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Vengeance, Sweet Vengeance

A lone, dark figure stands on a balcony, watching the final moments of the setting sun. It was unacceptable. She made me look weak. Like nothing. I am not nothing. I will never be nothing. That creature was going to pay for making me look like a fool. No one had ever done that to me before. And no one ever would again. Especially not her. I could taste vengeance in the air, and it was sweet. Bella and Edward have lived a blissful life with their family following their encounter with the Volturi one year ago... until sweet vengeance comes to threaten their happily ever after once again. banner by Oh_ Mike How will I go on rated teen for violence and sexual references.CHAPTER 12 is now up!!!CHAPTER 13 has been submitted and is awaiting validation!!!CHAPTERS 14-24 are ready to go!!!

This is a plot that's been brewing in my head for about a year. I was just writing the other day, and it reared its ugly head again, demanding to be written. Song that influenced this: Showbiz by none other than... Muse. lol. Go figure. =D

13. Chapter 13- Blissful Escape

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Carlisle rubbed the back of his neck. “Bella, it was mostly a rant—“

“I want to know,” I said.

Carlisle sighed, and leaned forward. “As one could guess, she’s had a very difficult life. All she remembers of her human life is the pain. She has this…” He shook his head, his eyes squeezed shut. “This… incredible hatred of human life.”

Jasper nodded. “There was a lot of hate emanating from her as she talked of humans. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much.”

I looked down at the floor. “So… it’s not just because I can thwart her.”

“It’s because you could thwart her even as a human,” said Carlisle. “She has no memory of her parents, just Alec. She remembers being driven from one village to another because of their incredible powers. They… frightened people. She said if she focused hard enough on people who she hated or who had hurt her, they would convulse in pain. The power scared her. Even from a young age she was taught to believe she was possessed by demons. Many a mob tried to come after her and her brother. The twins became… legends. Enough to the point where Aro sought them out. She had been treated like a bug to squash until she met Aro.It was under him that she was taught that she was above humans… a goddess, so to speak. Until she met you.”

I nodded, absorbing this.

Carlisle continued. “And while I do believe she merits some sympathy, I don’t believe it gives her an excuse to be the way she is. You are the one who chooses what kind of person you are. “ He stood, walked to the window, and faced the rest of us, taking the position of a leader. “So we shouldn’t dismiss her… villainy just because of a harsh past. There are many other ways she can deal with it. Killing and torturing is the worst choice she could’ve made.”

I nodded. It made me think of all the kinds of people I could’ve become when Edward left. I could’ve been just like Jane. I could’ve become angry, murderous. I could’ve grown a hatred of all men or all vampires. Any of the Cullens… Rosalie… Rosalie could’ve left and become hateful after she became a vampire. She could’ve been a murderer and tormenter. She had almost become one.

Carlisle was right. A harsh past was no excuse for anyone to take it out on other beings that had nothing to do with it. I remembered something I had once told Jacob: It’s not who you are. It’s what you do! The Cullens were living examples of that. They could have been bloodthirsty monsters. That was their nature.

Then I was allowed to explain what happened to me. Almost immediately, Edward froze.

“Your shield was down?” he choked.

I nodded. “I was trying to call to you…”

“So that was your scream…”


Edward gathered me into his arms and pulled me onto his lap. I stayed there for the duration of the story.

“So she came on her own?” asked Esme. “She hates Bella that much?”

“Yes,” said Jasper.

“So the Volturi themselves want her for the guard…” Rosalie began.

“And Jane just wants her dead,” said Carlisle.

Edward snarled and held me tighter to his chest, but stopped when we heard a high-pitched moaning yawn from upstairs. I looked outside. It was daylight. I pulled myself out of Edward’s arms and raced upstairs.

My baby. It just hit me then that my baby hadn’t been home in three days… it hit me that…if I hadn’t defeated Jane…

I ran faster than I ever had before.

I burst into Edward’s room to find Renesmee sitting up in bed, rubbing her eyes. Choking back sobs, I tore to her and gathered her into my arms. Edward came up next to us and gathered us both into his own arms.


I looked down and found her fingering the scars on my neck.

“Are you okay.”

I looked into her chocolate eyes and nodded. “Yes. Yes, baby. I am.” I looked at Edward, then, and saw the relief on his face. It was the same relief I felt.

Our family was together and safe. For now.

We spent the rest of the day together, just the three of us. We took Nessie to our meadow and just relished in the company of each other. We laid in the grass, trying to see pictures in the clouds and enjoying the warm sun. Nessie observed the insect life around her with what looked like genuine childlike curiosity. She always acted so mature for her age, yet she had this incredible thirst for knowledge that she could gain from the world around her. I knelt down with her as she watched with wide-eyes a praying mantis on a tree trunk. She giggled as the insect would follow her movements with its triangular head.

And I couldn’t help it. I giggled right along with her. I may have been only a year old, but my heightened senses enhanced my curiosity still. I never knew how beautiful a praying mantis was until I saw one with my new eyes. It was such an… elegant creature in the way it moved and the way it looked. Even when Nessie moved on to playfully attack her father, I stayed, watching.

The mantis’s small head turned slowly to look straight into my eyes and reared back. It looked like it wanted to attack. I remembered that I had heard some random fact that martial artists based a lot of their techniques on these creatures…

I felt a pair of arms curl around me.

“Are you waiting for that poor thing to have a heart attack?” Edward laughed, watching the mantis’s poised position.

“He’s just so fascinating! I could watch him for hours!”

He kissed the corner of my jaw. “It’s so easy to forget that you’re only a year old, until you do something like this! No wonder they call them new borns.”

I smacked him.

“Hey!” he laughed.

It was so blissful in the meadow. Every worry gone. It was like there was no such thing as the Volturi. We might as well have been in the Garden of Eden… except for the child.

As soon as Nessie became hungry we went to hunt.

We came back to the house that night to find Sam and Jacob both in the living room talking to Carlisle. As soon as Jacob saw me, he ran to me.

“Bella!” He wrapped me up in a bear hug. “You alright? I heard what happened…”

“I’m perfectly fine,” I said, stopping him before I could go any further. I didn’t want Nessie to know what had happened to me. I turned and saw the little girl sway, yawning.

Edward laughed and moved to pick her up. “I think it’s time for someone to go to bed.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. The more of this we could keep her from this, the better. She still had occasional nightmares from our last encounter with the Volturi. I shuddered at the thought of the nightmares she’d get at the thought of me almost… of me being torn to pieces.

“No,” she protested. “I want to talk to Jacob first.” She stumbled forward.

Jacob laughed and caught her. “Seriously, Ness, you might want to consider bed.”

She yawned again and Edward picked her up, kissing her forehead. He took her upstairs.

As soon as she was safely away and we could hear her breathing slow in sleep, Jacob wrapped me in a hug again. “You sure you’re alright?”


He pulled back and chuckled, shaking his head. “I never thought that the thought of a vamp in pieces would freak me out so much.”

I laughed and hugged him again. “Ah, the way your view changes when you become best friends with a vampire,” I giggled.

“No kidding.”

I turned to Sam, who was smiling sadly.

“Will there ever be a period of more than a year when you’re not somebody’s target?” he asked.

I heard a sigh behind me and turned to see Edward. He wrapped an arm around my waist and kissed my hair. “Honestly,” he said softly. “It’s starting to get very old.”