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Vengeance, Sweet Vengeance

A lone, dark figure stands on a balcony, watching the final moments of the setting sun. It was unacceptable. She made me look weak. Like nothing. I am not nothing. I will never be nothing. That creature was going to pay for making me look like a fool. No one had ever done that to me before. And no one ever would again. Especially not her. I could taste vengeance in the air, and it was sweet. Bella and Edward have lived a blissful life with their family following their encounter with the Volturi one year ago... until sweet vengeance comes to threaten their happily ever after once again. banner by Oh_ Mike How will I go on rated teen for violence and sexual references.CHAPTER 12 is now up!!!CHAPTER 13 has been submitted and is awaiting validation!!!CHAPTERS 14-24 are ready to go!!!

This is a plot that's been brewing in my head for about a year. I was just writing the other day, and it reared its ugly head again, demanding to be written. Song that influenced this: Showbiz by none other than... Muse. lol. Go figure. =D

12. Chapter 12- Understanding

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I gasped as the last of my limbs snapped into place.  I tilted my head from side to side, hearing smaller cracks.  I tested every joint in this manner before I got up.  I looked over and saw Felix reattaching his leg.

“So it almost worked.” He grunted as his leg snapped back.

“I wasn’t expecting her to be that strong of a fighter.  I was prepared for a newborn.”

“And you don’t think the Cullens would’ve trained her to protect herself?”

“We both turned and looked up to see Demetri.  We were in trouble.  That much was clear. 

“Aro’s not happy with us,” I said.

“Not entirely, no,” said Demetri.  “It would have, of course, bee much smarter to come I greater umbers.  But, it serves as a good warning.  It’ll keep them together.  We won’t have to track them all down when the time comes.”

“But wouldn’t it be better, strategically, if they were separated?” Felix asked.

“Not in this case.  Remember, there are members of the Olympic coven that Aro wants in the guard.”

I hissed.  “The only way would ever be able to convince them to join us is to take out Bella.  She’s too powerful!”

“It’s all in the plan… the plan that will now have to be changed.”  Demetri sighed.  “Come along.  Let’s go home.”



“Do they know?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Edward.  “Just not Renesmee.”

Edward had decided to carry me home, probably from old habit.

“I just want you to take it easy,” he had said.  “So does Carlisle.”  Then he had used his ultimate weapon on me: his smoldering gaze.  “Please?”

How could I refuse that?

Now we were approaching the house.

“Are you feeling alright, Bella?” Carlisle asked.

“I feel perfectly fine,” I said.

I heard a collective sigh from the house.  Apparently, they had been a little worried.  Carlisle’s question and my answer gave them peace of mind.

“Edward,” said Carlisle.  “She’s fine.  Let her walk so that they can see that she’s fine.”

Edward nodded and set me down, but he kept an arm around my waist.

We entered the house just as Emmett ran out of the house with bags, one empty and one full.  I tried not to think about what the full bag was filled with.  As soon as we entered the house, I was bombarded by Alice, Esme, and Rosalie.  Rosalie gave me a light hug.

 Esme gave me a tighter one (Carlisle had to warn her to take it easy on me).  “I’m so glad you’re okay,” she said.

Alice was fussing over my torn clothes.  I looked down.  My pant leg was gone.

“Those were designer jeans!” she complained.  “One-of-a-kind.  Designed to fit ONLY you.”

“Bella is torn to pieces and all you can think about is the condition of her jeans?” asked Edward, slightly irritated

“One-of-a-kind!” she whined.

“And still are,” I said.  I looked down at my jeans again.  “I don’t think there are any jeans with this design.”  I grinned.  “Half pants, half shorts!”

Alice scowled.  “You look like some kind of warrior woman.”

“That’s because she is,” said Edward, smiling.  He kissed my hair

Alice growled.

“Nessie?” I asked, looking at Esme.

“Thank you.”

She smiled wider.  “It’s never a problem.”

Edward pulled me onto the couch.

“So Felix came here?” I asked as Edward wrapped his arms around me.

“Yes,” he said.

“And it took all of you?” I asked, shocked.

“No,” he said.  “Rose and Em were hunting.  Esme ran up to protect Nessie…  but he was still very fast.  He knows how to evade.  And then there was your scream…” he buried his face in my hair.  I then noticed the crescent scar on his neck.

“I told Jasper and Carlisle to go help you.  Alice stayed and helped me with Felix.  I would’ve gone myself, but Alice told me not to.”  He lifted this head back up to looks at me.  “you have no idea how hard that was, especially after what had just happened…”

I was forgiven.  That much was clear.

“We can cover the rest of the story later when everyone’s back,” said Carlisle.  “For now, why don’t you two take some time alone.  I think you need to talk.”  He looked at me pointedly.

I nodded and grabbed Edward’s hand.  “Let’s go to our cottage,” I mumbled.

I pulled him outside.  Before I could keep going, Edward pulled me onto his back like he did when I was human and ran us to the cottage.  He put me down and we walked through the door.  As soon as we were both inside, he stopped and stood in the doorway.

“Bella,” he said softly.  “I’m not mad.  I never was.”

I froze, unbelieving, but still managed to speak.  “How could you not be?”  My voice shook.  “I lied!”  I put my face into my hands and sank onto the couch.

“And in some ways I’m glad you did,” he said softly.  He knelt before me and pulled my hands away so that he could look at me.  “Bell, I reacted not to the fact that you lied to me, but to the fact that you had actually been in pain.”  He seemed on the verge of tears, if tears were possible. He cupped my cheek in his hand.  “If I would’ve known at the time, I probably would’ve gone insane.”  He paused, just staring into my eyes.  “Did the morphine help at all?”

I couldn’t look at him.  “No.”

“Oh, Bella,” he choked, enveloping me in a tight hug.  “I’m so sorry, love.”  He buried his face in my hair.  “I am so, so so so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I said, my voice muffled since my face was buried in his chest. I ran my fingers through his hair.  “I wanted this, remember?  I knew what I was going to go through.  So did you.”

“But… but if I would’ve known…”

“What would you have done, Edward? It’s not like you could’ve taken it away.  Like you said, it was better this way.  You would’ve gone crazy…”

“I would’ve sacrificed my sanity in a heartbeat if it helped you through the pain.”

I shook my head.  “Trust me Edward, it was better this way.”  I pulled away a little to kiss the corner of his jaw.  “Actually, I only half lied to you.  The morphine did help a little.  It didn’t help me with the pain.  But it helped me with you.”

He pulled away and looked at me confused.

“The morphine paralyzed me,” I continued.  “I couldn’t move, even after my spine was healed.  When the morphine wore off, I was able to keep still because I had already been still for so long.  I wanted to stay still, to keep quiet.  I knew that you’d hate yourself if you saw me in pain.  I knew that it would be hard for you to bear.  I mean, look at your reaction just now!” I stroked his cheek.  “I wanted you to be happy.”

He took my hand and his cheek and pulled it to his lips.  “And I am, Bella,” he said.  “More than you know.”

“So you really do forgive me?”


“And you don’t hate yourself?”

“No.  Bella, I’ve told you.  I’ve never been happier.  The past is the past.”

I had never been so thankful in my existence.

“But Bella,” he stroked my cheek.  “Why did you ever think I would leave you? I promised you I wouldn’t.”

“It was the way you reacted…”

His eyes looked pained.  “I hurt you that badly, didn’t I?”

 I smiled.  “I guess I forgot your tendency to overreact,” I said, changing the direction of thought.  I didn’t want to go down that road.

He chuckled, apparently not wanting to go down that road either.  “I guess I should watch that, shouldn’t I?”

I smiled wider.

He got up onto the couch and pulled me into his lap.  “What I really want to know is,” he whispered into my ear, “what your fight with Jane looked like.”

My eyes widened and I shook my head.  “You don’t want to see that.”

“Yes, I do.”

I got up out of his lap and whirled to face him.  “Edward! She tore me to pieces.  You can’t even watch my practice sessions with Jasper without freaking out!  What makes you think you’ll enjoy the real thing?!”

He just grinned.

I shook my head.  “Honestly, what is it with the Y chromosome?” I mumbled to myself.  Edward chuckled at me as I climbed back onto his lap.  Straddling him, I gave him a glare, then put my hands on either side of his face.  I peeled back my shield and let the memory of my fight with Jane and let it run its course.

*                             *                             *

Edward was glowing like a sun with pride as we walked back to the house.

“Bella,” he said breathlessly.  “That was… frighteningly beautiful.  I—“

“Won’t be so overprotective anymore?” I asked, smiling.

He turned to me and held me tightly.  “Sorry, love.  I can’t help that.  It’s pure instinct.”

I laughed and buried my face into his chest.

“I’m so proud of you,” he continued.  “The way you’ve adjusted to this life never ceases to amaze me.  And… I hate to say it, but it was nice to see Jane get what she finally deserved.”

We walked back into the house where everyone was assembled.

“Woo!” Emmett cheered.  He clapped  his hands and rubbed together.  “Wave one.”  He threw his thumb over his shoulder.  “OUT!”  He ran up to me for a double high-five.  I laughed and gave it to him.  “That’s my little sis!”  He picked me up in a tight hug and whirled me around.

“Careful, Emmett,” said Carlisle.  “She’s supposed to be taking it easy.”

I scowled as Emmett put me cautiously and gently back down.  I was thankful for the interference, but not the method of interference.  “But it’s been two hours and I feel fine!”  I moved my arm in a circle at the shoulder vigorously to prove my point.  Edward put a hand on my shoulder and I stopped.

“It’s just a precaution, love,” he said.

My scowl deepened.  Edward kissed my cheek to erase it.

“So what happened with Jane?” Esme asked as Edward pulled me to the couch.

“She came for Bella,” said Carlisle.  “Impatience got to her.”

“Carlisle,” I piped up.  “I want to know what she said.”