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Life is Beautiful

After a tragic accident that lands a free-spirited Bella Swan into the local foster care system, what will happen when the Cullens decide to adopt her and their lives as they knew them begin to shatter? AU. AH.

Author: Breeze_x
Genre: Angst/Romance/Hurt&Comfort (With the possibility of some humor)
Category: Alternate Universe-All Human
Rating: T / PG-13
Shippings: EdxB, JxA, EmxR, CxEs
Summary: After a tragic accident that lands a free-spirited Bella Swan into the local foster care system, what will happen when the Cullens decide to adopt her and their lives as they knew them begin to shatter? AU. AH.
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

3. White Fuzz Ball

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O3: White Fuzz Ball

“Parents?” I heard someone ask from across the small room. Someone cleared his or her throat.

“Killed in the fire.” The person responded softly, not softly enough though. I could still hear every word of the conversation and right now, I wanted nothing more than to shove a cotton ball in each ear and go to sleep

In my bed

At my house

My parents in the room besides mine.

That was no longer an option though.

Instead, I was stuck sitting on a hard hospital mattress only covered in flimsy sheets. Apparently, during the fire, the tops of my feet had been burned along with the lower part of my right leg and ankle. I couldn’t feel any pain yet, and the doctor was telling anyone who asked that the burns were mainly first degree with a few second.

The person’s breath whooshed as he emptied his lungs. “That’s a shame. They were such sweet people.”

The other person ‘mmm’ed in agreement. After a moment’s pause, I heard a beep. “I need a nurse in room 209 to re-dress the burns for the patient.”

“I’ll send someone.” A female’s voice crackled through what I could only assume to be a handset of some sort.

“Well, I have to get back to the station to interview neighbors who might have seen how it started last night, but I’ll be back later tonight to check up on everything.”

“It was nice talking to you Chief Catanzaro.” The person, who I now believed to be the doctor, said, patting Chief Catanzaro on the shoulder.

Chief nodded before ducking out of the room. Doc turned to look at me, his clipboard against his chest. “Now, let’s see your injuries before the nurse comes in to wrap them all up again.”

I didn’t respond, but instead watched as he carefully made his way over to the bed. He set the clipboard in its holder at the end of the bed before peeling the sheets out from under the mattress. Doc looked up at me as he reached for the gauze.

“This may hurt a little, and I apologize in advance, but you need to tell me if the pain gets too unbearable.” He warned, his fingers frozen over the metal clasp holding the gauze closed.

I nodded, unable to fully comprehend or care about what he was saying.

Doc flashed me a small calming smile before turning his head back to my foot, his blonde hair creating a barrier in front of his face. Through his tresses, I could barely manage to see what he was doing, but I could make out him unwrapping the gauze and placing it beside my feet on the bed.

I clenched my eyes shut as he gently poked and prodded the different burns on my lower half. Some hurt more than others did, but at this moment, everything he was doing was hurting physically and emotionally.

With each touch, I could see a flame that had caused it, another brick falling to the ground as my house collapsed, another spray of water trying to put it out, another siren blaring in the background, another ‘shh, it’ll be okay’, and I wanted nothing more than for it all to disappear.

“Are you okay?” Doc asked, stopping his inspection to look at me. I opened one eye and nodded. “Positive?” he added. I nodded again. He patted a spot on my leg that wasn’t burnt and stood as the nurse made her way into the room, pushing a small cart. I closed my eyelid and turned my head to the side, not wanting to watch any longer.

“Wrap her lower leg and ankles securely, but give her feet a little breathing room, they could use the air. Antibiotic ointment, and give her some pain meds. I don’t think she needs a sedative; her heart rate is already calming down. Perform all traditional burn protocol as well.” Doc ordered the middle-aged women gently. “Make sure someone remembers to bring her lunch, I haven’t seen any food brought in here yet.” He added.

Doc and the nurse conversed for a few minutes longer, but I didn’t bother listening in, I could already see sleep coming closer. I welcomed it. My mouth opened to let out one last yawn before it relaxed and feel into a much-needed slumber.


I was woken up by voices outside of my room. I stirred quietly in my bed, before gently pushing myself up into a sitting position, careful as not to move my legs. Their voices were loud enough so that I could catch everything that was being said, but not too loud as too disturb other people.

“What’s going to happen to her when we release her tomorrow?” the doctor asked. “She’s under the legal age and she has no remaining family members, you can’t just let her go.”

“Miss Swan will be put into the state foster care system until her eighteenth birthday.” Chief Catanzaro stated. “She might have to stay here as a patient or at the station until the paperwork can be filed.” He added.

“The hospital won’t allow it. We’re already pushing it by saying she must be admitted for her burns, the administrator ordered that she has to be gone by noon tomorrow.” Doc said remorsefully.

I looked down at the blanket and spotted a small white fuzz ball. I looked around the room, wondering where this supposedly sterile dark blue blanket could have picked up a white fuzz ball. Everything in the room was either navy blue or a slightly lighter blue; nothing purely white was in sight. I, not wanting to risk contracting some foreign disease from the not-so-sterile sterile blanket, gently pushed it down to the bottom of the bed leaving only a thin sheet to cover me.

Catanzaro sighed. “I really didn’t want this, but I guess she’ll just have to stay in one of the backrooms at the station. “ He paused. “Not the most comfortable place to sleep at, but she’ll be in good hands.”

Doc didn’t respond and Catanzaro didn’t push him to. I took this time to look towards the entryway where they were standing. They were both staring directly at me like I was an exhibit. Under their penetrating gazes, I began to feel sorry for every fish out there that was constantly being looked at and examined through the glass of their tanks.

Doc ran his pale hand through his blonde locks. “Esme just finished off the guest bedroom she was working on, and I’m sure between Alice and Rose we could find something for her to wear.”

Catanzaro looked over at Doc, for some reason shock was painted onto his face. I didn’t know what they were talking about, so instead of watching them watch me, I turned over onto my side, wincing slightly when my wrapped feet collided with one another.

“What are you saying Carlisle?” Huh, so Doc had a name.

Doc, or Carlisle as he was formally called, sighed. “The girl can stay with us. I’m sure Esme and the kids would love to have her. “

“That’s…that’s wonderful!” Catanzaro exclaimed. “I can bring over a release form tomorrow morning. That is, of course, if you’re sure.” He paused to let out a deep breath. “You see, she’s been through a lot and…well, no one’s sure exactly how she’ll react once it all sets in.”

He was right; more so than I’d like to admit to myself. The events of last night hadn’t fully set in yet. Yes, I knew exactly what had happened, it was still etched into my mind as clear as night and day, but I hadn’t really thought much about it, about everything that happened and how it would be in a few weeks. To be honest though, I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to walk down that road.

Doc smiled softly. “I think I can handle her for a few days.”

Catanzaro returned the smile and looked down at his feet before turning his attention back to Doc. “I’m sure you can. Now, if you excuse me, I have a release form to find. Good luck with the kid.”

As the Chief left the doorway and started down the hall, I flopped back down onto the hospital bed, no longer wanting to be awake. I closed my eyes as tight as they would go, forced my body to relax and prayed for the darkness to take over.