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Jaspers tired of all the side glances he gets from the family, the prying eyes watching him closely. When he finds a brown eyed human that calls for him in every way, blood and body; will he be able to control himself or will he give in to what everyone thinks he is.


1. Forbidden

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So Wonderful.

So Powerful.

So Forbidden.

My resolve was slowly breaking a little more each day. At least that’s what they thought, they choose to believe that they needed to keep eyes on me every moment of everyday afraid I may snap at any second and kill the young people unsuspectingly sitting around me. They choose to believe I didn’t see the looks on their faces out of the corner of my eyes. Worry. Feel it pouring off of them in waves. They choose to believe I was dangerous and at any moment I would give in to desire.

So Sweet.

So Mouthwatering.

So Forbidden.

Concern flowed off of Alice as she sat next to me in the cafeteria and a group of girls walked by flipping their hair and attracting the attention of so many around them.

“He’s fine Alice.” Edward said for the thousandth time.

“We should have eaten,” she said gazing off in another vision.

“You know I’m fine, I am not weak!” I said another argument that reached not a single ear for the hundredth time. “You can see this Alice; every time you worry and look ahead you do not see that.” I said more menacing than I meant.

So Annoying.

So heart pounding.

So Forbidden.

See looked at me with sad eyes and said words that forever changed my view. “Things can change Jasper.” No faith in me around humans, I may have been the newest but I was not weak.

“Jasper please, she just watching out for you,” Emmett said as I stood.

“I don’t need her to, I’m fine.” I said walking away throwing away the food that sat untouched just like every day and out the double doors into the never ending rain. I had been with the Cullen’s for years and none of them had taken my past lightly. They wanted to keep their façade and no matter how many times I had tried to assure them I wanted to keep that to they still watched me closely. They could not understand how I could go from one main diet to another. Did Emmett not feast upon human, Edward not kill, yet they walk around free no one caring that they too have pasts.

“Excuse me.” I sighed and let out a breath and took one in instantly regretting the decision to breathe.

So mouthwatering.

So fulfilling.

So Forbidden.

I wanted to scream! I needed this more than anything instantly I stopped breathing and looked down.

Confusion, fear, embarrassment.

She blushed profusely and I just wanted to growl and give in to my instincts.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” She said turning around. I had to get it together I felt them coming I needed to calm down.

“NO, sorry I apologize.” I said when she turned around.

“I just needed to ask where something is. I’m Bella, by the way. Um do you know where the English building is?”

She was new, figures not a single person would ever come up to one of us.

“Jasper, and yes, I have that next by the way; here I’ll walk you there.” I said tightly Edward was coming towards us. She nodded her head as I lead her off.

“Be careful Jasper.” He said quietly from where he was standing I growled in return and the young thing looked up at me with confusion.

“The rain,” I said not stopping even as her scent tickled the back of my throat and another wave of bloodlust hit me hard. I had not felt this way since leaving my old life style.


That’s fine Bella. I don’t believe myself either.