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Vengeance, Sweet Vengeance

A lone, dark figure stands on a balcony, watching the final moments of the setting sun. It was unacceptable. She made me look weak. Like nothing. I am not nothing. I will never be nothing. That creature was going to pay for making me look like a fool. No one had ever done that to me before. And no one ever would again. Especially not her. I could taste vengeance in the air, and it was sweet. Bella and Edward have lived a blissful life with their family following their encounter with the Volturi one year ago... until sweet vengeance comes to threaten their happily ever after once again. banner by Oh_ Mike How will I go on rated teen for violence and sexual references.CHAPTER 12 is now up!!!CHAPTER 13 has been submitted and is awaiting validation!!!CHAPTERS 14-24 are ready to go!!!

This is a plot that's been brewing in my head for about a year. I was just writing the other day, and it reared its ugly head again, demanding to be written. Song that influenced this: Showbiz by none other than... Muse. lol. Go figure. =D

9. Chapter 9- Vampires in La Push

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Jacob dashed into the woods to phase. I immediately went on alert, my eyes scanning for anything and everything. I was glad Edward didn't see this. He wouldn't have wanted me to be alone, and honestly it was a bad idea..

Jacob was fast. He was back rather quickly,

"We're going to talk to the elders, he said.

"We?" I was surprised. I was a vampire. Wouldn't they not want to talk to me?. We all care about you

"Bella, you and the rest of the Cullens are the only vampires we trust. Especially you. You may be a rock now but you're still out little Bella, our vampire girl."

I smiled. My eyes pricked. "Thanks Jake."

He laughed. "You're a friend of the family. We HAVE to love you no matter what kind of monster you've changed into. Come on. Let's go."

I stood before the the elders.

It seemed to be a very informal setting. Everyone was relaxed. I knew everyone... There was Billy, Quil Ateara Sr., Sue Clearwater, Jacob and Leah, and Sam and Paul.

"So they're coming back," Billy sighed. "For you this time."

I nodded.

Billy looked up at Sam and Jacob. "Of course you'll receive our help," he said to me. He turned back to me. "Partly because of who you are. You're Bella, Charlie’s daughter. Nothing can change that, not even venom.” He rolled toward me and took my hands in his. I had never seen him like this. He was so formal, like a chief, yet loving, like a father. “I’ve had the privilege of knowing you since you were a little girl, and watching you become the beautiful woman you are now You have opened our eyes to the fact that not all vampires are monsters. That vampires do indeed have souls. You have done so much for us. You are a part of us.” He released my hands and turned to Jacob and Sam. “But Bella isn’t the only reason we’re doing this.”

Quil Sr. spoke up then. “These are the vampires that our legends have warned us about. They have absolutely nothing against taking a human life. Humans are nothing to them. The job of the pack has always been to preserve human life. And the packs will continue to do so.”

Jacob, Sam, Leah, and Paul all nodded.

“This meeting is adjourned.”

Everyone started to filter out of the room.


I turned to Billy. Jacob came up next to me. Leah stayed as close as she dared.

“We have some new additions to the packs. We want them to know that the Cullens are our allies. Not our enemies. We want them to understand vampires completely. As you have shown us, there is so much that we still don’t know. Will you come to our campfire tonight? We will break this news to everyone then”

I nodded. “Of course.” I looked down at my feet, then back at Billy. “Can I see Nessie?”

He smiled. “Of course! You don’t even have to ask. She is your daughter after all.”

“Where is she?”

“Rachel’s taking care of her,” said Jacob, linking arms with me. “She’ll be so excited to see you.

“She hasn’t been any trouble, has she?” I asked.

“Of course not,” said Billy. “She’s definitely not the typical child, but I think we’re all used to that by now.” He smiled that me, and by some miracle I was able to smile back.


When we reached the house, Nessie leaped into my arms.

I smiled, squeezing her against me and kissing her hair. Everything inside of me screamed to take her home right now and never let her out of my sight again, and apparently Nessie felt the same way.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. But not yet,” I whispered to her.

Jacob, Rachel, and Billy had left the room to allow me some alone time with my daughter. I carried her over to the sofa. I didn’t want to tell her. If I had my way, she’d be blissfully ignorant through all of this. But she needed to know. And she was going to take it a lot better than any other child her… or a child of the age she looked.

“Renesmee?” I said gently. “Sweetheart.” I swallowed and took a deep breath. “There’s something important I think you should know.” I hugged her to my chest. I didn’t want to see her face when I told her. “The Volturi are coming back.”

I felt her cringe in my arms. My heart broke.

“It’s my fault again, isn’t it?” she whimpered.

“No.” I kissed her forehead and stroked her hair. “No. It was never your fault.”

“Then why?” she asked. She pulled back to look at my face.

I felt like I was going to choke on the answer, the truth. I didn’t want to tell her. I wished I never had to tell her.

“They’re coming for me, sweetheart.”

She clung to me tightly, not saying anything. Her small body started to shake.

“Shh.” I rubbed her back. “I’ll be fine.” I kissed her forehead. I desperately wanted to promise her that I’d be okay… but I would be lying to her if I did.

For the next hour, I held her as we talked about the things she had done: how Jacob had taken her to the beach, how she was forced to try one of Emily’s muffins, and how Billy had even taken her fishing. As she got older, she relied less on her power, saving it for moments that shouldn’t be overheard. This was good. It was vital for keeping up the human charade for the rest of our existences, as long as they lasted.

No. Stop it. Don’t think that.

These mother/daughter moments were so special to me. Renesmee had always kept me calm, and she was doing so now. I almost forgot about the Volturi as we talked. I could tell that it was the same for Renesmee. She was much calmer now, smiling and giggling as she told her stories.

All too soon, I had to leave her. I suddenly felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. I didn’t want to leave her. What if something happened and I never saw her again? What if the Volturi—

Stop it! I thought. She’ll be safe. She’s with two packs of werewolves. She’ll be loved no matter what happens.

I clutched her to me, then, breathing in her sweet, calming scent. I pulled back to kiss her forehead, touching her locket. I didn’t say anything. I recognized the familiarity of the situation and didn’t want it to be the same.

“Be good for Jacob and Billy, okay?”

She nodded, her eyes glistening.

“It’ll be okay,” I whispered. “It’ll be okay.”

I was pretty positive that if I was still human I wouldn’t be able to see right now. I had never sobbed so much in my existence as a vampire. It felt like I was never going to see my daughter again. I was, of course, going to see her tonight. So there was no reason for this… yet it was still happening.

I parked the Volvo on the side of the road on the border. Edward must’ve heard or saw me because the next thing I knew, the driver’s side door was open and I was in his arms.

“Let me drive home,” he said softly, tenderly. He said nothing else. He didn’t even ask me what was wrong. He just pulled me out of the driver’s side and carried me around to the passenger side.

He got us home quickly. Then he took me out of the car and immediately dashed for our cottage. He didn’t bother going through the house first.

He pulled me into the living room and held me in his lap on the couch, my face pressed to his chest. We stayed in this embrace until I started to calm down. Then he pulled my face away from his chest and looked at me, thumbs stroking my cheeks.

“It’s alright, love,” he said softly. “We’ll get through this. And Nessie will be fine no matter what happens.” He gave me a half-hearted version of my favorite crooked grin. “She’s the most protected child in the world.” He placed a tender kiss on my lips.

“I know.” I placed a hand on his. “I just hate leaving her.”

“Me too.” I looked into his eyes on saw my pain and sadness there.

I took both his hands off my face and squeezed them. “We’ll see her again tonight.”

His eyebrows furrowed. “Tonight?”

“Billy wanted me to come to a pack campfire tonight. He wants to show some of the newest pack members that not all vampires are the same. He wants me to be proof of that. I’m sure they’d let you come, too.”

His hands tightened around mine as he nodded. I figured that he didn’t want me out of his sight any more than necessary.

To tell the truth, I felt the same way about him.