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Vengeance, Sweet Vengeance

A lone, dark figure stands on a balcony, watching the final moments of the setting sun. It was unacceptable. She made me look weak. Like nothing. I am not nothing. I will never be nothing. That creature was going to pay for making me look like a fool. No one had ever done that to me before. And no one ever would again. Especially not her. I could taste vengeance in the air, and it was sweet. Bella and Edward have lived a blissful life with their family following their encounter with the Volturi one year ago... until sweet vengeance comes to threaten their happily ever after once again. banner by Oh_ Mike How will I go on rated teen for violence and sexual references.CHAPTER 12 is now up!!!CHAPTER 13 has been submitted and is awaiting validation!!!CHAPTERS 14-24 are ready to go!!!

This is a plot that's been brewing in my head for about a year. I was just writing the other day, and it reared its ugly head again, demanding to be written. Song that influenced this: Showbiz by none other than... Muse. lol. Go figure. =D

8. Chapter 8- Jacob

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I felt my body pound about a foot into the ground, then there was a blur over top of me. I whipped my feet up and kicked the blur. It went up and landed, denting the ground. I leaped up and pinned the blur to his dent, put my mouth to his neck, and stopped. I lifted my head to look at my now defeated opponent: Jasper.

He smiled at me. “Good job, Bella! Now… can you let me up?”

I chuckled, got up, and offered him a hand. I turned to look at Edward. His face was turned away from me.

Jasper and I walked back to the group. Edward reached for me, and I went to him.

Jasper sighed. “Edward, you need to accept this.”

I looked up at Edward. His eyes were closed.

“Bella’s going to have to fight,” Jasper continued. “Do you want her to be killed?”

Edward’s arms tightened around me. “Of course not. I know she needs to…” He buried his face in my hair. “I just hate watching this.”

“You can’t let it distract you, for both your sakes.”

“Maybe it’s time to take a break,” I told Jasper.

He nodded.

We had been going at this for a few hours. By the way he was holding me, I could tell that Edward had reached his limit.

It had been two days since the vision. Nessie was still in La Push. I called her every night, but she still didn’t know the details. I would explain it all to her when she came home, but I didn’t want her to come home until Edward put himself back together. Until we put ourselves back together. No child should see her parents fall apart like this. I felt like I was holding my own but there were moments. Edward was only together when I wasn’t. We both needed to be together before our Nessie could come home. There was hope, but we just had to believe it.

Suddenly, Alice cussed.

We all turned to look at her.

“What is it?” Carlisle asked.

Her nose wrinkled. “The rest of the day just disappeared.”

“Jacob,” I said. “I guess I need to talk to him, huh?”

“I think,” she snarled at the word, “you’re going to.”

Edward handed me my cell phone. He had been keeping it safe while I was sparring with Jasper. And of course at that exact moment it vibrated.


“Bella, I need answers now.” He didn’t sound happy. I grimaced.

“I’ll meet you at La Push.”

I was the only vampire allowed on the reservation. And that was only when Nessie was there. It was probably because everyone knew me there, and Jacob had convinced them that I was pretty much the same person. I felt weird, though. The rest of the family was restricted to the border. Except for Edward , of course. But he could only come when I did. And Carlisle when a doctor with knowledge of the supernatural was needed.

“Alright,” said Jacob.

I turned to Edward. He was not going to like what I was going to say next.

“I want to talk to him alone.”

The field was suddenly filled with marble statues.

“Bella,” Edward choked. “Are you sure?”

I took his hand. “You can accompany me to the border.”

Edward nervously played with the radio as I drove to La Push. He settled on his favorite oldies station, filling the car with a fun big band tune.

“What’s this?” I asked, trying to lighten the mood by getting our minds off of our impending doom.

“Glenn Miller. Pennsylvania 6-5000,” he said. I saw him smirk at me, but without the twinkle in his eye which usually came with the expression. “What do you think?”


Pennsylvania 6-5000!

I tilted my head, listening as the brass instruments started up again after the quick lyric. “Definitely catchy.”

He chuckled.

“What were the forties like?” I asked.

“Okay,” he said. “We were on the run, most of the time. Trying to avoid the draft. It would become a little too obvious that we weren’t human in that setting.” He smirked again. “But there were some good films in that decade.

A new, slower tune started playing.

“What’s this one?”

He smiled. “Moonlight Serenade.”

I grinned. “That’s an appropriate sounding title.”

I had sudden images in my head of Edward and I dancing in an old 40’s film. Me in a beautiful flowing dress and hair in the typical 40’s curl, and he in a nice suit, with the smirk and eye twinkle…

We arrived at the border. Edward leaned over and kissed me passionately for a few minutes, then he touched his forehead to mine and cupped my face in his hands.

“Be safe,” he whispered. “Please.”

I wound my arms around his neck, burying my face into his neck. “I will.”

He kissed my hair, then got out of the car.

“I’ll wait here,” he said.

I drove off to Jacob’s house. He was waiting outside, arms folded over his chest.

“Nessie’s asleep,” he said the moment I got out. “Now talk.”

I nodded, then led him into the trees.

“The Volturi are coming back,” I blurted, not looking at him.

I waited for his reaction…

“What?!” he snarled.

I looked up to see him shaking. “Easy, Jake-“

“Why?” he demanded through his teeth. “Why?!”

I gritted my teeth and took a deep breath before answering. “Me.”

Jacob immediately stopped shaking, his anger melting into terror. “What?”

I looked away again. “Alice had a vision of me… being killed… by them.”


I closed my eyes, which if I were still human would’ve been filled with tears. I was afraid again. Who wouldn’t be?

A pair of scalding arms came around me, then.

“We… we will not let them get to you. You don’t deserve it! Why?”

“I’m too powerful,” I whispered. My voice was starting to shake. “That’s the only reason I can think of. I’m a threat to their power… that’s why they didn’t kill us all last time…” I had had a couple of days to think about this.

He growled. “I bet that’s not all. They want you, remember? It’s gonna be join or die. I just know it.”

I couldn’t deny the logic. “Probably.”

“So that’s why you sent Nessie here…”

“Edward saw Alice’s vision in her thoughts when she had it. He… he didn’t take it very well. I don’t want her to see him like that.”

“Or you?” Jake asked.

I looked up at him. “Or me. Oh, Jake. I’m so sick of this. I’m not just scared for myself. I’m scared for everybody, my family, my husband, my daughter. I thought we were done with this. I thought these times were passed us. I thought I finally found peace. But no. I don’t.” I was on a full rampage now. “It’s because of them! It’s their lot in life to destroy my happiness. I’m so sick of it all. I’m so sick of the Volturi!!!”

I spat the last word in one of the most feral snarls of my existence, but I couldn’t care less.

We both stood there for a few minutes, staring at each other. Venom had flooded my mouth and my vision was crimson. Jake was shaking violently. We had to get in control.

As soon as he stopped shaking, Jacob spoke.

“It’s time to tell the packs.”