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Jaspers tired of all the side glances he gets from the family, the prying eyes watching him closely. When he finds a brown eyed human that calls for him in every way, blood and body; will he be able to control himself or will he give in to what everyone thinks he is.


3. Temptation

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After going to high school for so many years you start to get bored. Every day learning the same things that you’ve already known. You start to hate it again, we all did. Once again of course you have to keep the Cullen façade up. I now had a want for going to high school, a girl with brown eyes and brown hair who wanted to ruin everything I’ve worked for.

“Good afternoon Bella,”


Confusion, fear.

My eyes had turned black I knew they had god why I hadn’t hunted Stupid. The teacher passed out books one to every table.

“I guess were sharing,” she said quietly. I nodded in response as she opened the book and began. Moment passed by agonizingly slow when she finally went to turn the page I caught sight of the blood pumping through her veins in her wrist. Grabbing her arm I stopped her. Get it together Jasper!


“I’m Sorry I…I thought you were done.” She said quickly pulling her arm free I let it go and held my breath.

“Not done,” I said looking at the pages. For the rest of the class I refused to breathe even one scent of that forbidden temptation. This demon in me would not win.


“Jasper, I’m sorry about earlier you seemed to be mad after what happened.” She said walking up to me.

“I wasn’t mad, Bella.” I said smiling.

“Jasper, please were going to be late for that meeting!” Rose said grabbing my hand and pulling me away. “Stop being stupid and hunt.” She growled into my ear pulling a mirror out of her pocket, my eyes were black. I turned away from the mirror and hunched against the rain until we both were far away enough to run.


“Save it again Jasper, I can only save you one time at least before they catch on. You knew how she was, if you want to be near her without killing all of Forks, hunt before school.” She said as the scent of deer filled our brains and our instincts gave over. Everything about our rational thought left us as we hunted.

“Don’t be stupid Jasper, try to appear human to her at least, even I know your freaking her out.” She said wiping a smudge from the corner of her mouth.

“Rose, thank you.” She only waved goodbye as she headed back towards the school. I only sat and remembered the movement of the blood beneath her skin groaning I went to find another deer.


I heard the piano downstairs and groaned, opening my eyes. To get away from our thoughts he played the piano drown out the noise. How can you be rid of people’s feelings. You don’t, the worry, grief, happiness, love, sadness. All of that is always there and always will be. They try to understand I feel it. I jumped out the window of the house and ran into the forest back to her house. Get it together Jasper.