying to make small talk with him. As we stepped out of the elevator he spoke.

“I need to see you in my office at 8’Oclock Miss Swan.”

“Yes Sir.” He nodded and strolled off. I let out a sigh an followed him to his. My desk used to be right at the front near the elevators but a week after I started Edward had my desk moved to outside his office. Apparently he likes his receptionist near him. Work colleagues said no other receptionist had been moved.

I took a look and saw I had to been in Edwards’s office in five minutes. I decided some biscuits from the kitchen might be good if he’s in a bad mood with me.

Five minutes later I was nervously knocking on Edward’s door.

“Come in” His honey velvet voice called.

“You wanted to see me Mr. Cullen?”

“Yes Miss Swan.” He stood and pointed to the chair in front of his desk. I slowly sat feeling uneasy.

Please don’t fire me. Please don’t fire me.

“I’m sure you know why you’re here?” I shook my head at his question.

“Really Miss Swan? You didn’t realize you have been severely bad for this company since you joined here three years ago?” Tears blurred my vision at his words.

I begged my voice not to break “No Mr. Cullen.” Damn voice. I heard Edward sigh.

“Miss Swan I’m sorry.” Here it goes I’m going to be fired. “But I can’t have you working for Cullen Corp here anymore. I’m having you transferred.” I finally chanced a look at his eyes. As usual when they looked at me they were cold. But when they saw the tears in my eyes they softened.

“Miss Swan-” But I cut him off before he could say anymore. I stood up. I wasn’t upset anymore I was angry.

“No Mr. Cullen you have said what you wanted to say. Now you will listen. I have been nothing but nice to you the past three years I have worked here and you treated me like something nasty you had trodden on. I don’t know what I ever did to you to make you hate me so much. I definitely do not know what I did to have myself transferred. But knowing you hate me so much hurts worse than this fucking transfer.” With that I turned on my heel an ran from the room as I reached the door I heard Edward call out to me but I had already slammed the door.

I slumped against the side of my desk and cried. What in the world did I do to deserve this? I had never done anything to Edward Cullen in my life. It was now 8:10 staff didn’t arrive until half nine. There were only five of us down here. Edward has me in early to help with the sorting.

Today I wasn’t going to help him with his bloody sorting. I was going to find him some new fucking receptionist to interview. After 15minutes I found three candidates. I didn’t choose them for their qualifications but for their looks if he wants blonde fake bimbos he can have them.

Rosalie Hale- Dried out porn star.

Lauren Mallory- Fired for sexual harassment.

Tanya Denali- Dried out model.

I printed of my three selected candidates and headed to Edwards office.

I knocked on the door and without waiting for a answer I pushed open the door. What I saw shocked me. Edward was sitting at his desk where I left him. Head in his hands, when his eyes met mine I was even more shocked to see tears. But then I remembered my anger.

“I picked out three women for the new receptionist position.” I slammed the first one down. “Rosalie Hale. A dried out porn star. Lauren Mallory. Fired for sexual harassment and finally Tanya Denali a dried out model.” He didn’t say anything. He just looked at me. “This is what you wanted right? Fake blonde beautiful whores who don’t even no how to work a coffee machine. Girls that you can fuck on your desk? Well here you go. Pick one.” With that I gave him one venomous glare and left.

“Bella please” I froze but didn’t turn around. “Please Bella. Look at me.” I slowly turned and looked at him. He was standing behind his desk his arms up in front of him a pleading look on his face tears in his eyes. “Please don’t hate me. I’ll do anything just don’t hate me.”

“Too late.” I said and slammed the door shut. As I started cleaning up my desk I heard the sounds of things being thrown around Edwards’s office. Then a frustrated cry sounded from the room.

“What the fuck is your problem today?” I shouted as I walked into the office. Edward had turned over his desk and thrown the rooms contents on the floor. Edward himself was standing still as stone facing the window.

“You wouldn’t let me finish what I had to say earlier.”

“What else was there to say? You’re having me transferred. I’m bad for your company. You obviously hate-” I didn’t get to finish my sentence.

“DON’T SAY HATE. I COULD NEVER HATE YOU” He all but screamed at me. Tears started falling down my cheeks again. When he saw them his hands went to his hair and he tugged roughly. “DAMN IT”

“You don’t hate me?” He shook his head. “That’s damn right lie. You love making my life miserable. Making me cry day after day.” He flinched. “But do you know what the worse part is?” Again he shook his head. “I STILL FUCKING LOVE YOU. AFTER HOW YOU HAVE TREATED ME THESE PAST 3YEARS I’M STILL DESPERATLEY IN LOVE WITH YOU.” He froze.

“Bella” He whispered a smile threatening to make an appearance. “I-” But I screamed. Edward looked at me curiously and I just pointed out the window.

Outside the window we could see the nose of an airplane coming straight for the building.

“Bella run” Edward and I sprinted from the room. As the office door swung shut behind us there was a huge explosion and the whole building shook. The roof of out floor caved in and the force of the second but smaller explosion knocked me of my feet and headfirst into the wall on the other side. The last thing I remembered was Edward screaming my name.


The pain in my head was maddening. It was a fall out throb in the back of my head. I could smell burning. Hear people screaming. Crying. Alarms were blaring all over the place. All those noises were just a fade in the background. One noise stood out above all the rest.

“Bella please.” A voice of an angel was crying. “Please love. Open your beautiful eyes. Don’t leave me angel. You can’t leave me without knowing. Wake up sweetie.” I knew that voice velvet like honey. Edward.

“Edward” I whispered. I slowly opened my eyes to see his beautiful green ones staring back at me. Tears streaming fast and unstoppable down his face.

“Bella. Oh god Bella. Bella.” He lent his forehead against mine. I could feel his tears dripping down my cheeks mixing with my own.

“What happened?” I asked realizing I didn’t know.

“A plane crashed into the building. The floor above us to be exact. The force of the plane hitting and the explosion it caused has knocked out the side of the building.” I finally moved my eyes away from Edwards face and looked around the room. Edward office had been blown out and the nose of the air plane had crashed through the roof of our floor near the elevator. The room was not yet on fire but I have a feeling it won’t be long. I could smell something wrong I don’t know how to explain it.

“Edward what’s that smell?” He looked at me.

“I love hearing you say Edward instead of Mr. Cullen.” I had a feeling he didn’t want to tell me seeing as he now wouldn’t meet my eyes.

“Edward.” I said warningly.

“Bella. Please don’t make me tell you.”

“Tell me.” I whispered.

“It’s the smell of burning flesh Bella.” I let out a cry. Knowing people were burning around me. I felt like I was in a nightmare. I had to be dreaming.

I started pinching my self. Over and over. Begging myself to wake.

“Please” I whispered repeatedly. Pinching my skin.

“Bella please stop it.” Edward sounded worried.

“I want to wake up. I want this nightmare to be over. Please let me wake up.” I was getting hysterical now. Edward pulled me tightly towards him holding me gently in his tight embrace.

“Baby. I’m so sorry but you are awake” After about five minutes I calmed down. I looked at my watch to see the time.

“8:45. has it only been five minutes since our argument?”

“No that was the time the plane hit. Your watch obviously stopped.”

“Oh.” I realized I was still in Edwards arms. “Umm Edward?”

“Hmmm?” He seemed to be thinking.

“You can let me go now.”

“No I can’t”

“Why?” I was confused why would you hold someone so intimately when you hate them?

“This is my chance.”

“Your chance for what?” He looked at me sadly.

“To hold you. How I’ve wanted to hold you for the past three years.”


We were silent just staring at each other. And then remembered where we were.

“How are we going to get out?” I asked.

“Well we can’t get to the elevator. We could try the stairs but I think we should wait.”

“Why the fuck should we wait?”

“Because it isn’t safe Bella. And I refuse to lose you by attempting something that is dangerous.” Now I was pissed.

“What’s it to you anyway? If I die so fucking what? You hate me. I wont be around anymore.” I struggled to get out of his grasp but he refused to let me go.

“Let me go Edward.” He shook his head.

“I can’t.” His head shaking back and forth. Tears streaming down his face again. “I can’t let you go. Please don’t leave me. Can’t you see?” Another small bang was heard upstairs. I whimpered.

“See what?” I asked.

“That I love you Bella. And you being away from me right now would be the thing that killed me. Not the fires.”

I was shocked. He loved me? But he treated me like crap. I was about to reply when we heard Edwards mobile ring.


Edward where are you? Are you ok? The explosion?”

“Jasper calm down. Bella and I are fine. Were stuck on our floor. Were going to try moving soon.”

Bella’s there? Edward. You have to get out. It was a fucking terrorist attack”

“I guess that since theirs an American air plane stuck in the side of the building.” He muttered sarcastically.

Haha Edward just gets out. Keep safe. We’ll be waiting. And tell her how you fucking feel already. I’m feed up with your pining” With that Jasper hung up.

I sighed.

“Where’s your family Bella?”

“My Dad died when I was four. My mum lives in Florida with her husband Phil.”

“Boyfriend? Room mate?”

“Edward. Alice is my only friend. And I haven’t had a boyfriend since Embry.”


“Yeah apparently someone told the men in the two buildings to stay away.” I looked at Edward and saw him blushing why would he be blushing? Unless...

“Tell me you didn’t?”

“I didn’t like it.”

I moaned in frustrations.

“Sorry.” He whispered.

“Forget it.”

We were silent for a while longer. Then I slowly started to realize the room was starting to fill with smoke.

“Edward the fire is spreading.”

“Shit. Bella we need to move” He lifted me on the ground but as we reached the stairs we heard the sound of a plane engine. We looked at each other and then to the window where we were just in time to see a second plane crash into the south tower. The explosion rocked our tower and the south tower. I screamed. Tears falling rapidly.

“What- What- What the hell?”

Edward started cursing.

“Bella we must move now.” He pulled me towards him. his arm twisting around my waist. Pulling me forward down the stairs.

“The other lifts.”

“I’m not risking your life by putting us in a lift that could be damaged because of the explosion.”

“Oh right.” We started walking down a flight of stares but had to stop when the throbbing in my head started becoming more painful.

“Edward.” I whispered.

He looked at me and my eyes rolled back into my head.

“Bella. Don’t you dare. You stay awake.”

“But it really hurts Edward.” My eyes not focusing on anything in particular. I felt his hands grab my face.

“Bella you look at me. Don’t you dare love. Come on baby.” But I heard no more because I fell into darkness.


This time when I awoke I was lying on a landing at the bottom of a flight of stairs.

“Bella. God do you have to keep taking years off my life?” I heard Edwards’s voice says in my ear.

“No one said you had to bother staying here with me.” I reminded him. I swear he growled.

“Did you just growl?”

“Stop making me mad.”

“I don’t mean to make you mad. You just don’t like me.”

“Your right! I love you know shh.” He whispered. I Huffed.

“How long was I out this time?” I asked.

“Half an hour.” He told me.

“So it’s..?”

“Half nine.”

“Why didn’t you move me?”

“You don’t move an unconscious person with a head injury.”

“Right. Well we can move now.”

“No we can’t.”

“Why the fuck not?”

“Jasper called. The police and fire want everyone on the higher levels to stay put and wait until someone reaches them.”

“No Edward. Please don’t make me wait here. The fire. The people burning higher up. Edward please can we leave. Please Edward.”

“Bella I can’t say no when you beg me. But if it’s a choice of your safety I’m going to have to say no. Were staying here Bella.” After that I just cried. He held me tightly whilst I cried all that I could cry.

“What would you like to talk about whilst we wait?” He was distracting me. Fine.

“Let’s talk about why you treated me with nothing but hate these past three years”.

He sighed. He didn’t want to talk about this. To bad.

“When you walked in on your first day. I was obsessed. I knew I was destined to love you. But you were 21 years old. I couldn’t have you. I’m 40 in five years Bella. You deserve someone young. Someone you could be with. Go clubbing with. Have a family. And it killed me knowing I couldn’t be with you like that. So I was mad. I didn’t hate you Bella. I hated that I couldn’t be with you. It kills me. I knew you’d never love me and it broke my heart. I love you more than anything in this world. I really do. You’re so absurdly beautiful. Your gorgeous hair. Your beautifully expressive eyes. Your kissable lips. Your blush. And oh my god your body and your mind. I’ve never met anyone like you in my 35years.”

We were silent for about five minutes when I thought of something.

“Why are you having me transferred?”

He laughed. “I was planning to have you transferred so I could ask you out. It would be wrong to date you when you’re my employee. I was going to transfer you to Jaspers branch downtown. I was planning on telling you my reason before you shouted at me.” I blushed.

“Oh. Sorry.”

“It’s ok. I deserved it.”

“No you didn’t. I was mad. And I shouldn’t have shouted at you the way I did.”

“Why was I bad for the company?”

“You had me distracted every day.”


He just shook his head. “I know this is really crappy timing but will you go on a date with me?”

I laughed. “Yes I will. I love you Edward.”

He smiled.

“And I love you Bella.”

We were silent for 10minutes when we heard a huge rumble and the building started to shake.

“Edward what?” I was panicking. He pulled me quickly to my feet and we headed to the window at the end of another floor. As we looked on the south tower was visibly shaking.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“The building is collapsing.”

“Edward we need to get out now. If that building is collapsing it’s obvious that ours will be next.”

“Bella…” Edward started.

“Edward. It’s either that or we die. And I’ve just got you. Please let’s move.”

There was a resounding bang that seemed to echo. We watched as the south tower collapsed to dust on the ground. We could hear screams coming from above. Cries of help echoing all around.

“Please Edward. It’s not safe here anymore.”

“Were going to have to run Bella.” I nodded. Edward held out his hand and I gently placed my small one in his large one.

“If I can’t tell you ever again after today Bella, just know that I love you.”

Tears fell from my eyes. “I love you to Edward. Always” I whispered. Edward lent forward and placed a small long kiss on my forehead and then we were running.

Flights of stairs flew pass. Edward’s hand never left mine. He was next to me the whole time. No words were spoken. Silent prays running through both our heads. We must have run down 20 flights when the building started to shake.

“Were not going to make it Edward.”

“Yes we are Bella. I promise we are.” Edwards speed increased but he never released my hand. He was now basically pulling me down the stairs. We were silent trying not to fall with the shakes of the building. I knew there was a chance we wouldn’t make it out of here alive. But I had the utmost faith in Edward to get us out of here alive. I don’t know how many floors we had past but I was now noticing something.

“Edward there’s no fireman.”

“They were probably on the other stares by the fires.” He told me.

We carried on again and then groans started to be heard from the building.

“Edward.” I cried.

“Were going to be fine Bella.” He sounded like he was trying to convince himself as well as me. “I promised you Bella.”

“Edward is that voices I can hear?” He listened carefully. It was silent for a minute then we heard a voice…

We can’t get to them” The voice said.

“HELP.” Edward shouted.

Did you hear that chief?”

“HELP” Edward and I screamed. We heard footsteps and then four men in firefighter uniform came sprinting towards us.

“There’s a male and a female.” One shouted back to the other men I’m guessing they left behind. Just at that second I tripped and went flying down the stairs Edward went to grab me but I went through his hands I carried on hurtling head first down the flight of stairs. Next thing I realize I’m in the arms of a big blurry firefighter.

“Hey you ok there little lady?” The man said.

I nodded. “BELLA” I heard Edward shout.

“She’s fine.” The blurry man said.

“God Bella. You really are trying to kill me.” I giggled. As I giggled the building shook.

“Ok we gotta go.” The fireman said.

“Edward.” I called as the firefighter ran with me in his arms.

“I’m right behind you Bella.” He said

Dust started to fill the hallways.

“The buildings giving way. We gotta hurry.”



All of the sudden I could see the ceilings giving in rubble crumbling all around us. I could hear the shouts of the fireman. The shouts of Edward as he called my name. I could feel my brain starting to shut down. The morning’s events finally starting to crash down around me. The final straw for my brain was the body of the young girl I saw fly past the window outside.

When I woke up this morning I was just Isabella Swan from Forks Washington. Tonight I don’t know who or what I’ll be.


I was comfy. Unbelievably so. Where was I? The back of my head was throbbing. Noticing the throbbing in my head the days events came flooding back. Finding out I was being transferred. The plane. Fire. Burning bodies. Explosions. Another plane. Building collapsing. Picture after picture. Event after event flashed past my eyes. I remembered passing out just as the building I was in started collapsing.

I was dead.

That’s the only reason I could be this comfy.

I never made it out of the building alive.

I wonder what happened to Edward.

As if hearing my thoughts I heard an angel calling.

“Bella, please. I need you to wake up. I need to see those eyes.” What was this angel saying? I was obviously awake. I was in heaven. “I need to see that perfect smile. I need you to tell me it’s going to be ok. That you’re going to be ok.” I felt my forehead crease in confusion. What was my angel saying? “Bella please love. I love you. Wake up.” The more I focused on what my angel was saying the more I recognized the voice.


“Bella?” I slowly opened my eyes. The face of an Adonis was staring back at me.

“Did you die to?” His forehead creased.

“I didn’t die Bella. Neither did you. We made it just in time. It was close but we managed to get out before the building collapsed. I didn’t think we were going to make it.” I couldn’t believe it. I was alive. Edward was alive. We were alive.

I couldn’t help it I cried.

“Baby what’s wrong?”

“We’re alive.” He smiled. “But where are we?”

You’re in the hospital” When I obviously gave him a confused look he said “Your head injury. Severe concussion.”

“Oh.” Was my response. I took a chance of the silence to look at my surroundings and confirmed I was in fact in the hospital. The walls, bed and heart monitor confirmed this.

“You still up for that date?” He blushed as he said this.

“Is Edward Cullen blushing?”

“I blush all the time. You just never notice” I laughed.

“I do love your laugh.” Now I blushed.

“Is Bella Swan blushing?”

“Fuck off” I mumbled. That just made him laugh some more. We were quiet for a little while after that after about five minutes I felt something warm touch my hand in what I assumed was a shy manor. I looked down to see Edwards hand on top of mine. I looked up at Edwards face but he was staring determinately at the TV in the corner. Smiling I turned my hand around and laced my fingers with his. The smile on his face when he felt my fingers twine with his was dazzling. He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the door to my room slamming open.

Startled we turned to the door to see Alice, Jasper and two people who I was sure were Edwards’s parents. Edward had his mother’s eyes and her tone. She was a beautiful woman. Long curly bronze hair but not unruly like Edwards and sparkling emerald eyes. She smiled warmly at me as she followed Jasper. Edwards farther was a dirty blonde haired man. Like Jasper. And icy blue eyes and a chiseled jaw. I could see where Edward got his model looks from. He may have his mother’s eyes and hair but he was his father in a miniature. His Mr. Cullen gave me a glare as he entered the room, I flinched back at his glare and Edward looked at me curiously. I shook my head at him. Alice ran over to my bed.

“Bella I was so worried. Are you ok?” I smiled at her concern. Jasper walked over and gave the traditonal manly hug when Edward released him Jasper took my hand.

“I wish you wouldn’t scare Alice like that Bell.” I laughed.

“I’m fine. I promise.” I informed them.

“Unfortunately.” I heard Mr. Cullen mumble. Edwards head snapped in his father’s direction.

“What? What the fuck did you just say?”

“Edward” Mrs. Cullen scolded. Edward opened his mouth to say something else but I placed my hand on his arm and he snapped his mouth shut at my touch. Mrs. Cullen turned to smile at me her hand out stretched.

“Hello I’m Elizabeth. Edward and Jasper’s mother.” I shook her hand gently.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Cullen. I’m Bella.” She smiled at me warmly.

“Please call me Elizabeth.” I smiled. Elizabeth turned to her husband. “Dear. Come and greet Bella.”

He sneered. “I don’t associate with trash.” Alice and Elizabeth both gasped. Jasper looked embarrassed and Edwards’s mouth clamped shut with a audible snap.

“Edward.” Elizabeth exclaimed. I looked at Alice confused. She came towards me and whispered “Edward Senior”

“Oh” Edward Senior looked our way at the sound of my voice under his glare I looked at the bed sheets.

“Trash?” I heard my Edward say. “Trash? Who the fuck are you calling trash?”

“Edward Anthony. Stop with the swearing.”

“I’m her trash son.” Edward senior said pointing at me. “That’s just what she is. The daughter of a police chief and a mother doesn’t even have a job.” I blushed. “She has no money or social status. She is trash to people of our wealth. You would do better to go with that Stanley girl. She has money. And at least she’s decent looking.” He finished with another glare in my direction.

Elizabeth looked at me she looked so embarrassed. There was silence after Mr. Cullen’s little speech. I could here Edward trying to slow his breathing. Then Alice exploded.

“AND WHAT DOES THAT MAKE ME MR. CULLEN?” She screamed at him. Jasper raped his arm protectively around her waist. Mr. Cullen and Elizabeth looked shocked. “I’M FROM FORKS. MY FATHER WAS CHIEF SWANS DEPUTY. MY MOTHER DIDN’T WORK EITHER. DOES THAT MAKE ME TRASH? THAT JESSICA STANELY IS A WHORE. AND OUR BELLA IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I KNOW.” Jasper, Edward and I were all looking at Alice in awe. “I’m sorry Elizabeth but I don’t think I can be part of your family anymore I’m trash you see.” With that she took of her wedding ring handed it to Jasper.

“I’ll see you when you get out Bella.” With that she turned from the room. We all looked at Jasper who was silently crying his hand clenched into a fist over the ring.

“Jasper?” I softly said. He slowly looked at me. “Run” I told him with a smile. “She didn’t mean that she’s mad. Now run.” He blew me a kiss an ran from the room. Again it was silent I chanced a glance at Edward who had his eyes closed his hands fisted in his hair. Then I looked at Elizabeth who caught my eye and slowly walked towards me.

“I’m so sorry Bella. I cannot believe-” But Mr. Cullen cut her off.

“Don’t be sorry. I always thought Alice was bad for this family. Worthless. Now let’s go. Edward time to go son. We have dinner with the Stanley’s. You can ask her out then.” He grabbed his coat and turned to leave when Edward spoke.

“I’m not leaving without my Bella.”

“She’s not your Bella.” Mr. Cullen said through clenched teeth.

Edward ignored him. “Mother? You know how you always said that when you found the one, your souls mate, that we shouldn’t let them go? Not for anything?” She nodded smiling gently as Edward climbed into the hospital bed behind me. Slowly leaning his head atop of mine placing a soft kiss on my hair he said “I’m not leaving without my Bella. She is my soul mate.” I smiled. “And father this isn’t the 1800. You can’t tell who I can and can’t date. And you cannot treat someone for what their parents are and what they did or how much money they have.” He looked at me. “And Isabella Swan is the most beautiful woman to ever walk this earth and I will spend the rest of my life with her.”

“I’ll cut off your inheritance. I’ll never speak with you again.” His father threatened.

“Then so be it. Are you forgetting I have my own company?”

“Fine. Elizabeth let’s go.” That was all he said as he left the room.

“I’ll call you later Edward. Love you sweetie. Bye Bella.” She said with a smile.

It was silent. I was so embarrassed. I knew I wasn’t good enough for Edward. Know it was out there for everyone to know.


“Yes love?” I loved that endearment.

”I wish you hadn’t argued with your father over me.” I told him. His arms tightened around me.

“We’ll I had to what right did he have to speak with you that way.”

“I’m not going to win this am I?” He shook his head and we laughed.

After a while the doctor came in and said I could go home tomorrow morning and that I had to stay in only as a precaution. Edward only left my side to call Jasper. Jasper had managed to catch up with Alice and begged her not to leave. She laughed an told him she had no intention of leaving she just did it to get back at Mr. Cullen. Jasper wasn’t talking to his father now either. It was around 4 o’clock when my room door opened.

In walked a short, brunette with blue eyes and a curvy figure. She was caked in makeup. When she saw Edward she smiled showing a set of teeth with lipstick on them. She fluttered her eyelashes.

“Eddie. It’s so great to see you again.” Who in the world was this? I looked at Edward who looked incredibly uncomfortable his eyes focused on something behind the girl and his expression turned vicious. I followed his eye line and saw Mr. Cullen.

“I brought Jessica for your date.” He told Edward who cringed.

“I so cannot wait Eddie. Let’s go.” She tried to pull Edward from the bed his arms tightened around me again.

“I told you I would never date this thing.” He said pointing at Jessica who looked shocked. “Never in a million years. I have a fucking girlfriend who I’m in love with” I smiled. The smiles left from Jessica and Mr. Cullen’s faces.

“Edward Anthony Cullen. Do this for the family. Think of the business connections.”

“Yeah Eddie. Let’s do it. I want some more money. You don’t want to date that thing. She’s plain boring and ugly.” She said looking at me like I was something she had trodden on.

“RIGHT THAT’S IT.” Edward shouted. “Bella I was going to wait for our first date but I love you and I want to prove it.” I looked at him curiously. “Move in with me and become my wife.”

I was about to reply when Mr. Cullen laughed. “You’ve haven’t known her that long.”

“WE’VE BEEN IN LOVE FOR THREE FUCKING YEARS.” I screamed at Mr. Cullen. Edward looked at me with awe and Jessica and Mr. Cullen looked like I had slapped them. “NOW GET OUT.” Jessica huffed and left the room. Mr. Cullen looked at me and then Edward.

“I have no son’s” Was all he said.

And then I burst into tears.

“Baby what’s wrong?”

“I’m just so glad their gone.”

Edward burst into laughter.

“God I love you.” And he kissed me.

This morning I was Isabella Swan from Forks Washington. Tonight I am Isabella Swan survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Edward Cullen’s fiancé.



Edward and Bella married 2years after the 9/11 attacks. They married at central park in a thicket of trees.

Edward brought a new building block to run Cullen Corp from and they had been going strong for years now. Bella wrote her book on her experience in the trade centre.

A year after their wedding, Bella gave birth to a little boy who they named Benjamin Masen Cullen. Ben was born with soft brown hair and green eyes. A beautiful combination of the both of them. Two years after Bella gave birth to triplets. Three girls. Lily May, Carlie Renee and Esme Alice Cullen. All three girls had bronze hair and brown eyes. Carlie was the daddy’s girl.

Edward only spoke to his father three times after the hospital. And the last time was when he demanded Edward and Jasper divorce me and Alice. Both refused and never spoke with their father again. We spoke to Elizabeth once a week and she was a doting grandmother.

Alice and Jasper only had one birth child. A girl, Jasmine Mary Cullen. There was complication in labor and Alice isn’t able to have children of her own. Jasmine was black haired with bright blue eyes and a bundle of energy. Alice and Jasper adopted a African boy named Joseph. Joseph was left with no family after a bomb explosion killed them. His mother died in labor and that’s how Alice and Jasper adopted him. He was incredibly shy but extremely sweet and he doted on Jasmine.

Bella had everything she ever wanted. Four beautiful children. A perfect little puppy. And a husband who never failed to tell her how much he loved her and how beautiful she was.

The events of that day, September 11th 2001 has made her stronger in everyway possible.