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Jaspers tired of all the side glances he gets from the family, the prying eyes watching him closely. When he finds a brown eyed human that calls for him in every way, blood and body; will he be able to control himself or will he give in to what everyone thinks he is.


2. Babysitter

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I sat on a couch in my room with my hands behind my head thinking about the brown eyed girl. She knew nothing of what I was, nothing about my past, she couldn’t judge me for anything because she didn’t know. I scared her, I could feel it coming off of her every time my black eyes looked down at her, but mostly was confusion. She knew I was mad but did not know why, how could she know that she was everything I wanted yet everything that would bring me down. I had hunted as soon as that class was over and skipped the rest of the day when everyone else got home the fun really began.

“Jasper,” Alice said walking through the door.

“He’s upstairs,” Edward said as I walked down the stairs.

“You shouldn’t have done that!” Alice said crossing her arms.

“Done what? Nothing?”

“Put yourself in that situation, you could have killed her!”

“She’s still alive!” I growled

“Because she’s lucky!” Alice said back

I just walked past her and out of the house not a single one of them came close to understanding anything about me yet always so fast to jump to conclusions. I ran away from the house, away from prying eyes, away from all of them. The wind blew through my hair I just ran not going anywhere particular until I caught a scent and stopped. She was getting out of her old truck pulling her hair up into a ponytail, gathering her things up and closing the door.

“This is the one huh?”

“Don’t Jasper, please you know how they are.” she said pointing back towards the house

“Everything about her draws me in yet I managed to sit an entire class next to her and not even try. Not that I didn’t want to.” I said smiling slightly. “They still watch me,”

“They will always watch you, Jasper; it’s as if they were born to worry. You just take thing harder because of your past.” She said nodding towards Bella. She had looked are way and stared into the dense forest by her house. “She’s very intuitive, your…”

“Bella, her name is Bella.” My Bella I liked the sound of it. Rose knew I did to.


That night it stormed. The rain hit the windows of the house and I sat reading on a chair in the main room.

“I don’t need you to watch me. I’m not going to go eat the whole town of Forks.” I said not looking up I knew she was sitting there looking at me seriously.


“Jasper, she’s just a human.” Alice said taking the book out of my hand folding the corner and sitting it down.

“What are you getting at Alice?” I asked running a hand through my hair and sitting back in the chair.

“You want to let her in you want to have her close to you Jasper, which cannot happen with you like this.”

“Like what? Goddamn you all treat me like I’m some type of newborn. I can’t even walk past a human without the whole family tensing up ready to pounce on old Jasper because he just can’t possibly control himself around human blood.”

“Jasper please we just want to help.”

“I have scars that help me remember what it’s like to drink a human. Every time I look down at what they can’t see I remember and stop myself before anything gets out of control you know this. You’ve witnessed it, I don’t need babysitters. I will be fine Alice please just let me continue living free,” I said if I could cry I knew I would be how I could not. She would be too,

“I’ve seen two endings Jasper, she dies; in one of them. I won’t babysit you until you decide how this will end. Just don’t do anything stupid.” She said leaving. She dies, but how can I stop what’s going to happen? She will not die.