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Please Remember Me

So, i've had this story posted once before but then deleated it. but i just re-read it and really liked it! So i'm posting it again. So this takes place after Breaking Dawn and Bella is taken from the Cullen's. And when they finally find her Bella can't remember them. Now the Cullen's have to make Bella remember. And if they do get her to remember them they have to make her leave her life she has become rather comfortable in. If they fail they will lose Bella forever. i own nothing, this is also a crossover between Twilight series, and the mortal Insturments.

I know, i already have a mortal insturments crossover but i couldn't help it!!! and i know, i have like 2 stories that i haven't finished but i couldn't wait to post this one any longer!!! I own nothing (except maybe a few characters i might add in later). enljoy if you love me 9in the non-creepy way!)

1. Losing Love in a whole new way only to find it again!!

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Edward’s P.O.V

I lay on the bed; this was the last time we would ever come here. Well at least for me and Nessie. Though I’m pretty sure the rest of the family wouldn’t return either. The pain was just unbearable. I closed my eyes and rolled to my feet to find Nessie standing there, tears streaming down her face.

“I miss her,” she whimpered. I could only nod. Though I didn’t look into her eyes: they reminded me to much of her, I couldn’t handle it, it was all my fault. It’s time to go. Alice thought, I walked over gathering my daughter up into a hug.

“Let’s go,” I whispered in her ear. Nessie nodded. We made our way out to the car. Jacob made his way over: Is she ok? He asked in his thoughts. I nodded. Ever since she had become old enough Nessie and Jacob had become even more joined at the hip. Nessie walked over to sit next to Jacob in the car. I walked to the front and got in the drivers side. Then Nessie began to think of what happened that night.

Iwas out that night; hunting. Bella had insisted on staying with Nessie so I didn’t push it.

MEMORY (in Nessie’s P.O.V)

Dad was gone so it was just me and momma. Jacob was also gone, he was with his dad. Momma and I where sitting in my room, she was reading to me. Then suddenly we both heard a noise. We both stiffened. In a second momma was holding me. Her shoulders curving around my body, shielding me; then they came in. It was Jane and Demitri. I buried my face in momma’s neck. Then I was being ripped away from her. It was like my whole entire world disappeared.

“Don’t you dare hurt her!” my momma had snarled. Jane (who was holding me) just smiled.

“We were sent for her, but my master is willing a trade.” Jane said turning her head to the side. My momma stopped growling, taking in what Jane had just said. Then looked at me in such a longing way it hurt. Then mouthing the words ‘I love you’ she nodded at Jane. Smiling she set me down, then gestured in momma’s direction. Demitri was there in a flash, grabbing her arms and pulling her towards the door. As soon as I realized what was happening I screamed in terror. They where taking her away from me!

“Listen, if you follow us we will kill her, tell your daddy if he comes for her we will kill her. Got it?” I just stared at her. Then they were gone.

I waited a few seconds before running outside. Screaming; I wasn’t saying anything just screaming. It wasn’t long before my dad found me. When he heard what I was thinking, of what just happened, and of what Jane told me he let out a tortured cry.



I stopped the car. I couldn’t take this. It was like losing her all over again. I got out of the car. Nessie realized what she had been thinking. And immediately began apologizing. I just shook my head before muttering that it was ok. I turned and ran. That day when they took her they took my life, they took everyone’s happiness. I stopped and fell, sobbing. If I hadn’t left I would be with her, or she would still be here, I didn’t care if I went. As long as I knew she was ok, but I didn’t that was the worst. And Alice couldn’t see her. We don’t know why but every time she looked we couldn’t find her. I closed my eyes.

I wasn’t sure how long I laid there before I was aware of another presence.

“Hello Edward,” Jane called. I just stared at Jane. She smiled at me.

“Do you even want to know why I’m here Cullen?” Jane asked. I didn’t answer. There was silence for a few moments.

“Get the rest of your family, all of you need to hear what I’m about to tell you.” Jane said in an irritated tone. So I did as I was told. I called the rest of them here. The first thing Emmett said when he saw Jane was:

“What do you want?”

Jane smiled, “it’s about your precious Bella.”

We all stiffened. Was she hurt? What had they done to her?

“Now don’t interrupt me. I’m going to tell you what happened when we took her,” Jane said. Then she continued.

“We were experimenting. And we were using Bella as our testing subject. We got Chelsea to try and break her bindings to you guys. And something went wrong, well to you its bad but to us it’s great. She completely forgot you guys. Absolutely no memory of your family, everything was great, for a while. A group of people came to us one day. They claimed Bella was one of them, I forgot what they are called, but she was. Now she’s only half vampire. Like your daughter, but more breakable and she still doesn’t remember you guys!” Jane said in a rush. We all stared in shock taking in what Jane had just told us. My mind couldn’t find a meaning of what she was saying.

“You’re telling us this why?” Emmett growled.

“Because, well the group she’s in is very strong. And there are lots of them and she’s not obeying us anymore. So if you can get her to remember you and leave the group she joined, we will leave your family alone. And you can have her. But she barely has any human memories too, so it’s almost impossible.” Jane laughed. Everyone in our family was silent.

“Ok, where is she?” I asked before anyone could say anything.


The light behind your eyes
tells me that you've cried
sometime tonight
I offer down my hand
but without your plans
you cannot hide

“Whaaaaaaaaat?” I asked sitting up. But that was a bad idea. I was wrapped in my headphones and ended up choking myself before laying back down letting myself breathe. That’s why I heard music. Good; I wasn’t going crazy. I listened to the song (Serenity by Fireflight) and started dancing.

The white snow falls (I cannot see)
On my black heart (In front of me)
Say it to me in a way that I can understand
I hear You call (Loud and clear)
It melts my heart (Take my fear)
Show me how to see the love that brings serenity

I'm pouring out My love
Open up your hands
Not big enough
You tried to do it all
It's time for you to fall
You've done enough

The white snow falls (I cannot see)
On my black heart (In front of me)
Say it to me in a way that I can understand
I hear You call (Loud and clear)
It melts my heart (Take my fear)
Show me how to see the love that brings serenity

[Background:] Loud and clear, Take my fear

Oh my God I've worked so far
I've gotten nowhere

The white snow falls (I cannot see)
On my black heart (In front of me)
Say it to me in a way that I can understand
I hear You call (Loud and clear)
It melts my heart (Take my fear)
Show me how to see the love that brings serenity

I love that song. Then the screen on my iPod went completely blank. I looked down and frowned. Drat. I took off my headphones and went downstairs. My house was abnormally quiet. I was just about to call out when Jace came running full speed at me. He had one of those mischievous smiles on his face. That wasn’t good.

“Why are you here?” I asked. But I got my answer when the door to my basement flew open. It was a demon. Jace let out an excited laugh before the demon turned and looked straight at me before charging me.

“When it all comes down to a sunrise on the east side will you be there to carry home?” I sang as I washed the blood off my hands. Then I started dancing to Coffee Shop Soundtrack by All Time Low that was playing in my head. I always had music playing in my head (a mind reader would be very entertained with me around).

“Would you stop singing?” Jace asked irritated.

“The remains of my wasted youth, this wasted time on you has left me shaking in waiting for more!” I sang at the top of my lungs just to make him mad. I was just about to continue on to Circles also by All Time Low when Jace tackled me.

Edward’s P.O.V

“This is where she lives?” Alice asked. The neighbor hood we where standing in front of was, questionable. The houses where incredibly small, they all looked old and worn. The yards where messes, the grass were dead and most of them had trash in it. How could Bella have gotten herself into a place like this?

“Well it’s what Aro said on the note.” Carslie said looking at the slip of paper Jane had given us; it had the basic information on it about Bella. Everyone leaned over to see what Aro had written when Alice froze. I looked into her mind; our future had disappeared. I looked at Alice in alarm. But then the door of the house on our left opened; and what I saw made me forget everyone else.

It was Bella, but she looked different. Even though her chocolate hair was pulled into a pony tail I could tell it was longer. Her bangs hung in her face and she had added blond streaks into her hair. She had lost lots of weight, to much in my opinion. And even her eyes had changed. Instead of that innocent spark they had a mischievous light in them. When she saw us her head titled to the side and a smirk found its way onto her beautiful face.

“Jace! Looks like we have company,” She called over her shoulder.

Bella’s P.O.V

There was a group of vampires. They weren’t traditional like Simon was, they where out in day. I was about to ask them why they where here but Jace came out then. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw them. He was confused, I could tell.

“Hello,” I called to the strangers. They all stared at me in a funny way. Odd. Then the red head one took a step towards me. Jace immediately placed himself in front of me. I rolled my eyes. I don’t understand why he insists on doing that; I can take care of myself.

“Take another step and I’ll kill you,” Jace called. The biggest of the group laughed. I let my head fall backward slightly then I smiled. I elbowed Jace to the side.

“Do you guys even know what we are?” I asked.

“No, we don’t know what you are,” the guy who took a step towards me called. I couldn’t help it; I started laughing.

“Then don’t go picking fights with something you can’t beat,” I said through my laughter.

“You think you can beat us?” the big guy called glaring at me.

“Well duh, it’s my job. I’m a shadowhunter silly!” I said completely serious now. They all stared at me like I had two heads.

“You guys don’t know what shadowhunters are do you?” I asked. They all shook their heads.

“Vamps that don’t know what shadowhunters are that’s weird.” Jace murmured more to himself more then to me. I just sighed and began walking towards these strange vampires. Jace immediately moved to stop me; in a quick motion (even for a shadowhunter) I twisted out of his grip. As I got closer I noticed that there was a werewolf in this group. He was standing next to the girl; she was a half vampire, just like me. Her long curly hair was the same color as the guy I was closest to. When I was right in front of the guy with the crazy hair I stopped. He looked like he was restraining himself from doing something. I smiled and held out my hand.

“Isabella Marie Wayland, please to meet you.” I had taken Jace’s old last name because I didn’t know mine.

“Edward Cullen,” he said taking my hand.

“and this is Jace,” I said using only Jace’s first name because I knew that he didn’t want a bunch of vampires knowing his last name. Edward looked over and nodded at Jace.

1 Hour Later

I sat next to Jace on my couch, I had my head rested on his shoulder and the rest of my body was curled into his side.

“So do get what we are now?” I asked. All of the Cullen’s nodded.

“Good,” I said. Just then my cell phone went off. My ringtone was Asphyxiation Theory by Antonamasia I looked down at my pocket.

“Excuse me,” I said. I got up and went to the kitchen, which was silly because I knew they could all hear my conversation anyway.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Hi,” it was Clary.

Edward’s P.O.V

Bella had changed so much. She was a stranger to us. We heard her conversation; she was talking to a girl. Most likely one of her best friends from the way she was talking. Jace sat staring at us. He had been quiet the whole time Bella was talking. Then the door opened, Bella stood in the door way.

“I have a date, later guys.” She said. WHAT?! A date?

“With who,” Jace didn’t like that either.

“Clary silly,” Bella said.

“You have a date with my sister?” Jace asked. Bella smiled and ran upstairs. A few minutes later she came down carrying a bag and she had put on shoes.

“You coming with me on my date?” she asked Jace. Laughing Jace nodded.

“Are you guys just going to stay in my house? Or do you have a house of your own?” Bella asked us. Jacob stood up pulling Nessie with him. He didn’t like this new Bella. He pushed past her towards the door. Bella looked slightly offended but shrugged it off.

We all sat in the living room of our new house. It was completely silent. Seeing Bella act so different was weird for us.

“We have to tell her!” Jacob suddenly, then he stood up. He began walking in a circle.

“We can’t, that’s one of the conditions; we can’t tell her.” Alice said in a sad voice.

“How does this turn out Alice?” Emmett asked. Alice shook her head frustrated.

“I can’t see them!” she said desperately.

I listened to everyone’s thoughts. They where either focused on how impossible this situation was or on how much Bella had changed since we had last saw her.

Bella’s P.O.V

“You spin my head right round,” Clary sang to herself. I looked at her, randomly singing was my thing! She knew that.

“My life reads like the classifieds. Pages of what's for sale, what’s on the auction block?” I sang. One of my favorite The Academy Is… songs, Classifieds. Jace groaned and shook his head before leaning over and covering my mouth for the second time that day. I shoved his chest and he fell away. One of the good things about being a half vampire was I still had the strength. I stuck my tongue out at Jace. He shook his head at my childishness; I just gave him a cheesy grin and swung my head around from side to side. I sighed and leaned back on Clary’s bed. This was our date. Just hanging out in her room and listening to music (lame right?).

“We should go out!” Clary said sitting up. I just looked at her then down at myself. I had on sweats and a baggy shirt.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said; looking up I saw Clary roll her eyes.

“You can get something from Izzy, she and Alec are coming too,” Clary informed me. The corners of my mouth turned down but I nodded. Clary smiled and began putting on her shoes getting ready to walk to the institute.


Edward’s P.O.V

“I don’t want to go to school!” Nessie said voicing her thoughts out loud.

“You’ll be able to see your mom,” Alice pointed out. Immediately Nessie got in the back seat of my Volvo (yes I still have it). The ride to school was peaceful. We were all warped up in our thoughts. When we reached our school everyone froze in shock. It was worse then the neighbor hood Bella lived in! We all just stared at the school. Our thoughts where interrupted when we heard a roar of a motorcycle engine. Looking over we saw Bella. She climbed off the bike then threw her fist up in the air in triumph.

“Ha, ha I win!” then she broke into a little victory dance. Emmett held back laughter; just then another motorcycle came charging into the parking lot. It was that Jace guy. I don’t like him at all! He is worse then Jacob was! I shook my head and turned around. Didn’t Jace know that motorcycles are dangerous? Does he know Bella could get hurt?! Does he even care?! Calm down Edward, I think your going to kill someone! Jasper thought. Well maybe I was I thought looking at Jace.

“Where is Clary?!” Bella suddenly called looking around. She spun in circles for a few minutes.

“YOU LOST CLARY!” Bella yelled at Jace. Jace stared at Bella in shock for a few minutes the glared at her.

“Why would I lose my sister? She was going to get a ride with you, not me. So you lost her.” Jace snapped.

“I didn’t lose Clary. She’s just somewhere over the rainbow.”

“No, you lost Clary!” Jace yelled. Bella rolled her eyes and hit Jace on the back of the head.

“No one lost me! I just got a ride with Izzy so I wouldn’t be in danger of getting hurt cause of your guy’s competition every morning. Which is weird, who races to school?! Nerds.” Said a small red head stepping out of the car that had pulled up next to Bella, I could only guess that this was the Clary both Jace and Bella had been arguing about. Before answering Bella turned and caught sight of us. She smiled and began making her way towards us. I froze; this was going to be hard, to act as if nothing had ever happened between us.